May 26, 2004
vol 15, no. 145

    Continuing with the clergy honors, today we present, in alphabetical order, the Tower of Trent Trophy to Father Nicholas Gruner, the indefatigable defender of Our Lady of Fatima - a true crusader in these times where there are so few willing to fight for Our Lady and her Divine Son's True Church. Father Nicholas is a Traditional priest who was never one to embrace the synthetic Novus Ordo and has continued wearing the cassock, a symbol of dying to oneself in living only for God, and exclusively celebrates the Mass of All Ages - the Immemorial Latin Mass of Tradition.

    Nicholas Gruner was born on May 4, 1942 in Mount Royal, an area within the greater city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. After attending high school and receiving his Bachelor of Commerce Degree at McGill University which had been established in 1821 in Quebec Province's largest city, he entered the novitiate and seminary in Quebec. He completed his major seminary studies at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome where he achieved his Bachelor of Sacred Theology Degree (S.T.B.) and Licentiate of Sacred Theology (S.T.L.). It was in Frigento, Italy at Our Lady of Good Counsel Shrine that he was ordained in August 1976 at the age of 34. How fitting that he was consecrated there for long having a love for Our Blessed Mother, he sought permission after two years of parish work to begin a publication dedicated to the Message of Fatima with the emphasis on taking the Fatima message more seriously and literally and to the entire world. He called his publication The Fatima Crusader and today it is going stronger than ever with a quarterly circulation of half a million subscribers.

    Since 1978 when he began this Fatima apostolate he became a marked man to those who opposed the fact that he was intent on telling the truth which would expose the lies that had been expounded not only on Fatima but on the liturgy and other matters in promulgating the New Order and the Protestant agendas of Vatican II that embraced humanism, ecumenism and collegiality of the hierarchy. These were things that Father Gruner could not abide by despite the stature of the cardinals and bishops, he soon could see how, like Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, he was fast becoming a marked man singled out for persecution so that modern Rome could set an example to discourage others within the Resistance from gaining confidence.

    For a lesser man, this might have been enough to dissuade him from his appointed mission and intimidate him into being a good little obedient priest who blindly obeyed anything his bishop told him no matter how heretical. After all, as we ourselves believed when we first wrote an article on Father Nicholas back in 1999 when he had been chosen one of the Top 100 Catholics of all time on our site - at that time still trapped in Novus Ordinarianism - that obedience bears the greatest fruit. How wrong we were and we personally apologize to Father Gruner and all holy priests and layity who disagreed with our faulty reasoning why we believed the Consecration of Russia had taken place in 1984. We now stand corrected and gladfully and gratefully acknowledge our error and beg forgiveness for ever placing Father Gruner in a questionable light. Indeed obedience bears good fruit ONLY when it is in harmony with God's will and in full compliance with the perennial, infallible Magisterium of the Church. As we discovered shortly after the turn of the millennium, the Catholic populace had been badly deceived and dumbed down to buy the blind obedience mantra. We know, we were a victim. But thanks to several of the honorees of this charter presentation of the Tower of Trent Trophies, we saw through the great facade and shell game that has been played over the past four decades. That is why we are honored today to present Father Gruner with this accolade of praise.

    The more Father spoke out, the more he was persecuted as he literally covered the world, preaching in over 500 churches and cathedrals on nearly every continent. Since 1985 he has been Headquartered in Fort Erie, Ontario in Canada for he has made it his life's work to give lectures on the subject of Fatima, producing numerous articles including his book World Enslavement or Peace. This, needless to say, did not sit well with modern Rome. Rather than placating the modernists, Father began in 1987 his radio program Heaven's Peace Plan which gained greatly in listenership. That same year his television program Fatima: The Moment has Come hit the airwaves which is still going strong.

    In light of what we now know about The Pact of Metz, it is no surprise that Father was a marked man for from day one he has maintained that Our Lady's call at Fatima in 1917 for the conversion of Russia was paramount in bringing down Communism. If not, Russia's errors would spread to every corner of the earth. As we can see this is exactly what has happened. Case in point: abortion, which began under Vladimir Lenin a year before the Blessed Mother appeared to the children at the Cova in Fatima. Some say Rome was pressured to silence Fr. Gruner by U.S. operatives because his preaching was counter-productive to the perestroika in 'dialoguing' - a famous tactic spawned at Vatican II - with the enemy. The more popular Father Gruner and his message became, the more modern Rome sought to silence him, so much so that in 1989 they fashioned a new document that basically revealed Sister Lucia the only remaining visionary, had done a complete 180 degree turn and was now supposedly claiming that the consecration had taken place in 1984, this when all previous statements from the time she received the message until she had been silenced and carefully guarded, had always steadfastly been adamant that the Consecration had NOT been done. Most bought into this pronouncement including, sadly, we as well. After all, Communism was collapsing and the hammer and sickle being pounded into ploughshares through detente...or so we were led to believe. The surface looked to those so dumbed down by the media and manipulation that this was a fruit of the consecration so the impulsive syllogism was that it had been done. Little did many realize for there to be true fruits, they must be lasting. One only needs look at Russia today and the build up of the 'new' Communism to realize that it never died, just morphed to disarm the West. It is similar to how the modernists went underground during the pontificate of Pope Saint Pius X and infiltrated the seminaries in the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's in order to be in place when the Masonic plan of Vatican II became a reality. Few could see this subterfuge coming out of Russia and modern Rome, but Father Gruner, blessed with the Gifts of the Holy Ghost, saw through the charade and deception and spoke all the louder.

    Intensified efforts to suppress him in whatever way they could ensued as Rome put pressure on bishop after bishop to not incardinate him. For decades he would be persecuted for striving to live the Faith of our Fathers while the spineless prelates cowered under the Curia canard that he was being a disloyal priest and should not be granted faculties in any diocese. Despite this persecution which Christ promised would happen to those loyal to Him, Father Gruner continued tirelessly to promote the true Message of Fatima and PROVE that modern Rome was lying. Needless to say this only infuriated the deceptors more.

    Having staged Rosary Rallies attracting tens of thousands in Portugal, Mexico, India, Ireland, New York City, the Philippines and all across North America, he held a true peace conference in 1992 when he organized the largest conference of bishops ever held at Fatima in order to inform them of what had to be done by Heaven's will. The truths of his words and the indefatigable manner in which he expressed them angered the Bishop of Fatima and the Director of the Fatima Shrine, and, backed by spurious accusations from Rome the Bishop and Director turned on Father. He was assaulted in the Sacristy of this holy shrine that year. The truth was that those committed to covering up would go to any lengths. Nothing has changed over the years as we have seen right up to present day with the lies Bishop Seraphim Ferreira e Silva and Monsignor Luciano Guerra, Director of the Shrine who have hemmed and hawed over the new proposed shrine that looks like a fiddle or a pancake griddle. Whatever it resembles it does not resemble a church - a house of God. Father Gruner was the first to expose it by sending John Vennari, a regular contributing writer and editor of Catholic Family News to the interfaith conference last October where he saw first hand the syncretism planned and heard first hand from the mouths and acclamations of the principals their approval of such blasphemy. Subsequent facts have verified Vennari's reports which are available in the archives of The Fatima File. Typical of the modernists, they blamed Fr. Gruner for stirring up lies against the real purpose of the new shrine. It has become almost a standing joke that even Fr. Gruner chuckles at - at times - that if the modernists have a gripe against something, blame Fr. Gruner! It is truly amazing all the abuses worldwide and the scandal that the sex abuse and cover-up by the bishops have caused and exposed by the secular media, and what does modern Rome do? Go after a dedicated, loyal priest. As we can see clearly with our own eyes a picture is worth a thousand words which verifies what Fr. Gruner and company have been saying for the photos on page 39 in the most recent issue of The Fatima Crusader prove the destruction has already begun. The huge Cross welcoming pilgrims to the Sanctuary has been dismantled, now lying unattended near a graffiti wall on the grounds and the statues of Pius XII and Paul VI have been removed. Evidently they are offensive to the interfaith movement.

    Over the years Father Gruner has built up a highly respected group of excellent writers for The Fatima Crusader and his website including besides John, Father Paul Kramer who wrote the excellent, must read book The Devil's Final Battle; Christopher Ferrara, who co-authored with Latin Magazines' Dr. Thomas Woods the best-selling The Great Facade; Mark Fellows whose book Fatima in Twilight is regarded as one of the most enlightening and comprehensive books written on Fatima. Many others have written for Father's publication including the late Father Charles Fiore who, a month before he passed away last year on February 18, personally purchased and sent Fr. Kramer's book to hundreds of his friends with a letter published in the Spring 2004 issue of The Fatima Crusader.

    It is so ironic and tragic that in these day when war and rumors of wars physically, mentally and spiritually monopolize the news, that efforts for peace as modern Rome has prescribed have failed miserably. When, one asks and prays, will Rome and especially the Pope awake from the terrible slumber over these past 40 years and realize true peace can only be achieved by first fulfilling Our Lady's specific request at Fatima, and secondly returning fully to the Truths and Traditions and the Immemorial Mass of All ages that sustained the faithful from Saint Peter through Pius XII? No amount of pandering to the U.N., the Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the New Agers, the Democrats, the Protestants and every other entity will amount to a hill of beans in bringing about peace until Rome recognizes the grave error of their path and heeds the sure words Father Gruner has been preaching for over 25 years. It is so simple and yet the progressive modernists seek to complicate and confuse it so. Peace is there for the asking, but the Pope, in concert with all the bishops of the world must specifically ask for the consecration of Russia - exclusively and only Russia - in order for God to comply. "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19: 26).

    In order to help God along as best we can as the Church Militant, Father Gruner has organized the Apostles of the Rosary in order to bring true peace to the world. His goal is both to stop the desecration of Fatima and convince the Pope to consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart. One way is the 25 Million Rosary Pledge to do our part to help Our Lady obtain world peace and stop terrorism. It cannot be done by military action in Iraq or in the Holy Land but only through use of the most powerful weapons known to man: the holy Rosary. Sister Lucy has confirmed that, "There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary." That is a fact proven by the holy Pope Saint Pius V when he entreated the faithful to pray the Rosary to stave off the onrushing armada of Turks and, as we know, the Battle of Lepanto the Christian fleet of Don Juan of Austria was victorious despite being overwhelmingly undermanned against the superior infidel Moslem mariners. It was the holy Rosary that chained countless pagans and preserved Christianity in Europe. Today Islamism threatens to take over Europe through intimidation and migration and a loss of the Catholic Faith made possible by the relaxed morals and values resulting from the aggiornamento of Vatican II: bitter and barren fruits that only a harvest of Rosaries can save; the same in America and Canada where God is being gutted from the books and paganism and sin threaten to take over. Only the Rosary can fend off this demonic agenda. To date Father Gruner has been able to garner over five million Rosaries pledged but that is only one-fifth of the goal. There is much to do before he sleeps and only through the grace of God will Father Gruner be able to continue this noble and heroic apostolate that seemingly stands alone as a shining beacon of the Fatima promise in a world of darkness, clouded by lies that have fabricated even the words of Our Lady. If you have not pledged your Rosaries, call 800-263-8160 to do so and to add your name to the long petition list to the authorities to stop the madness of turning Fatima into an interfaith shrine.

    Perhaps were it not for the heroic efforts and perseverance of Father Gruner, Fatima already would be an interfaith shrine for indeed the syncretism has already begun as we reported this past week. It is only heroes like Fr. Gruner that has kept the Faith alive when all about him seek the easier, politically correct path of less resistance. Lukewarm are these souls who, as Saint John foretold, will be vomited out of the Lord's mouth (cf. Apocalypse 3: 16). And so it is with great honor and humility that we officially extend congratulations to this noble and indefatigable defender and crusader of Our Lady of Fatima and enshrine him in the Tower of Trent Hall of Honor presenting him with the Tower of Trent Trophy and declare this day Father Nicholas Gruner Day in all of Christendom.

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    Tower of Trent Tribute to Father Nicholas Gruner