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April 20, 2005
vol 16, no. 110
The Scourge of Moral Diversity

    Part One

God has a purpose with the moral order and created diversity in order for man to function in fulfilling his mission for his Creator. As God is the Head of His Church, we are His members. If we were all right hands, or left feet, that body would be truly handicapped where it would not be functional. Diversity is a good thing in God's order, but it is satan who has jumbled the members to freak out the Heavens with the outrageousness that denies God's purpose.

      "If racial, ethnic, or cultural diversity were so inherently good and positive, then those nations that are the most diverse in this regard would also be the most successful, peaceful, moral, and enlightened. Since common experience and common sense clearly shows that this is not always the case, one can conclude that such diversity is neither automatically a good nor automatically a bad thing. It is only in the corrupt and sinful mind of man that such diversity bears any true weight one way or the other. Likewise, it is only in the defiant, demonic, and destructive mind of the evil one that such diversity could be promoted as the model for all diversity regardless of its nature!"

    Having disposed of present-day Tolerance as the New Order's desecration of original, sacred tolerance in my recent series, we will now turn our attention to a close relative of this twisted tolerance….moral diversity.

Original, Pure, Sacred Diversity

    Diversity is defined as having variety, distinct or unlike elements or qualities, and containing elements unlike each other. Many writers have identified diversity as being of two basic kinds, functional diversity and status diversity. Functional diversity is based on having elements that perform different functions within a system or society, and status diversity is having elements that have different characteristics or traits within a system or society. Functional diversity is best shown by the simple example of people building a home. If everyone was a plumber or electrician, the home would have great plumbing or electrical and nothing else and would certainly not be a home or a very well built one at least. It is only in the functional diversity of the building team that each job needed to build that house can be accomplished. Likewise, society would not do well if everyone was a police officer, doctor, lawyer, or teacher since this would not fill the varied needs of a society to function. It can thus clearly be said that functional diversity is a critical and necessary element of a system or society's success and should be encouraged and sought as much as possible.

    Unlike functional diversity, status diversity is not supposedly based on function but on status, traits, and other characteristics of elements. Humans, animals, and plants, for example, are different not because of what they do but because of what they are and their traits and characteristics. Each of these groups has clear, distinct, biological differences that make each distinct from the other. Humans may drive and cows may eat grass but a monkey does not become a human because it drives or a human become a cow because he eats grass. It is not what humans, monkeys, cows, or flowers do that makes them distinct from each other. It is what they are that clearly places them in one group or another.

    Original functional and status diversity as created by God Almighty is a sacred and good thing as all things created by God originally are. In His Infinite Wisdom, God Almighty created different things for different functions and roles and likewise created different types of things suited to fulfill their functions and roles within creation and a society serving God's plan. It is thus that God made men and women distinct and unique in their function and status diversity, with each biologically and emotionally designed to fulfill their functions and roles in God's Divine Plan for creation and societal maturity in service to God. As created by God Almighty, then, both functional and status diversity are good things to be treasured, respected, protected, and sought as long as they are so used as tools to serve, honor, worship, and fulfill God's Will and Word.

Man-Made Distortion and Desecration

    Just as was the case with tolerance, the concept of diversity has been stained by man's sin, disobedience, defiance, arrogance, ignorance, and foolishness. It has been subjected to the toxic poison of the evil one, and has mutated into something that is anything but sacred, divine, pure, or inherently good. This contamination and profanation of diversity is based on five myths deadly to purity, truth, holiness, and salvation.

Diversity is inherently good and therefore should Always Be Sought

    While God-instituted diversity as described above is inherently good and should always be sought, much if not most of man-made diversity is either morally neutral or possibly harmful and should only be sought if morally beneficial. Suppose I have two groups that detest each other and are constantly violent toward each other. How can I argue that it would be somehow inherently good to push and force these two groups together in the name of diversity no matter what dire results may occur? Is it always a good idea to put lions and deer together in the name of diversity? Is it inherently good to put thieves and murderers among honest and good people in the name of criminal diversity? How many times have we heard of riots between African-American and Hispanic high school students where they have been forced to interact at high density levels in the name of diversity!

    Yes, creation in its original, pure, unblemished state as designed by God Almighty allowed lions to sit with deer and order, balance, and goodness to reign supreme. Yes, as followers of Christ we must strive to inject service, sharing, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and love into our interactions with others and God's creation thereby making diversity a positive thing. However, man's own imperfection, sinfulness, and corruption dictate that not all diversity created by man is inherently good and therefore a treasure to be sought.

Diversity is inherently positive and always improves what it touches

    Again, only that diversity created by God Almighty or predicated upon serving Him is inherently positive and improves what it touches. There is no evidence that diversity of itself brings about greater success or improvement. Japan, for example, is one of the least diverse countries on earth, yet it does well economically. Extremely diverse nations like The United States, on the other hand, do not necessarily do well in all areas, thereby making one wonder if diversity can cure evils or ills in and of itself. It is an absurd stupidity to claim that all diversity is good and positive and makes life better for all involved. If that diversity includes sinful behavior, attitudes, or lifestyles, how can any sane person argue that said diversity improves life for a society? Anyone who claims that all diversity automatically makes things better is arguing that variety is always a good thing. If said variety is always such an inherently good thing, then why do humans naturally favor certain foods, certain places to live, certain cars, and even certain forms of entertainment? It is a logical argument that not all beliefs, behaviors, and actions can lead to equal satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. Is it then not also logical that humans will naturally choose those beliefs, behaviors, and actions that lead to such satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness? But is not such a human pattern contrary to the idea that diversity is a good unto itself since people tend to favor some diversity and disfavor other diversity?

    Ultimately, we like some diversity in our lives but disfavor rampant, uncontrolled, widespread diversity. If diversity were an inherent good at all times, we would always seek and favor diversity in any situation and in any way we could get it. Since this is clearly not the case as shown by common experience and common sense, it stands that diversity is not an inherent and positive good at all times.

Functional and Status Diversity are Distinct and Both Positive

    The New Order would like us to think that functional and status diversity are two clearly distinct types of diversity, yet common sense and experience shows us that this is not the case. God gave men and women status diversity in order that they might fulfill their distinct functional diversity as intended by God Himself. Like it or not, women and men serve distinct and unique functions in any society truly serving God, and both their functional and status diversity shows this. A woman's body is geared toward serving her function as child bearer and mother. Her true nature and unique qualities make her best suited as a nurturer, as the emotional anchor of a family unit. The role of parents as examples, teachers, caregivers, and socializing agents for their children becomes mingled in their status as parents. One cannot be a parent without accepting the role and function of being a parent. Anyone claiming the status diversity of being a parent without accepting the functional diversity of a parent's role and duties is a liar and a fraud.

    The truth is that in His Divine Wisdom God Almighty made functional and status diversity integrated and inherently related upon each other. Any functional or status diversity that claims to be independent of the other is not a diversity created by God, but by man in his defective, weak, and sinful nature. It is good for a society to have older people since their function is to instill wisdom and experience. It is good for a society to have children and young people since they serve to instill vigor, ambitions, and fertility to a society.

Anything That Hinders Diversity is inherently evil and Destructive

    There are diverse blood types among humans, yet only an utter fool would argue that it is inherently evil or destructive to match the blood types of the donor and recipient since to do so is to limit blood diversity among people. It is a fact of life that sometimes uniformity is a good thing, that sometimes order is predicated upon limiting diversity of various kinds. Organ donations require matching like people and we encourage young people to try to match their interests and abilities with careers that fit those interests and abilities. It is foolish to tell a young person that he should try to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, dentist, and bus driver so as to instill a bit of diversity into his work life! Preventing child employment in sweat shops limited age diversity in such places, but nobody is likely to argue that by limiting such age diversity these laws were evil or destructive. Quite on the contrary, in many cases limiting diversity actually improves things. Since The New Order wants to inject society with its toxic brand of diversity without restraint, it paints any attempt to restrain diversity as evil or intolerant. Such is the fraud of the devil!

Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity are Comparable to All Types of Diversity

    In the eyes of God, racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity are inherently neutral. God Almighty does not see such diversity as being inherently good or bad because they are insignificant and inconsequential to the fact that we are all His children and that he loves us equally without any connection to our race, ethnic backgrounds, or culture. God created us all and allowed different races, ethnic backgrounds, and cultures to develop as a natural consequence of where and how people lived. This kind of diversity is inherently neutral in that it has nothing to do with our morality or opportunity for salvation.

    It is only in man's sinful and corrupt nature that race, ethnic background, and cultural diversity have taken on twisted and distorted meanings. Either people use this diversity to exploit, abuse, enslave, or persecute others or they push this diversity as some kind of manna from heaven that will inspire, save, cure, and enlighten society. Both extremes are absurd and ignorant. It is obviously a terrible sin to favor slavery or prejudice against anyone based on their racial, ethnic, or cultural background. However, it is also a terrible sin to worship racial, ethnic, or cultural diversity as the secret to societal enlightenment, salvation, and eternal happiness and success as well. It is stupid, for example, for me to argue that a man who has four very different sons is a happier, more fulfilled, more enlightened man simply because his sons are so distinct and different from each other. It would also be the height of stupidity for me to argue that such a man is a better or happier father than the man with four sons who were identical to each other! The fact that one's children are distinct or diverse has nothing to do with one's happiness, fulfillment, salvation, enlightenment, success, or any other good thing. Regardless of how similar or diverse those children are in terms of their personalities, age or any other variable, I should love them equally as my children and they should love me equally as their father.

    If racial, ethnic, or cultural diversity were so inherently good and positive, then those nations that are the most diverse in this regard would also be the most successful, peaceful, moral, and enlightened. Since common experience and common sense clearly shows that this is not always the case, one can conclude that such diversity is neither automatically a good nor automatically a bad thing. It is only in the corrupt and sinful mind of man that such diversity bears any true weight one way or the other. Likewise, it is only in the defiant, demonic, and destructive mind of the evil one that such diversity could be promoted as the model for all diversity regardless of its nature!

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    Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    April 20, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 110