CATHARINE LAMB's Shears and Tears of a Lamb (may1lam.htm)

May 1, 2004
vol 15, no. 122

Is ignorance bliss or an excuse to avoid the truth?

    Do Novus Ordo Catholics truly realize how close they are being led to the brink of hell? Evidently not. As St. Padre Pio said to those who don't believe in hell: "They will when they get there!" The non serviam mentality has filtered down to the actual liturgy of the NOM and most Novus Ordo Catholics don't want to know that stark fact. It's better that way to pretend eveything is hunky dory when in actuality they're hunkering down with the devil.

      "Keep listening and you will hear emphatically that they don't really want to know anything about the true Mass that sustained the saints for centuries. They don't really want to know. In keeping with this trendy ignorance which flourishes in the Novus Ordo (although I don't blame the individuals who are simply doing the best they can with what they are getting from "the church"), we must face the reality that a comfortable mass for a comfort seeking generation has resulted in an overwhelming complacency regarding sin."

    While going about daily business, I occasionally meet some friend or acquaintance from the Novus Ordo parish I used to frequent. Almost always, our conversation turns to the Mass because I either inform them that I now attend the Traditional Roman Rite of the Mass rather than the Novus Ordo, or this is something which they already know but can't quite accept. With few exceptions, the first thing such people utter is total disdain for the Latin language. They can't imagine why anyone would want to hear the Mass in Latin. If they are older folks, they will tell me that they had their fill of the Latin Mass when they were "in grammar school" and that they just "love the Mass in English." One could safely bet that the last time any of these people attended a true Latin Mass was in the neighborhood of 30 years ago. Since that time they have been purposely brainwashed into nothing less than hatred for the Latin language, especially the Latin Mass. But, they do not know why. The only thing they can come up with is that the Mass must be in their own language in order for it to be of value.

    Clearly, being able to "understand" the Mass which, according to the modern concept, must be presented in our mother tongue (whatever that may be), is the most important aspect of "being Catholic" these days. The message we receive from this mindset is that people of our day have no use for that which is beyond their perceived understanding; no use for mystery or the mystical aspect of the Mass; no use for that which is truly transcendent. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking not only permeates the new mass, but has thoroughly penetrated the entire lifeblood of modern Catholicism. God has become a "buddy" on the level of the people. The Mass has become a community gathering where people affirm each other and get their fulfillment from the splendid performances of the choirs, the marvelous, entertaining sermons and the communal interaction of the people present. Stop a handful of such folks after mass and ask them what is the meaning of the Mass, and they will tell you that it is a celebration of the faithful, a community meeting where we agree on a shared faith (whatever that is). This is the "understanding" engendered by the mighty new mass in the language of the people.

    In what other arena, aside from religion, will a foreign language prohibit anyone from gaining admittance to knowledge, philosophy or meaning if they have a desire to acquire it? Try giving a Sunday Missal, wherein the Mass is translated into English alongside the Latin, to someone who is trapped in the Novus Ordo, and they will probably laugh. "You can't seriously expect me to wade through all that in order to get to the meaning of the Mass!" To do so would require time and effort, focus and concentration, all of which have become "anathema" in Catholic circles. "We want celebration! We want entertainment! We want touchy-feely "brotherly love" during the mass. You can't possibly expect us to follow along with a missal….that is so passé."

    Keep listening and you will hear emphatically that they don't really want to know anything about the true Mass that sustained the saints for centuries. They don't really want to know. In keeping with this trendy ignorance which flourishes in the Novus Ordo (although I don't blame the individuals who are simply doing the best they can with what they are getting from "the church"), we must face the reality that a comfortable mass for a comfort seeking generation has resulted in an overwhelming complacency regarding sin.

    In the Traditional Roman Rite of the Mass the priest, at the foot of the altar, bows and prays audibly the Confiteor, confessing publicly his own sinfulness. The priest strikes his breast and asks us to pray for him, while we watch; a humbling thing to be sure, and an action deserving our undivided attention. It never fails to amaze me.

    Despite all the shortcomings and defects within the comfort zone of the Novus Ordo Missae, one can only wonder how many priests might have been saved from the sin of sodomy, which has infected the Novus Ordo to such catastrophic proportions, if the authentic Confiteor had not been expunged from the new mass. How many priests, having fallen, might have been drawn to penance if they had to publicly bow down and admit they were sinners?

    True to the revolutionary nature of the liturgical reform brought about after Vatican II, the "new mass" is getting another "new reform" which means new options are being added, and a few words changed here and there in order to convince the conservatives that the mass will now sound more "Catholic" in some ways. We can see the actual draft translation of the new mass in English at A draft translation of the new Mass in English

    It is reported that this translation is to be more faithful to the original Latin text, and is being circulated among the bishops for their comments. "The new translation has been described as "elegant" by Cardinal George Pell, who is chairman of the Vox Clara Committee - the advisory committee to the Congregation for Divine Worship which advises in the assessment of English translations world-wide."

    The New Order is offended, yes very uncomfortable by the notion that man is sinful or that he has sinful inclinations. It is therefore still optional in the new mass to completely avoid any type of confession of sin. At first glance we might think otherwise when we see on page 2 of the proposed translation that the "act of penitence" involves a period of silence followed by the modern church "formula of general confession," recited aloud by the priest and the entire congregation together, ending with the absolution given by the priest. There is, of course, no mention of any separate Confiteor for the priest and certainly no mention of any bodily gesture signifying humility, such as the bow required in the Traditional Rite of the Mass. Striking the breast and saying "through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault," words which were originally "misplaced" for all these years, are now making a comeback…..sort of. No mea culpas have resulted in plenty of maxima culpas!

    However, moving on to page 3 we are hit in the face with the word "OR," meaning, that the new church will not really require anyone to say, "through my fault." That will be too uncomfortable for many, hence this second option for the "act of penitence" simply requires the priest and the faithful to say 1. Have mercy on us 2. We've sinned against You 3. Show us your mercy 4. Grant us your salvation.

    Don't be surprised when you turn the page and find on page 4 that we are again hit in the face with the word "OR." Actually, the Novus Ordo won't even require anybody to say they've sinned at all. Consider these words, which compose the third and final option for the "act of penitence," each sentence followed by a response from the people akin to a modern form of the Kyrie: "You were sent to heal the contrite of heart," "You came to call sinners" "You are seated at the right hand of the Father to intercede for us."

    Admitting that Christ heals the contrite of heart, that He came to call sinners and that He intercedes for us doesn't in anyway call on the priest or the people to admit they have sinned or that they are sorry, or that they need the assistance of the saints or anyone else to pray for them. Simply calling down God's mercy is not the same as being aware of one's own personal, daily transgressions, and deeply regretting them.

    There we have it in English, right up front and personal so everyone can understand it. In effect, the Novus Ordo Missae allows the priest and all the faithful to begin and end the new mass without ever making a real "act of penitence" if the priest so chooses! Clearly this is as big a loophole as was ever needed by a sinful clergy buried up to their pinkies in sodomy. This is a calm injection of morphine for the New Order, clamoring for more painless "communion" and total tolerance for all, in ENGLISH, please, lest we offend in any way the "dignity of man." Can we really be surprised at the depth to which the Novus Ordo has sunk?

    There was a Novus Ordo priest who dared speak of sin to his congregation one Sunday morning. In order to alleviate all pain he reassured the people that, "It is almost impossible to commit mortal sin." He explained that the qualifiers for mortal sin are: 1. The action has to be gravely sinful 2. The person has to be aware that it is gravely sinful 3. The person has to freely commit the sin. Those qualifiers are all correct, yet, according to this priest, the chances of meeting all three requirements are very slim. Come again? If I hadn't heard this with my own ears I wouldn't believe it. Unfortunately, I was not the only person who did hear it. It's safe to assume that many people present that day walked away from mass believing that they are nearly incapable of committing mortal sin: Father said so. In other words, ignorance is bliss!

    This is such an outrage! It is beyond belief that "good Catholics" are willing to continue to trust those in authority who allow the "mass" to flirtatiously dance at the very brink of hell, encouraging the faithful to go ahead and jump in. It's no secret that far too many "Catholics" today think that as long as they haven't committed murder (that doesn't include abortion, by the way), they are without sin. Nice people don't need confession or acts of penitence. Nice people can get by just fine in a godless society, worshipping mammon with total abandonment, voting for politicians who support the "right" to kill pre-born babies, wallowing in a little internet pornography while no one is watching, dressing like Delilah, and abandoning children and family for the sake of the "environment" or for "economic reasons." Keeping the people comfortably ignorant of the truth seems to be part of the heartless agenda for the New Order.

    Putting together a mass that doesn't require penitence and priests who don't acknowledge the reality of sin is a formula totally opposed to authentic Catholicism. Cardinal Pell's comment that the new translation is "elegant," has nothing to do with theology and nothing whatsoever to do with Catholicism. But it does have everything to do with the new religion coming down the Albert Pikepipes to Catholics who remain falsely assured that a "new springtime" is just around the corner.

    Abbott Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., in his magnificent The Liturgical Year, written in the nineteenth century, warns us of the insidious tapeworm which has so infiltrated the Church:

    They are men whose character is shallowness of mind; they speak their opinions as though they were oracles; they have contracted the flippant effrontery of our age…Instead of revering whatsoever thou [the Church] hast taught regarding thyself and thy rights; instead of revering what thou hast ordained, regulated, and practiced; these Catholics, whose sympathies are all with thine enemies, would have thee conform thy teachings and conduct with the so-called Progress of the times….Thou must no longer exercise the rights given thee by the Son of God over both soul and body; this royalty of thine is out of date, and thou must be satisfied to enjoy the liberty which, in virtue of the law of Progress, is granted alike to error and to truth" (Paschal Time - Book II, p. 165-166).

    This is a portrait of the Novus Ordo; a detailed likeness of what the modern church establishment is doing to Holy Mother the Church. To sit by idly and be "comforted" by the new mass, its new English translation and the new document Redemptionis Sacramentum is to ready oneself for the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion that awaits this convivial admixture of error and truth.

    Thankfully, The Daily Catholic offers each Sunday a series called Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi in which Kevin Tierney breaks down the differences in the Propers between the Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo to show how the latter has omitted or offered 'outs' for those priests who might think they are offending Protestants or making 'too-comfortable Novus Ordo Catholics uncomfortable. In addition, Jacob Michael is preparing a book that will show quite clearly how the Novus Ordo Lectionary has been stripped of nearly all mention of sin, hell and the possibility of damnation, called "Gutting the Gospels." For a sample, you can see a preview at Mangling St. Matthew in a section called "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." You can clearly see what has been extracted from the Gospels so as not to offend sinners. Please!

    The whole mindset of the Novus Ordo is to streamline everything, get in and get out. Come as you are. Can't tell the priest from the rest now days. Everybody participate with some duty to make them feel important, part of the community for that is paramount - "unity of community." Therefore everyone stand. Never mind that bit in Scripture about "every knee shall bend", we're past that medieval thinking! The more ministers of the Eucharist, the better. All those people in the sanctuary - if you can tell the sanctuary these days from the apse - and, for the most part: they haven't got a clue. What is even sadder, they don't want to be given the clue that would answer their questions. It would force them to do what Traditional Catholics have done: Exit their comfort zone in the New Order and flee to the only safe harbor of Truth and Substance, the immemorial Apostolic Mass of Tradition. Considering that their eternal souls are at stake, do you think that would be too much to ask of them?

    Somehow, because they are given so many options in the Novus Ordo I get the impression that when it comes time for their Particular Judgment they think they'll still have the option to choose Heaven OR hell. Won't that be a shock to their system when they realize free will only counts while they are living and breathing. Father so-and-so won't be standing with them telling them it is okay to continue sinning, God won't mind. Oh yes He does! He minds greatly. If He didn't, why would He have created hell and why give us the Ten Commandments? More importantly, why would He have sent His only-begotten Son to suffer and die for us, and establish the New Jerusalem - Holy Mother Church strengthened by Divine Revelation and sacramental grace if He didn't 'mind'? Why would Christ have spoken sixteen times in the Gospels on hell if it wasn't important, if it wasn't dangerous...if He didn't love us?

    Yes, Virginia, there is a hell. I pray our dear Novus Ordo Catholic friends wake up soon and realize that by dabbling in the New Order they are playing fast and loose with their eternal salvation. It is time for every Novus Ordo Catholic to take accountability before God and not hide behind 'Father said it was okay.' While they can, they still have the opportunity and grace to walk away from the New Order. My advice, choose wisely and do it now before they really get burned!

Catharine Lamb

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    May 1, 2004
    vol 15, no. 122