GABRIEL'S CLARION (may4gab.htm)

May 4, 2004
vol 15, no. 125

Opera, Caviar, and Abomination!

There are no limits to which the Pro-Death Culture Vultures will go to twist the truth as the N.O.W. manifesto was so blatantly proclaimed on Bill Moyer's NOW program.

    "Conversely, any religious group opposing abortion is subtly painted as backward, narrow-minded, ignorant, stuck in the Dark Ages, or even zealous and dangerous. I was not informed, nor did I expect to be, that 'catholics' for Free Choice has received funding from The Playboy Corporation while claiming to be about women's health and integrity. I was not informed that both CFFC and The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice are simply fronts for the abortion movement and industry that seek to undermine and bring down religious opposition to abortion."

    I am reminded of the air around the opening of 'The Passion of The Christ,' and how I would write an article dealing with some aspect of the controversy, fully expecting to move on to something else afterward, only to have another fool or yet another absurd situation arise, thereby keeping me stuck on that topic for most of a month. Well, the increasingly absurd and annoying Pro-Choice (read 'anti-life, in bed with satan crowd) side is this month's Passion, and this piece was not on the menu until I was served some caviar with my abomination this past Sunday night.

    I must confess, I have always enjoyed PBS's brand of information, news, commentary, and educational programs. I have always considered most of what they slap on the air, liberal though it's flavored, to be at least a step above the usual fare found in regular channels. To my surprise, the station of tuxedos, opera, and Masterpiece Theatre added abomination to their menu over this weekend.

    I stumbled unto PBS's NOW with Bill Moyers that, among other things, was dealing with the so-called "faith-based Pro-Choice movement." I was told that an estimated one million marchers attended the recent March for Death in Washington (the number increases daily) and that, surprisingly, many of these were Pro-Choice religious groups such as 'catholics' for Free Choice and The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

    I was shown a steady sea of Pro-Choice banners carried by "religious groups" arm in arm with banners from such filth as Planned Parenthood, NOW, The Feminist Majority, and other collections of clueless fools. I was then subjected to deep insight from various marchers from faith-based Pro-Choice groups and the dribble from the Reverend Carlton Veazey, President of The Religious Coalition. Whenever I listen to these so-called "faith-based Pro Choice" people, I need aspirin shortly afterward, and this night was no exception.

Selective Vision

    For starters, these moronic groups are always portrayed as some kind of progressive, enlightened brand of religious spirituality and morality that represents where all religious people should go on these issues.

    Conversely, any religious group opposing abortion is subtly painted as backward, narrow-minded, ignorant, stuck in the Dark Ages, or even zealous and dangerous. I was not informed, nor did I expect to be, that 'catholics' for Free Choice has received funding from The Playboy Corporation while claiming to be about women's health and integrity. I was not informed that both CFFC and The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice are simply fronts for the abortion movement and industry that seek to undermine and bring down religious opposition to abortion.

    Instead, the program painted "thoughtful, prayerful Pro Choicers" as what Christ was all about. Please!!! Consistent with typical media bias on such issues, the program seemed to be aiming at holding up so-called "faith-based Pro-Choice advocates" as the heroes and pioneers while the religious opponents to abortion were portrayed as being contrary to Christ's teachings. We saw peaceful Pro-Choice marchers but not any of the reported abuses and vulgarity practiced by that side. The lies, rhetoric, and agendas of the Pro-Choice movement were all there for the reading. It is clear from this program that Pro-Choice, New Age people want to paint Pro-Life groups as the wound requiring a scar and not the medicine for the wound of Pro-Choice trash.

Pathetic, Familiar Drool

    The program includes an interview with a supposedly religious father and daughter duo gearing up to fight for choice. The daughter, with a straight face, enlightened us to learn that God would accompany a woman cutting across a crowd of protestors, entering an abortion slaughter mill, having an abortion, and leaving for home. According to this modern-day 'Aquinas,' God would not judge her, but instead "accompany" her and let her live with her decision for life. We heard from other numbskulls who told us how they had "seen the light" and realized that one can supposedly be religious and Pro-Choice at the same time.

    The Reverend Carlton Veazey, frequent member of Pro-Choice and Abortion Rights panels, constant advocate for abortion rights, and blatantly biased so-called "spiritual abortion rights expert", asked "why can't people be religious and prayerfully Pro-Choice?" I hope that he and the others had been drinking, for that would be the only possible way that I would condone their outrageous, absurd, pathetic, and vile drool!

Triangle of Damnation

    I soon realized that these demonic groups and people were part of a triangular strategy of lies, rhetoric, and damnation!

    First, people such as Veazey and the interviewed marchers pull a focus death grip on the issue of "choice" which they elevate to a preeminent, divine, central, and superior concept that must be protected against those who would spit on choice. They practically cite freedom of choice as most important in the eyes of God and, therefore, any claim that infringes on that divine choice is clearly wrong. They also falsely focus greatly on women's health as being a key issue here, which it really is not. By tying both choice and female health to the Bible, spirituality, and ultimate religious goals, these charlatans attempt to pour an entire air of divine sacredness on these issues which they were never intended to have over other issues. Yes, choice is nice, but not if it leads to murder. Yes, health is nice, but not if one uses one's health to kill others. The last ingredient of this diabolic distortion of choice and health expands these terms from the issue of abortion to some penumbra of choices and health issues, such that being Pro-Life is seen as being against women choosing what shoes to wear or not caring if women get ill or die. Pro-Choice radicals argue that this expansion is needed if we are to protect "the totality of women's lives." Considering that Pro-Choice groups typically censor medical information that hurts their cause and ignore research that ties abortion with cancer and depression, I do not think that this noble embrace of choice and women's health is legitimate!

    Secondly, and necessarily if their first lie is to take hold, these groups typically ignore or refute the idea that life begins at conception for obvious reasons. Veazey has said this many times in order to support his "prayerful abortion" trash since praying before killing a human being seems absurd to even these ghouls. The ridiculous thing here is that Veazey is also an advocate for stem cell research, where doctors such as Dr. Larry Goldstein contend ask "is a ball of 200 cells the size of a pin point with no heart, blood, brain or lungs in a Petri Dish in a freezer a person?" Despite the fact that any real Catholic would argue that a person is already present from conception, Goldstein's "ball of cells" question implies that things might be different if a heart, blood, brain, and lungs were present. Considering that Pro-Choice murderers favor Partial Birth abortions, where all of these things are clearly present, one can see that Goldstein's question is meaningless and naïve. Veazey also uses this first lie about when a person becomes a person to justify using stem cells since this kind of research seeks to "accomplish good…in keeping with religious beliefs." We see, then, that conjuring up the rubbish that a fetus is not a person is required reading in the Pro-Choice lobby. Susanne Martinez of Planned Parenthood argues, "If they can shift the dialogue to believing that a fetus is a person, they will set the groundwork for overturning Roe v. Wade" In other words, selling the lie that a fetus is not a person is critical to selling the lie that abortion can be "prayerfully undertaken with God at one's side" which these idiots spit out daily.

    The last element of this sinful triangle which Pro-Choice people in general and these so-called "faithful Pro-Choice" people as well, try to hoist on the public is the idea that their position is the one of moderation, peace, rational calm, and non-violence. The Pro-Life side is constantly painted as violent, irrational, zealous, intolerant, and the like by the media and Pro-Choice lobby. This program and its speakers did not betray this third strategy either. Veazey was cited in the Feminist Daily News (yes there is such an animal) of 11/15/01 as noting that, "in religion, anti-abortion zealots are certain God wants them to terrorize and even kill for their beliefs." In painting pro-life supporters as terrorists no better than Al Qaeda, it is clear that Veazey is as biased on abortion as other so-called religious leaders and experts are on such things as Christ, St. Paul, and other religious issues. We are living in times so absurd that a so-called "Reverend" sounds like an enemy of conservative religion sending out false alarms to quell spiritual fervor in this area.

    Considering the abusive language and behavior experienced by Pro-Life advocates at the recent March for Death, the notion that Pro-Choice means peaceful healing is complete hogwash. By the way, it should be no surprise that not even one second of abusive or inappropriate behavior by Pro-Choice people was shown on the Bill Moyers program. But then what do you expect from this paragon of progressivists?


    The recent PBS Bill Moyers' NOW propaganda program (how can you call it objective 'news'?) discussed the "faithful" branch of the Pro-Choice movement with typical media bias dressed up as honest, detached investigative journalism. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to find so-called faithful proponents of choice. Typically, these clueless people argue that they are Pro-choice not Pro-abortion in that choice is their reason for their position, not abortion. Even these fools have difficulty twisting Scripture to allow abortion, so they focus on the freedom of choice angle to maximize their argument while minimizing how stupid they sound.

    They also argue that a fetus is not a person in order to further support their idiotic position. Finally, they wrap their little fraud fool-cake with the tidbit that theirs is the position of peace, love, togetherness, and rational thought, contrary to the typically violent and irrational behavior of Pro-Choice activists. Armed with this bomb of stupidity, these clueless ghouls march forth toward their eternal vacation in a warm weather location south of salvation.

    I still enjoy the culture and education of many PBS programs, but it certainly has been an interesting experience to have my weekly abomination served with opera and caviar for a change. Talk about leaving a bad taste! The sad part is that this particular Bill Moyers' NOW program could have easily been aired on ABC, that great bastion of blasphemy, sin, and spin. I guess public television wants to be more like the networks every day. Satan has that effect.

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: We are pleased to announce Gabriel Garnica will be contributing many articles in 2004. Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, will submit regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes will be music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    May 4, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 125