October 10-30, 2004
Annual Fall Hiatus Issue
vol 15, no. 176

Bush or Bust!

        While many may feel Bush may not be the best president, he's the best we've got, unless you consider the worst-case scenario: John Kerry as president. Shudder the thought!

    "Many parishes don’t even have the guts to tell their parishioners to vote for pro-life candidates. They could say, 'in the back of the church, you will find brochures, which will tell you who they are.' They won’t do this because most pro-abortion politicians are in the Democratic party. You know the party that most Catholics were raised in, but has now been completely taken over by satan, which is why I left it years ago.

   Before I begin, I need to ask:

    Are your pro-life flyers ready to go so that you can pass them out after church services everywhere in order to keep pseudo-Catholic baby killer John Kerry, from becoming president?

    Do not get permission from your pastor. They are so afraid of losing their tax status, that it's pitiful. They claim they cannot mention names, although black churches do and they will NEVER lose theirs.

    I know of a pastor, when asked if they can be passed out, said, "NO." This way, he has nothing to fear, because he did not give permission. Besides, if there should be a problem, which there shouldn't be, the sidewalk in front of the church is public property. There are also the windshields in parking lots...

    If the bishops and pastors don't have a mind to save God's precious innocent unborn children and most don't, then the laity will, as God told us "Thou Shalt Not Kill." And from the Book of the Apocalypse, 3: 16 "Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of My mouth."

    Many parishes don’t even have the guts to tell their parishioners to vote for pro-life candidates. They could say, “in the back of the church, you will find brochures, which will tell you who they are." They won’t do this because most pro-abortion politicians are in the Democratic party. You know the party that most Catholics were raised in, but has now been completely taken over by satan, which is why I left it years ago.

    This is also the party that does not want a Constitutional Amendment to codify that a marriage should just be between a man and a woman. This was proven in a vote in the House a couple weeks ago where most Republicans voted for it and most Democrats voted against it. It is tough to get a two-thirds vote to amend the Constitution when one party refuses..

    The Democratic party has earned the title of “The Party of Death,” because of its embracement of the proposition that women should have the right to have their unborn child killed, and in John Kerry’s case even while being born and suffer excruciating pain – the barbaric partial-birth abortion. John Kerry voted six times not to ban this brutal act.

    This is the most important election in the history of our country. The American holocaust could end via the Supreme Court. President George W. Bush's nominees to the Appellate Courts have all been pro-life -- next step the Supreme Court. This is why the Democrats have been filibustering them.

    If Bush is not reelected, you can forget about ending the killing of God's precious unborn children for the next 32 years, as about 3 justices are planning to retire in the next 4 years. Kerry, has vowed that if he is president, he will only appoint pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court. A vote for him makes the voter a party to the killing of 1.4 million children every year. Do you want that on your conscience? If you do not vote, or vote for a third party, that is the same as voting for Kerry. That's just what he wants. That's my opinion. I understand the editor of this publication has another. Fair's fair.

    In your flyer, you should include the above and also that Kerry has voted 6 times NOT to ban the barbaric partial-birth abortion, which 80% of the American people want banned. Kerry does not care what the American people want -- his votes prove it. He receives millions from the Abortion Industry.

    Also, Kerry does not want an Amendment to the Constitution stipulating that marriage should just be between a man and a woman. He voted against DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) He sees nothing wrong with homosexuality. In short, if it's condemned by God, Kerry is for it. Such a person is not fit to serve the people in any capacity. He prefers to follow the tenets of satan instead of the Word of God.

    Why Kerry has not been publicly excommunicated years ago is mind boggling. According to Canon Law any one who dissents with the teachings of the Catholic Faith is a heretic and if they publicly dissent, which Kerry does, they should be publicly excommunicated, unless, of course, if they go to confession and repent their sins.

    Canon Law states that whoever denies a truth which must be believed with divine and Catholic faith, or who calls into doubt, or who totally repudiates the Christian faith, and does not retract after having been legitimately warned, is to be punished as a heretic or an apostate with a major excommunication; a cleric moreover can be punished with other penalties, not excluding deposition.

    Not only has Kerry not been excommunicated, but he still receives communion with mortal sins on his soul. Instead his bishop, Archbishop Sean O'Malley rewards him by looking the other way when Kerry approaches for the host and the cup. To many bishops the desecration of the Eucharist is no big deal. O'Malley, likewise, because he has been complicit in enabling Kerry to continue without reprimand, has incurred latae sententiae per Canon 1329. For a cleric of O'Malley's stature the penalties could and should be much worse, but those in charge are too afraid of their shadow to rock the boat, especially in the corrupt diocese of Boston. We have already seen how the Pope treats the worst offender - Cardinal Bernard Law. He gave him a cush job that carries much prestige with very little responsibility in Rome. That should say volumes and wake up the masses as to the current regime's intent of solving this terrible scandal. They have no intentions of doing anything! That has been proven.

    Therefore, the words of Canon 915 "Those who are excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty" really can't apply because the modern church no longer excommunicates, anathematizes or places an interdict on anyone. Sad, but trure. Yet, that same Canon also covers "Those...who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Communion."

    Voila! John Kerry is guilty. No doubt about it because he ostinately, and I mean obstinately persists in manifest grave sin. Yet he makes every opportunity to scandalize by flaunting it and making it into a photo op.

    IF YOU HAVEN'T STARTED PASSING THE FLYERS OUT YET -- PLEASE GET STARTED -- EVERY SUNDAY UNTIL THE ELECTION. Time is getting short. It would also be good to pass them out at nearby churches too. If you don't do this, then who will? I do believe that God will ask us on Judgment Day, "what did you do to save My children?"

    4,000 children are being killed every day. 1.4 million every year in the United Sates. Do you know that most people do not know this and when they are told, they are flabbergasted -- so we will tell them.

    One of my pet peeves is the Catholic, or any person who claims to be pro-life and says he/she can’t vote for President Bush because he is for the death penalty and he took us to war and all lives are important. Also, he really isn't pro-life as he makes exceptions for the life of the mother, rape and incest.

    To begin with the life of the mother was always in play, even before Roe v Wade, so forget about that one. As for rape and incest, they amount to less than 1% of the 1.4 million children who are killed every year. Bush is not perfect, but I think he has been the best pro-life president our country has had since Roe.

    Naturally, I don't want any exceptions, but I'm not that bullheaded that I am going to let 1.3 MILLION CHILDREN BE KILLED EVERY YEAR, BECAUSE I WANT IT ALL OR NOTHING. It does not mean that we are going to give up on the less than 1%. We will continue to work hard to save them too, but right now we MUST save all we can and the sooner, the better. Thank God, firemen do not subscribe to this proposition or they would not enter a burning building if it was impossible to save everyone.

    You cannot mention the killing of unborn children in the same breath as Capital Punishment or wars. 4,000 children are killed every day in their mother’s womb and at times 3/4 out of the womb. Only a few are killed by Capital Punishment every year and besides they had a trial. Unborn children have had NO trial. Quite a difference, is it not?

    As far as wars are concerned and specifically the Iraq war, there is such a thing as a just war. In my opinion, the Iraq war is a JUST WAR. On 9-11, our country was attacked and about 3,000 people were killed. Germany in World War II never attacked the US, but we entered because Hitler was a madman and was killing innocent people -- same as Saddam Hussein.

    In World War II, the United States lost 500,000. In Vietnam, almost 60,000 were killed. In Iraq, Saddam killed about 500,000 of his own people. Mass graves were found and torture and rape rooms. We are told to love our neighbors. This means to help them in times of need.

    If you lived in Iraq and your husband was killed by Saddam or your children and every day was a nightmare, would you want the US to free you? You're doggone right you would. Terrorists were trained in Iraq. Abu Musab Zarqawi was the major Al-Qaeda trainer of terrorists in Afghanistan. His leg was badly injured on the Afghan battlefield so he went to Iraq and was welcomed with open arms by Saddam and it was Saddam's surgeons who operated on Zarqawi's leg. Zarqawi is the senior Al-Qaeda operative in Iraq today. He has been in Iraq, at least since Sept. 20002. He is the one who has organized the insurgence that’s there now. There is no doubt that Saddam aided and abetted the enemy.

    After 9-11 president Bush said that we will go after the terrorists wherever they are and any nation that aids and harbors them. HOW EASILY WE FORGET. And Bush is correct, it is best to fight them in Iraq than here. The war on Terrorism is a war like no others. It is BIG. The Islamics want to kill all the infidels. That means you and me and our children and grandchildren. This is a crusade, my friends, Christendom against the pagan infidel. The problem is we probably deserve all the punishment being visited upon us considering our grave sin of infanticide in the womb and our total neglect of God's Laws - the Ten Commandments. The Jews of the Old Testament suffered when they went astray, should it be any different for us? I think not. That is why we can't be pacifists and seek to "dialogue" ad nauseum with the devil. The time for talking is over, now it's time to get tough.

    You won't hear that kind of forcefulness from the Democrats. Yet, they still claim that we are not safer since 9-11. Well, dah -- am I missing something here? Bush must be doing something right -- we have not been attacked on U.S. soil in the past 3 years. So far in the war against terrorism, we have lost about 1,000 of our brave soldiers in the past 3 years. While one life is important, those 1000 pale in comparison to the innocent "soldiers" in the womb who had no weapons. Why do so many people not care that 4,000 children are killed EVERY DAY in their mother's womb?

    Terrorists from Iran, Syria and all over the world are going to Iraq to defeat the United States. They do NOT want a free Democratic Iraq. They will not let up, especially now, prior to the elections, as they want John Kerry elected, who will, true to his lifetime of voting in the Senate, be weak on defense and give away the farm, if not our freedoms. We know we can't trust him as a Catholic, how could we ever trust a man who lives by the lie and walks around with a chip on his shoulder almost perennially; a man who has sold out his country and his God more than once?

    For those (Democrats) who say that Bush lied about the necessity to invade Iraq and that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and this includes Kerry who, because he can't think for himself and is desperate, is following the unethical attack advice of the Clinton crowd. Realize this: BUSH DID NOT LIE. The information on Iraq's WMD program was supported by the CIA, Great Britain's MI6, and Russian Intelligence operatives. Recently, Scott Wheeler of CNNS News has obtained official Iraqi documents that confirm Saddam was working closely with Al-Qaeda. They have been verified by those most in the know.

    The WMD's, are probably right now in Iran, or Syria, or both. Why else would Saddam choose to give up his palaces and instead live in a hole in the ground like a rat, only to be caught? All he had to do to retain his dictatorship was to let the inspectors in, so they can be shown that his WMD's were destroyed. Everyone said he had them, including the United Nations, John Kerry, both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and a host of Democratic senators, which is why the vote in the Senate to invade Iraq was passed overwhelmingly. They were probably moved right before the invasion, during the 6 months Bush tried to convince the United Nations that Saddam should be removed. It was plenty of time to move them.

    Just think Saddam would still be ruling Iraq and his two sons would still be alive. Instead Saddam chose death for himself, as that will probably be the verdict at his trial -- so they say. WHY would Saddam choose death instead of retaining his power if he had no WMD. It makes no sense.

    The reason I went into much detail on the Iraq war is because there are Catholics who are just looking for an excuse to vote for Democrat, Kerry and other members of the "Party of Death." These people who make up the above reasons for not voting for Bush are not kidding anyone -- THEY ARE JUST EXCUSES and real pro-lifers know it and they know we know it.

    Pro-life Democrats say that 43% of Democrats are pro-life. Well, tell it to the pollsters as Bush has only a slight lead on Kerry. If it is true that 43% of Democrats are pro-life, Bush should be ahead by 25-30 points.

    So, it would seem that when it comes time for them to put there money where their mouth is, they will not -- their precious Democratic party comes first and God second. I think people should thank God that Bush is our president and VOTE FOR BUSH, as well as getting others to vote for him. He is, in my opinion, easily our best bet to end terrorism outside of the womb and inside the womb. The battlefield is not only in Iraq, but also the womb. Sad isn't it that what was once the safest place in the world is now one of the most dangerous for one never knows when the terrorist will strike. Curettes, scissors and powerful suctions can be just as deadly as suicide bombers, killing, as the numbers verify, considerably more.

    "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." Jeremias 1:5

    "Lo: children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward." Psalm 127:3

    Please, please, dear readers, please respect God and vote for life.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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    October 10-30, 2004
    Annual Fall Hiatus Issue
    vol 15, no. 176