WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE! c 1986, 2001, 2005

Archives of Episode Installments of this on-line novel for these very times
White Smoke, Black Fire!

Prologue - It was a time of antithesis.

Part I - The Unleashing

Episode One - The Mysterious Black Figure Strikes
Episode Two - The Staging: Final Preparations
Episode Three - Halloween Hauntings
Episode Four - The Fruits of Ecumenism: Bewitched and Betrayed
Episode Five - Armageddon Arrives
Episode Six - The Cabal and the Camerlengo
Episode Seven - The Cosmos, Cosmetics, and Consciousness.
Episode Eight - Pride and Power: The Opiates of the Legion.

Part II - The Smoldering

Episode One - Assigned to the Ashes
Episode Two - Fate, Fasif, and Faith
Episode Three - The Universal Chess Game
Episode Four - Revelations of Basic Basilisk 101
Episode Five - Haunted and Hunted
Episode Six - Escape from the Embers

Part III - The Shadowing

Episode One - All Roads Lead to Rome
Episode Two - Transparent Caissons
Episode Three - The Deadly Game of Cloak and Dagger
Episode Four - Down, but not out!
Episode Five - Ghosts of Gehenna!
Episode Six - Twin Piques over the Puzzle of the Prize!
Episode Seven - Last Supper with the Serpent
Episode Eight - Fire and Ice
Episode Nine - Legacy of the Martyred

Part IV - The Shrouding

Episode One - Trackers and Triage
Episode Two - Trojan Horses
Episode Three - Machinations, Miscreants and Michelangelo
Episode Four - Bugs, Bandages and Basement Blues

"White Smoke, Black Fire!" is an original work, registered with the Writers' Guild and all rights are the exclusive rights of The Daily Catholic who owns the copyright. Because of the nature of the internet and the importance of sharing, we hereby give the reader permission to collect and disseminate by e-mail each episode as it is presented in each issue of The Daily Catholic, provided that one includes this 1986, 2001, 2005 copyright statement and source - www.DailyCatholic.org - and take nothing out of context, nor reproduce it for profit. This work, nineteen years in the making, is a work of fiction that replicates the reality of today in many ways. Each day the fiction of this novel is shockingly becoming fact. However names, characters, places and incidents are used fictionally and any resemblance to actual persons and events, except those recorded in history, are purely coincidental. We have been retooling and bringing everything up to date since its second release in 2001. Because of the times, we are most interested in publishing this work and are open to any help anyone can provide in seeing this become a reality.

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