October 10-30, 2004
Annual Fall Hiatus Issue
vol 15, no. 176

The Apostate
Altar Boy!


Gary L. Morella

Let’s get one thing straight –
John Kerry is NO Catholic, PERIOD!

      The latest skimble-skamble that Senator John Kerry blurted patronizingly to the entire nation in the televised debate from St. Louis is too much! How can this former altar boy say with a straight face that he is a practicing Catholic and that the Church allows him to check his faith at the door? The record needs to be set straight for nowhere in Catholic teaching does it permit such heresy. The man is an obstinate sinner who, because of his persistent and unrepentant ways, has long ago excommunicated himself. No wonder the St. Louis Archbishop and Colorado Springs Bishop have come out so strongly about warning voters of the sinfulness of voting for such a liar and apostate without mentioning his name. It's blatantly obvious it would be a sin to vote for Kerry, period!

        "Catholic moral theology has always clearly taught that you can NEVER do an evil for a greater good. What could be a greater evil than voting for someone who officially promotes the killing of innocents in the womb regardless of whatever other positions are held by this individual? Without life there are NO OTHER ISSUES, PERIOD, because natural life is the only means to ETERNAL life for man in obedience to the Law of God."

    There should be world-wide outrage on the part of Catholics, in particular, the hierarchy of the Church, which should reverberate across America, on John Kerry shamelessly pawning himself off as Catholic in the second presidential debate. Kerry's comments are a blasphemous slap in the face to Jesus Christ Who founded the Church upon the Rock that is Peter. Anyone calling himself Catholic who could vote for such a fraud is committing a serious sin, per any definition of such sin as traditionally understood by the Catholic Church, i.e., grave matter involved, no excuse for not recognizing it as such, per the clear invariant teachings of Holy Mother Church, and taking action to facilitate direct disobedience to Church teaching by enabling the work of the devil through the support of a pathological liar whose innumerable senate votes consistently support the entirety of a culture-of-ETERNAL-death. It doesn't get any worse than that, as far as I'm concerned!

    It was left to President George W. Bush to unequivocally defend the Church's teaching, after listening to Kerry's tortured rambling explanation as to why Kerry de facto supports baby killing, by telling the Country that there would be NO federal support for abortion on his watch. It was left to President Bush to articulate a view closer to Catholicism on stem cell research by bringing in the needed moral ethical guidance that must be involved in not utilizing man as an instrument for utilitarian purposes, after being subjected to another episode of obfuscation on this issue by Kerry who doesn't have a clue, and who will say anything to anybody to get elected. From here, it is President Bush who has been acquainted with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, who defends Church teaching, not the heretical apostate who is John Kerry who told NOW and NARAL that all supreme court nominees on his watch must be pro-baby killers!

    Where are you Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop O'Malley, and Company in not bringing this to the attention of the Catholic electorate? How can you continuously sit on the sidelines and allow John Kerry to make a mockery of the Catholic Faith to the world? Do you not fear for your eternity, and those of the souls entrusted to your care, considering the stakes involved?

    On what issue is Kerry right? The count is ZERO starting with the most important issues involving intrinsic moral evils for which there is no debate, and continuing with national security, the economy, health care, the environment, and all the rest - the latter being a direct reflection of what happens when a man who basically preaches the politics of hate for what American has traditionally stood for is given an opportunity to run for leader of the free world. Kerry has the unmitigated gall to talk about a global permission slip to defend America, when he gave no indication for even believing this by his vote against the first Gulf war, which the typically impotent UN finally approved to defend a member state from invasion. We're called to trust the security of America to a man whose modus operandi has been to vote against the means of doing so on every occasion, moreover, a man who pulled the rug out from members of our military rotting in Vietnam prisons by giving aid and comfort to the enemy who used his statements to further justify torture of these prisoners? I'm told that even Jane Fonda eventually apologized for her despicable actions during the Vietnam War. Where is your apology, Mr. Kerry? In particular, where is your apology to the millions of innocents in the womb whom you've condemned to the most brutal of deaths by your unwavering support for the work of the devil? Without life, there ARE NO OTHER ISSUES!

    For shame, John Kerry. You, along with those clergy and laity who support you, are a disgrace to the Catholic Faith!

    How can it be blasphemously said that John Kerry is a “practicing Catholic” when he publicly enables a "culture-of-eternal-death" that is antithetical to Catholicism? Kerry shamelessly promotes contraception, abortion, homosexuality and euthanasia – all of which are condemned by the Church. One does not have to be handling the forceps that crush the skulls of babies when one is the political instrument for making such barbaric acts "legal".

    Kerry could not even bring himself to vote for a recent bill that would have made it illegal to kill an innocent in the womb if the mother WANTED the baby. Its promoters went to pains to tell the professional baby killing lobby that it would have no effect on the Roe v. Wade decision. Kerry was so moved by this attempt at appeasement to the radical left that he made a special effort to vote AGAINST this bill so that his core support in NOW and NARAL would not be endangered. This support applauds every filthy non-Catholic vote Kerry makes to kill babies in what should be their safest place of refuge - their mothers' wombs.

    So let’s get one thing straight in reporting about John Kerry. He is NO Catholic, PERIOD! “Something cannot be and not be at the same time in the same respect” – a fundamental principle of philosophy. Catholics are not called to check their faith at the door before entering public life. On the contrary, Catholics are called to uncompromisingly witness to it, per the end of the Gospel of Matthew, for the common good of society in accord with the Natural and Divine Law leading ultimately to a “Kingdom NOT of this world.”

    This has nothing to do with politics. This has everything to do with what it means to be a Catholic in more than name only instead of the Catholic fraud that is John Kerry, who is a man that blatantly mocks the faith along with those pseudo-Catholic clergy and laity who support him.

    Catholic moral theology has always clearly taught that you can NEVER do an evil for a greater good. What could be a greater evil than voting for someone who officially promotes the killing of innocents in the womb regardless of whatever other positions are held by this individual? Without life there are NO OTHER ISSUES, PERIOD, because natural life is the only means to ETERNAL life for man in obedience to the Law of God.

    In recognition of this truth, Cardinal Ratzinger, the Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in his recently released memorandum entitled "Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion — General Principles," said without ambiguity: The minister of Holy Communion MUST refuse to distribute it when warning and counsel given to the manifest sinner "have not had their effect." It is Catholic Church teaching that the faithful must follow their consciences, which are to be informed with the Teaching Magisterium of the Church on faith and morals - the information aspect dismissed out-of-hand by public dissenters like Kerry who fraudulently use Vatican II as an excuse for a "freedom of conscience" to do anything that one wants, which is a freedom confused with license. Vatican II's Catechism in accord with Sacred Scripture and the Great Tradition of the Church since her founding upon the Rock that is Peter does not teach such a lie, given any objective reading of it on conscience.

    Those playing politics with the faith are the liars like Kerry who reinvent the faith to suit their political ends. It would come as news to the Pope that freedom of conscience gives a Catholic permission not to have one.

    Whenever Democrats mock George Bush for holding that human life "begins at conception," they will also be mocking their own presidential candidate. John Kerry agrees with Bush. "I believe life does begin at conception," Kerry said this past weekend. "I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion." This also echoes his wife's comments earlier in the year when she let slip that "I don't view abortion as just a nothing" and that abortion means "stopping the process of life."

    It's hard to tell where Kerry stands on anything because he's the ultimate political animal who will say anything on any issue to garner votes. He reinvents himself constantly to make people think he's a moderate, when in fact, he's even to the far left of Ted Kennedy. His sorry senate record speaks for itself putting him on the WRONG side on all of the major issues. This happens when you're a pathological liar to the point of actually having the unmitigated gall to imply that you're against abortion when every one of your filthy senate votes has been to shamelessly promote it!

    Kerry assumes that making this sort of political show of his personal moral distaste for abortion will make his "pro-choice" views more respectable. But it only makes them more disgraceful. Kerry can't even claim lack of culpability on account of being clueless. He knows that abortion destroys a human life but promotes a right to it anyway. Such people ARE NOT CATHOLIC!

Gary L. Morella

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    October 10-30, 2004
    vol 15, no. 176
    Annual Fall Hiatus Issue