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September 19-25, 2004
vol 15, no. 173

Deadly America
Father Lawrence Smith

Too often we forget, as Paul Harvey would say, "the rest of the story." While certain issues get the attention, other cancers are allowed to metastasize unfettered in the souls of so many because Catholic politicians and their hierarchs would rather serve at the altar of political correctness rather than giving their all, their very lives, for their Redeemer and His True Church where in the Church alone there is salvation.

      "If a member of a religious faith need not adhere to its tenets nor fear criticism from political opponents for his heresy, as Senator Kerry obviously fears nothing from President Bush on this count, then a radical member of a wholly different faith need not fear that he has no moral standing to fly airplanes filled with "infidels" into skyscrapers, regardless of how often his opponents call him 'evil', 'terrorist', or 'murderer'."

    The abandonment of their faith by Catholic politicians is accompanied by a total disavowal of reason, consistency, and decency among all politicians. To abortion can be added the banes of sodomy, divorce, usury, and compulsory public education (and the attendant confiscatory taxation supporting it). Bishops are being lauded for their stands against politicians who countenance abortion, but not one of them has taken an equally emphatic and public stand against sodomite unions.

    Politicians are taken to task for ignoring Church teachings on child murder, but no one faults our government and the citizens' wholesale refusal to check the license polluting our children’s bodies and minds through the media, sex education programs, and popular entertainment -- the First Amendment has been invoked to protect the rights of fiends to destroy the innocence of four generations of Americans. There is more to life than merely the body. There is more anguish than we can yet imagine that will come as the Faith continues to die out in the modern world.

PART ONE: The issues at hand

1. John Paul II calls our world the "Culture of Death";

2. Prominent among the ills of this deadly culture is the scourge of abortion;

3. The Pope, our Bishops, and countless priests have exhorted politicians and governments to curtail and/or cease the barbaric practice of legalized child murder;

4. Senator John F. Kerry, candidate for the Presidency of the United States, a baptized Catholic, claims that he agrees with the Church's teaching on the objective evil of abortion, but that he is not bound to obey the teaching as a legislator or as the Chief Executive;

5. The Holy See has not publicly corrected this opinion, countless Bishops agree with this opinion, and precedent was set 44 years ago when John F. Kennedy ran for and won election as President of the United States predicated on public and explicit denials that he was bound to govern with his Catholic Faith as his primary moral guide (Pope John XXIII was as silent then as John Paul II is today);

6. Catholic voters are being told that President George W. Bush, an evangelical protestant less pro-abortion than Senator Kerry, is the lesser of two evils and that in conscience they should cast their votes for the incumbent;

7. Why, pray tell, should protestants, pagans, or the indifferent listen to Catholic Church leaders exhort them to change their opinions and change the laws of nations to reflect Catholic orthodoxy when Catholics themselves are not bound to make such changes, nor will the same Catholic leaders use the fullness of the powers of their ecclesial offices to ensure the Catholicity of those laying claim to that affiliation in seeking public office? In short, if Senator Kerry does not need to listen to the Pope, why does Senator Hilary Clinton have to? If Senator Kerry does not have to listen to the Pope, why does Osama bin Laden have to listen to President Bush?

    -- If there is nothing wrong with impaling a child in the process of being born, as Senator Kerry believes, then there is nothing wrong with flying airplanes into skyscrapers and killing thousands of born people.

    -- If a member of a religious faith need not adhere to its tenets nor fear criticism from political opponents for his heresy, as Senator Kerry obviously fears nothing from President Bush on this count, then a radical member of a wholly different faith need not fear that he has no moral standing to fly airplanes filled with "infidels" into skyscrapers, regardless of how often his opponents call him "evil", "terrorist", or "murderer".

    -- If Senator Kerry is wrong for disavowing the Pope, then President Bush is wrong for not denouncing Senator Kerry for it.

    -- If Senator Kerry is entitled to his opinion and President Bush must respect his rival's religious convictions, then Osama bin Laden is not to be faulted for pursuing his religious beliefs to their ultimate conclusion.

    -- Is Osama bin Laden a bigger heretic against Islam for having engineered the deaths of maybe ten thousand people than Senator Kerry is a heretic against Catholicism for legislating the deaths of a million babies each year in the United States alone?

    -- Is President Bush the moral bastion many claim that he is if he can not see the quantitative and the qualitative differences in the magnitude of the crimes committed by bin Laden versus the crimes given sanction by Senator Kerry?

    -- Who amongst the American electorate is willing to take this nation to task for its inconsistency, its hypocrisy, and its treason against our Sovereign Lord, Jesus Christ?

PART TWO: Some responses to objections:

1) John Paul II calls ours "the Culture of Death". He has spoken repeatedly about the moral necessity of ending things such as abortion. He went so far as to lecture President Clinton about it during a papal visit to the US in the 1990's. No one is saying anything about "forcing" anyone to do anything -- least of all Catholic prelates using their legitimate coercive powers to correct erring Catholics. Who IS experiencing force are the infants in wombs, the taxpayers paying to have them slaughtered, and the citizens enduring the governance of the immoral. No one says that I am being oppressed by having the "morals" of baby killers imposed on me. Hmmmmm...

2) Talk is cheap. Kerry may SAY that he is against abortion, but in 100% of the votes taken while he has been in office, he has favored abortion. Actions speak far louder than words. Kerry is not pro-life, he is pro-abortion, AND a hypocrite.

3) Kerry is also a liar. If I said that I "believed" that my water had deadly poison in it and gulped it down anyway, no one would place any credence in my supposed "belief". If Kerry "believed" that abortion is wrong, an offense against the divine Majesty punishable by an eternity in hell, he would act on that belief. What he believes is that it is permissible to kill babies. The proof is that when he has been asked several times while a Senator of the United States of America whether or not he believes so, he has responded with a resounding, 100% "Yes!"

4) If the Pope, the Bishops, and the faithful are not trying to get others to change their thinking about abortion, supposedly "forcing" their opinions on others, what is the point of all the rhetoric about "the Culture of Death"? Why all the Rosaries prayed at the aborturaries? What is the rationale for all the lobbying of Congress? If we are not actually trying to get people to do something that at present they do not want to do, what is all the bother about? Why continue any efforts at all?

5) I can not read another man's heart. If he says his beliefs lie in a certain direction, the only measure I have of what is in his heart is how he ACTS on what he says. Senator Kerry has mouthed words about life, but ALL of his voting actions have been in favor of death. Why should I place any faith in his words? He does not. "Why should anyone respect the laws which have you as their source, if you will not respect the laws which have God as their source?"

6) Why is Senator Kerry so unconcerned about others imposing their beliefs on him and the way he votes?

7) Senator Kerry is complicit in MURDER every bit as much as Osama bin Laden, though Kerry never touched a “fetus” and bin Laden never flew a jet. Each bears responsibility for encouraging others to commit heinous actions resulting in untold numbers of innocent lives lost. We attacked Iraq in part because there might have been a link, albeit admittedly tenuous, between Saddam Hussein and bin Laden. If President Bush does not see in his pro-abortion opponents a like threat to innocent life, then he is every bit as much a reprobate as he wanted to call the French and the Germans last year. AND so are all the Americans who continue to elect MURDERERS to govern themselves. AND so are the prelates of the Catholic Church, up to and including John Paul II, so quick to show how often they helped Jews escape the Nazi death camps, but so slow to stop their own subjects from enacting laws from satan himself.

    November's election quickly approaches and citizens are faced with many choices. Freedom inheres only in choosing that which is in harmony with the will of God. The fact that both of the major political parties are in favor of leaving in place the conditions in which sodomy and abortion will continue to keep their grip on the moral sense of the nation does not absolve the individual citizen from exercising his franchise in keeping with objective truth. It is not futile, irresponsible, or a waste to cast one's vote in favor of a candidate with little chance of winning, but who endorses the sovereignty of Jesus Christ, the teachings of His Body the Church, and the pursuit of the Kingdom of Heaven through justice championed on earth.

    Judgement Day is nearer with each passing day. That day of wrath and woe requires a reckoning of each soul's actions before the Throne of God's justice. Whether or not mercy will be given to a particular soul is dependent upon the mercy which he measured to his fellows in the world. Consigining infants to slaughter, abandoning sinners to depravity, oppressing the poor, and exploiting the weak through turning a blind eye to contraception, abortion, sodomy, usury, and political corruption are not manifestations of God's mercy. If we are to avoid a harsh judgement ourselves on the Last Day, then this day, election day, and every day we must first seek the Kingdom of God and His justice. There is a great deal of work before us; let us labor on the house which is built by the Lord, and thus place this earthly city of ours under the protection of the Master of the City of God.

Father Lawrence Smith

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