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April 25, 2005
vol 16, no. 115
The Fourth Dragon's Devastation

    Part Two

Evil Leading the Blind
The media are the hierarchy of the modern church, especially in America where the tabernacle of satan, otherwise known as the television, serves as the altar of convenience, ease, and justification of sin in too many homes.The manipulators of mammon have done a thorough job of devastating the vineyard, scorching souls everywhere.

      "We have been promised by Our Lord that our Faith will survive even in this darkest hour, and from that we can only conclude that there will be those who ignore the demonic potion sold by the media, the mindless mantras uttered by the lost, and the lure of moral chaos. The first step is clearly to ignore and slap away a media whose message comes from the depths of hell. Only those few Catholics who can do this and persist will survive morally and eternally."

    In my first part on Saturday, I proffered that the fourth dragon is the fifth estate - more like fifth columnists infiltrating hearts, minds and souls and being the accelerator for the other three dragons. Today in this second part, I will identify some of the poison fouling not only the air but the state of man's soul through his total dependence on believing the lies circulated by the media - television, film, radio, print and the worldwide web. I talked about how the media has replaced the Church as educator of these confused, clueless Catholics, pointing the sad cooperation between corrupt instructors and the cunning, treacherous pied piper of the media that has elevated the concept that Catholics can pick and choose what they want to believe - "Cafeteria Catholicism." Today we will see how such heresy is possible and the devastation that has been wrought because we have not only dropped our guard, but handed over the store to these serpents.

Boob Tube Rubes

    Who are these pied pipers? Imbeciles like Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and Rosaland Jordan of NBC, Paula Zahn of CNN, John Roberts, Harry Smith, Sharyn Alfonsi of CBS, and Charles Gibson, Kate Snow, David Wright and Cokie Roberts of ABC, and Chris Matthews of MSNBC have spent the past week labeling the Catholic Church as out of touch with Americans, intolerant, insensitive and unjust to women and homosexuals, and generally on the road to revolution and disarray. Couric, America's sweetheart liberal, manipulated and distorted a CNN/USA TODAY Poll that actually found that most Catholic Americans favored allowing contraception but disfavored relaxed abortion doctrine. Twisting the contraception finding into representing the whole poll, Couric noted that "according to a recent poll 78% of American Catholics would like the Catholic Church to be less conservative."

    How nice! The people are now deciding dogma and doctrines. When will these lamebrain pretty faces realize the Faith does not change and it is not left to the whims of the modern public to fashion a faith they would like out of convenience and justification for sin? When will they realize there is no room for opinion when it comes to dogma? Yet, since the American hierarchy has done nothing to curb this heresy, it continues unabated.

    For example, Couric and Lauer also focused on the notion that the Catholic Church is drifting away from the "evolving views" of American Catholics who are merely seeking "reform". Jordan and John Roberts embraced left wing Church activist Joan Chittister as "leading the charge for women" and "campaigning for years to expand the priesthood." They harped on the notion that most American Catholics think that the Church is "out of touch" and that most Americans "follow their own conscience on birth control, abortion, and divorce and… (still consider themselves)…good members of the Church." Chittister sighed that if the priesthood is not expanded to women, "we're going to lose an entire generation of young women and we're going to lose them quickly." I guess that this fool Joan Chittister has not figured out that we are losing an entire generation of women and men to abortion to the quick pace of thousands a day…otherwise I am sure she would speak out against this even more vile injustice and scandal right?

    Paula Zahn showed us a very distressed couple who argued that their unborn daughter "should be able to be a priest if she chooses to be a priest." Wow, that is almost as terrible as the thousands of unborn children who should be able to be born and live but are robbed of that chance by abortion..but I guess Zahn is still working on that injustice and scandal right? Zahn focused on the Women's Ordination Conference as being "devout but discouraged". Meanwhile, David Wright brought a tear to my eye when he presented the plea of a 12-year-old girl who provided the following profound thoughts "I would ask the Cardinals if they could just, like, let the girls be priests or participate more in the Church because, like, girls should get the same opportunities as boys." Now how could St. Thomas Aquinas possibly answer that kind of argument? Like all of the others, Wright repeatedly stoked the fires of division, revolution, controversy, and being out of touch with reality, with American Catholics, and with modern times.

    While John Roberts stated that "many Catholics…found nothing to celebrate" in the election of supposedly conservative Benedict XVI, Harry Smith asserted that American churches and seminaries are "empty" and that the Catholic Church has an "our way or the highway" attitude. Smith even wondered "what does this man bring to the Church that could re-inspire the faith of American Catholics?" Like all of these so-called journalists, Smith gave a platform to left-wing Catholic groups like Call to Action to stir the pot of dissent and revolution as well. Sharyn Alfonsi stated that most conservative Catholics positions are "strongly criticized by some US Catholics". Charles Gibson and Kate Snow made the points that Benedict XVI "does not agree with American Catholics" on social issues and that "American Catholics are generally more liberal" without distinguishing between practicing and non-practicing Catholics. Speaking at a recent edition of Nightline, Cokie Roberts acted as if it was the Catholic Church's duty to relieve her fears and concerns and as if her issues automatically represented the issues of all thinking Catholics. I left that segment wondering how the cardinals had dared to choose a Pope without giving Ms. Roberts a call first!

Harsh Reality and Only Hope

    Many end-time prophecies warn that the deceptions of Satan will be indoctrinated through mind-control and a type of hellish hypnosis that will spin "sin into in". It is tragically clear that we are witnessing a moral, cultural, social, and spiritual indoctrination the likes of which has never and will never again be seen on this planet. Obviously, the easiest victims of this marketing hype are those who do not believe in an eternity, in salvation, or in any faith beyond their own whim. or who have bought into the heretical universal salvation garbage where everyone is going to Heaven without working to be holy. After all, we are the enlightened, and the "medieval mindset" of hell has been debunked. That was evident by the talking heads who droned on endlessly about democracy in the church. Chris Matthews, who calls himself a Catholic, showed what a truly clueless Catholic looks and sounds like on his show Hardball. That man did not do his homework, trying to wing something he didn't have a clue about. It was not only painful to watch, but tragic for those whom he sought to sway.

    Even if one soul is influenced, woe be to him for tampering with the truths of the Faith. Consider the vast majority of those who claim to be of faith but are utterly confused or lost. They are such easy prey. This is well shown by the feeble, pathetic, and weak state of American Catholicism. It is a harsh reality that American Catholics are generally a sorry lot. One need only look at the sad support received by Mel Gibson, the absurd support given to apostate John Kerry, and the cowardly betrayal of our Faith by American Bishops to see just how pitiful American Catholicism really is. Worse still, that American Catholicism is characterized by a mindless arrogance, a chaotic individualism, a clueless relativism, a convenient proportionalism, and an irresponsible moral recklessness that is shameful to see. Even though American Catholics represent only 6% of the total Catholic population of the planet, they seek a Pope who satisfies their every whim and desire. Even though they defend their individualism and subjective right of conscience, they invariably surrender that individualism and subject that conscience to the dictates of a demonic and hypocritical media that warns of revolution even while it fans the flames of discord.

    Awash in the mire and slime of their own spineless and selfish moral measures, American Catholics are daily jumping off the cliff of moral order into the valley of perdition like lost sheep led by a cunning wolf to their own demise. Listening to a media that delights in the discord and disorder it incites, one gets the real impression that most American Catholics actually think that the Church should not take a step without asking for their consent! A strong and vibrant Vatican and Church Hierarchy would swap this kind of insolence, arrogance, disobedience, and dissent away like a mosquito. Sadly, what is left of this once proud Faith is left to seek a chance to satisfy or assuage fools.

    We have been promised by Our Lord that our Faith will survive even in this darkest hour, and from that we can only conclude that there will be those who ignore the demonic potion sold by the media, the mindless mantras uttered by the lost, and the lure of moral chaos. The first step is clearly to ignore and slap away a media whose message comes from the depths of hell. Only those few Catholics who can do this and persist will survive morally and eternally.

The Inmates are running the Asylum

    The recent situation involving Mel Gibson's film, the national elections, and the Papal election have brought home the tragic reality that American Catholicism is in a truly despicable state of affairs. Never have so many American Catholics been so confused, disobedient, dissident, insolent, weak, arrogant, selfish, and vulnerable to evil. Never has the media been so ready to supply that evil in steady doses. Never have these Catholics been riper to swallow that evil hook, line, and sinker. Where American Catholicism once reflected the truth of our Faith it now wallows in lies and distortion. Where it once stood above and beyond the agents of evil and spin, it now drinks regularly from their fountain of fraud. Where it once cared not for the wind of public opinion or popular whims, it now swears by those winds and whims. Where it once dared to stand out and be unique, it now scurries to hide in the crowd and be uniform. Where it once stood for Christ, it now stands for secular concerns. Where it once believed in the words and guidance of absolute truth uttered by Aquinas, its present beliefs can best be summarized by yet another clueless, arrogant American Catholic who uttered…

    "I think more of a majority of Catholics are more open-minded in wanting someone who's going to bring in and accept the way that most people live, which is that they use contraceptives, they get divorced,…that's what we do."

    The inmates running the asylum…the goal of American Catholics.


    In summation, it is clear that the hypocritical, liberal media enhances the left-wing Catholic agenda as being representative of "most American Catholics", portrays the conservative Catholic agenda as being divisive, intolerant, out-of-touch, ineffective, and contrary to the beliefs of most American Catholics, fuels the fires of key issues in this debate like abortion, female ordination, homosexuals, and married priests, slants its coverage in favor of the liberal line on these issues presenting them as "reforms" and "progressive" and "evolving" thus painting opposition to them as backward and harmful, and generally pushes to inject its liberal agenda as the road to enlightenment by the Catholic Church. Slowly but surely, this propaganda will erode opposition to these evils by the majority of American Catholics who are either too gullible, too lazy, or too confused to fight the wave of marketing hype and indoctrination. By preaching dissent even as they inspire it, this despicable media plays most American Catholics like puppets to be manipulated and twisted toward greater liberalism, relativism, proportionalim, and dilution of an already watered-down, feeble, and yes, empty Catholic Faith. Sadly, most American Catholics are too uninformed or too lazy to fight this attack on their moral minds. By the time most young Catholics grow into adulthood, they will have been brain-washed into accepting and even promoting radical left-wing Catholicism as the moral, logical, and fair norm to which all Catholics should bow.

    Satan himself could not do a better job of destroying the true Catholic Faith than the vile American media is doing right now, because it is Satan himself who is directing this attack through his liberal minions. It is just that this prince of perdition knows that smiling drones can do a better job of spellbinding the clueless than demons with a mike, although on second thought most of those drones are probably demons with a mike anyway.

    The Fifth Estate has done a thorough job of propagandizing the lie. The Fourth Dragon spews his fire unrelentlessly and few feel the heat for the frogs of the New World Order have been boiled for so long they don't realize what has been done to them. They are immune to the heat. Let us hope and pray they are not so immune that they won't recognize the "heaven" they assume they're going to could end up being hotter than you know where!

Gabriel Garnica

    PART ONE The Fourth Dragon is the Fifth Estate

Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    April 25, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 115