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May 18, 2004
vol 15, no. 137

Frauds of the Faith

Senator John KerryGovernor Jennifer GranholmGovernor Kathleen Sebelius Senator Dick Durbin 'Catholic' Politicians are satan's helpers and the Bishops are only enabling both groups for they have all placed their trust in mammon! They have sold out to the mark of the beast and are therefore Frauds of the Faith!

    "These cowards and frauds have opted to win the votes of man over those of God. Instead of trusting in The Almighty's Providence and Guidance to help them serve people while serving God, they have answered the phone of secular, non-religious forces. Instead of accepting the endorsement of The Creator and the contribution of His Divine Blessing, they have opted for the support and financial help of demonic and evil groups."

    This article is not about any Catholic politician who bravely and nobly stands up for his or her faith and moral beliefs and performs his or her duties accordingly. It is about those so-called "Catholic" frauds who offend God, mock their Faith, and insult our intelligence by pretending that they can wear two hats, one for home use and the other when legislating. Typically these liars tell us that they personally believe certain things but do not believe that it is right to enforce those views on others.

    This trash is an offshoot of the more general concoction called Separation of Church and State. This Separation business was created by radical, liberal judges carving their beliefs unto interpretations of law and cases and thus cutting their own path of what are the correct social, political, and even moral paths for this nation. These political and moral frauds are truly the point of the knife with which Satan seeks to murder the Catholic faith in particular and Christianity in general.

    Unfortunately, the Protestant ethics of the founding fathers laid the groundwork for interpretations of the law to be diluted and corrupted because they, too, rejected the kingdom of Christ as the only pure government system.

The Usual Suspects

    John Kerry is currently the poster-boy for this vile collection of cowards and liars, but he is far from being the only one. Typically, these people tend to support liberal, Democratic, feminist, Pro-Abort, homosexual, secular, modernist, and anti-religious agendas, all in the guise of "respecting choice and other viewpoints".

    Jennifer Granholm, the Governor of Michigan, claims to be a good Catholic while being one of the strongest defenders of extreme Pro-abortion positions and vetoing any attempts to ban Partial-Birth Abortions. Michigan Right To Life President Barbara Listing has said, "Ms. Granholm has shown that she will defend every abortion, no matter how cruel, senseless, or trivial". Given the hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from powerful Pro-abortion lobbies and groups that she has accepted, one can see why Granholm is "proud" of her two-faced positions on abortion, calling this disparity "the beauty of being pro-choice". The American Life League reports that Granholm has been a Eucharistic Minister and believes that politicians like herself can receive Communion with no problem. Leaving aside the validity of the Novus Ordo Rite for now, and given St. Paul's' teachings on the unworthy reception of The Eucharist and The Real Presence, what exactly does this woman think she means when she says, "The Body of Christ"?

    Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas, and Dick Durbin, Senator from Illinois, are likewise Pro-Abort politicians who claim to be Catholics. The American Life League and others have described Sebelius as "extremely pro-abortion". She routinely asks God to grant her the wisdom to make good choices and to continue to bless her state, but it is obviously clear from her advocating the murder of His unborn children that she has not listened to His answers and advice! In addition to being a Pro-Abort, Durbin believes in married priests and a female priesthood. He believes that it is a mistake to demand that Catholic politicians follow Church teaching because such positions would diminish the role of Catholic politicians in a very diverse society. Oh, he's a perfect candidate for Voice of the Faithful (that's a joke: faithful) and Call To Action which is by and large being swallowed up by the former in the morphing into a new organization. It may be a lizard with different spots, but it is still the same slimy reptile. And what are these sorry serpents afraid of? Losing elections. And they fear that living their faith fully may lead to not being re-elected. It may very well be that way, but have they also thought of not being admitted into the Heavenly Congress when their time comes? Now there's a resolution to mull over.

    To these lesser known we, of course, add Kerry, who flouts his Catholic label while mocking everything Catholic, who arrogantly and insolently declares that he need not subscribe his conduct to any Church dictates, and who uses his so-called faith as a political tool rather than as any real spiritual belief. His followers dominated the recent March for Murder in Washington, and he has spoken at Pro-Abort rallies and gatherings to a level not even Bill Clinton reached. All of this from a so-called practicing Catholic!

The Real Standard

    These frauds of the faith claim to be reaching out to diversity and tolerance in a society of multiple views and beliefs, but their claims are so much rubbish amid the real standard for their behavior. Simply put, these people have made the personal judgment that the Catholic Faith is a buffet-style, cafeteria-type, belief menu wherein one can pick and choose what one believes or will follow and what does not suit one's taste. Like many Catholics of today, these men and women think that they are authorized to decide what they will and will not follow. Theirs is a relativist, modernist, secular, feminist, sodomite lobby brand of Catholicism, and if they were not politicians they would be just like many Catholics who abort, use contraception, divorce and remarry, receive The Eucharist in any moral state, and attend mass whenever they wish while calling themselves "good, practicing Catholics".

    The problem here, however, is that these people are not like plain, everyday Catholics. Their jobs place them in the public eye, and their actions and words carry much more weight with mindless souls who follow such things and confused minds looking for direction. Their responsibility for their actions is thus much greater than that of regular people whose judgments, decisions, and conduct may affect one of only a few others. Their example can save, or lose, countless souls in a single swipe. Like the clergy and religious, their example can be far-reaching. Given the noble opportunity of integrating morality, religious conviction, and political service, these people have taken the easy way out by dumping the first two to serve the third.

    These cowards and frauds have opted to win the votes of man over those of God. Instead of trusting in The Almighty's Providence and Guidance to help them serve people while serving God, they have answered the phone of secular, non-religious forces. Instead of accepting the endorsement of The Creator and the contribution of His Divine Blessing, they have opted for the support and financial help of demonic and evil groups.

    Instead of allowing themselves to be used by God as tools for moral good, they have surrendered themselves to special interests and are now beholden to evil and immoral motives. Their standard is not God, but man, and they have cast their lot in the temporal election of this earth at the expense of the eternal election of the hereafter. Will God have mercy and pity on they who have refused to give it to innocent babies in the womb!?!

The Ultimate Fault

    The responsibility for this state of affairs rests, as it often does, at the feet of the clergy who refuse to enforce God's Law and Word for fear of reproach or disdain of men. Burdened by the slanders of corruption and immorality facing the clergy, these lost shepherds have lost their trust in God and their conviction in the morally absolute rights that they have been blessed to uphold. As is often the case in this New Order of Disorder, these clergy and other religious have themselves given in to all manner of foul practices and beliefs that scandalize above and beyond what the laity can do because, again, they are supposed to be models and examples of behavior. So, in the end, the fault lies with both the clergy who fail to enforce and the politicians who fail to endorse the Word of God in a society that has grown illiterate to that Word through misuse, abuse, and ignorance.

    The reluctance for discipline and striving towards sanctity has resulted in too many bishops who turn a deaf ear to Catholics entreating them to properly use their authority to rein in these persistent sinners. For some reason, I do believe the men will be separated from the boys over this issue this year as the bishops form two camps I also think there will be more bishops following the courageous example of Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs in holding not only politicians accountable, but voters as well. It is part and parcel of Catholicism to love our neighbor which means to help our neighbor escape sin. One can sin in many ways, not just by commission but by omission as well as thought and participation or enabling someone to sin. We are called to love the sinner, but call out his sin and seek ways of stopping sin if it means chastising the sinner himself. Those who have the authority to punish have been too tolerant, only allowing sin to fester and spread further. It is time to lay down the law and follow-up uncompromisingly. Politics be damned!

The Forgotten Model

    Was it not our dear Saint Thomas Beckett who provided us with the perfect example of how to perform in government and clerical services while upholding the Truths of The Faith? Did this Bishop of Canterbury not stand up to corruption, immorality, relativism, rationalizations, spin, political rubbish, and all other types of evil that dared to approach him? Could he not have taken the easy way out and just "respected diverse views" to conceal fear, uncertainty, or retribution? NO! He faced the elimination of all earthly position and honor to uphold all Heavenly truth and good. He did not succumb to the pressures of political issues, power struggles, legislative convenience, or insolent government! In the end, this 'Lion of Winter' gave up his life for his beliefs and his convictions, not just some flimsy post or title!

    The cowardice and obsession with acceptance, power, influence, title, and all otherworldly treasures that began with JFK was not blown away on the streets of Dallas. No, it is alive and well and living in the dark minds and lost souls of these politicians and clergy who defame, slander, libel, and stain the Catholic Faith with their grasp already soiled as it is by the ink of convenience and the blood of innocents. Yes, these are the residents of the place where hell meets earth, and their responsibility for this violation of Heaven's zoning laws will surely someday be accounted for. In the meantime, these frauds of the Faith continue to nauseate any true Catholic with their vile babble and insolent tripe! May God guide them to find the Beckett hidden somewhere in their conscience before it is too late!

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: We are pleased to announce Gabriel Garnica will be contributing many articles in 2004. Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, will submit regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes will be music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    May 18, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 137