March 9, 2004
volume 15, no. 69

The Scarlet Sell-out of Souls!

Cardinal Egan and the Sale of Saint Ann's Church

Loyal Armenian Catholics and sympathetic Traditional Catholics stand bravely before the bulldozing Cardinal Edward Egan in desperately trying to save one of the most beautiful and significant churches in America from being destroyed so another Trump Tower-type building can soar into the skyline. The Archbishop of New York is willing to trade his soul and the souls of many faithful for the blood money of betrayal in order to enable another Tower of Babel to cover up more sins. Truly a scandal! Who do we have to thank for this? Why, the man who appointed Egan to the New York See: John Paul II!

    "His Eminence doesn't seem to care what will become of the loyal Catholics of the Armenian rite. Evidently he did not have all of these things in mind necessarily, but here is a summary of what can be construed from this watershed event:
      1. Saint Annís is being sold to provide monies for the archdiocese to pay its sexual perversion lawsuits.

      2. A church of great beauty is about to be destroyed.

      3. The Armenian-rite Catholic Church in the US and its bishop have been severely disrespected.

      4. The souls in Purgatory will suffer as a consequence of the loss of the privileged altar."

   First, a little background. After you have read this article, please go to Save St. Ann's Church. The lovely church we speak of is dedicated to Saint Ann, mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Ann was a saint that godly people look to when thinking of marriage, something so needed in this day and age. Saint Annís Church in New York City is used by Armenian-rite Catholics in the United States as their cathedral, but has been put up for sale by Cardinal Edward M. Egan.

   This was done in part to pay for sex abuse lawsuits against the Archdiocese of New York, to provide severance pay and benefits for offending ex-archdiocesan priests, and to establish funds for the training of 25,000 parishioners to be sex-abuse "spotters" - Egan's Gestapo, if you will. In other words, not one penny for the spiritual welfare of souls. Typical of the Vatican II church and the barren fruits it has wrought.

   The church of St. Ann sits on prime Manhattan real estate which is currently estimated to be worth $15 million. Itís structure was completed in 1870, and by a papal prescript from Pope Pius XI on August 26, 1929, St. Annís became "The American National Shrine of the Motherhood of Saint Ann, and the Primary Church in the United States for the Archconfraternity of the Motherhood of Saint Ann."

   St. Annís main altar is one of only five "privileged altars" in the United States, at which a plenary indulgence is granted to a soul in Purgatory whenever Holy Mass is said. In 1983 St. Annís became the permanent seat, or headquarters, of the Armenian-rite Catholic Church, though the church itself is owned by the Archdiocese of New York.

   Cardinal Edward Egan was installed by Pope John Paul II as archbishop of New York following the death of Cardinal John OíConnor. What is most ironic is that Egan recently hosted the annual Manhattan dinner in honor of the first Catholic presidential candidate, Al Smith (Democrat, 1928). That was back when Democrats adhered to Catholic social principles. The irony is that Al Smithís parish during much of his political career was Saint Annís, which Cardinal Egan is selling. Smith, dubbed "The Happy Warrior," lost the 1928 election to Herbert Hoover largely because of anti-Catholicism from Protestants who spread fear that the U.S. would become a "papist state." Another irony is that it is anti-Catholicism again that has raised its ugly head to close down Smith's beloved church; this time however the anti-Catholicism is coming from the Modernist bureaucrats within the Archdiocese of New York, specifically one Cardinal Edward M. Egan.

   Further compounding the puzzle is that His Eminence Cardinal Egan is also a Canon lawyer, yet Canon Law makes no provision for the sale of sacred ground such as that of Saint Annís church. Exarch Manuel Batakian, a bishop who is the head of the Armenian-rite Catholic Church in the US, a rite of our Universal Church, implored Egan thrice to renew the arrangement that Armenian-rite Catholics have had, with the blessings of Cardinal Terence Cooke and Cardinal OíConnor, for the use of Saint Annís as their cathedral and US headquarters, but His Eminence denied Exarch Batakian three times. Someone else, if I recall, denied someone thrice.

   And before the cock crowed, Egan called those parishioners who objected to the sale of the church "nuts." His Eminenceís commissar in charge of gutting and vending church properties, Bishop Timothy McDonnell, explains that the real estate listing of this cathedral and the eviction of Bishop Batakian represents a "streamlining" and renewal of church resources in accord with Vatican II protocols. Again, never mind the spiritual welfare of souls either in the Church Militant or the Church Suffering, as I will explain later on in this article.

   Archdiocesan spokesman Joe Zwilling (his phone number is 212-371-1000 if you would like to chat) said that "It was a decision of the Armenians to move", which is technically correct, because they and their bishop had been given an eviction notice. Kind of like rationalizing that the Christians were mauled by the lions in the Colosseum because well, they were there, or, in more modern terms since the early Christians and so much more has been relegated to the dustbin by the New Order, it depends on the meaning of what 'is' is, or even more recently, "it is as it was."

   Sadly it is not as it was for parishioners of St. Ann's for His Eminence doesn't seem to care what will become of the loyal Catholics of the Armenian rite. Evidently he did not have all of these things in mind necessarily, but here is a summary of what can be construed from this watershed event:

    1. Saint Annís is being sold to provide monies for the archdiocese to pay its sexual perversion lawsuits.

    2. A church of great beauty is about to be destroyed.

    3. The Armenian-rite Catholic Church in the US and its bishop have been severely disrespected.

    4. The souls in Purgatory will suffer as a consequence of the loss of the privileged altar.

Let us go through each point in detail.

1. Selling of church properties to pay for sexual perversity

   Sexual perversion, the molestation of Catholic girls and boys, was almost unheard of before the Vatican II Accords, but has skyrocketed during the years of the Council and beyond. Recent graphs provided by the US Bishops and The Bennett Report released last week omitted the number of molestations that occurred in the 1950ís, which were very low compared to the huge number of holy priests and religious at the time. If the graph had shown the whole story, the molestation curve would be very low during the 1950ís and before, with a sharp upstroke beginning in the early 1960ís at the opening of the Council. The graph as it is given shows a maximum plateau extending throughout the 1970ís and 1980ís and a downturn in 1990 and beyond.

   However, what they have not taken into account and will eventually have to account for are those unaccounted for in recent times. Those children molested in the 1990ís and 2000ís are either still children or are young adults, and many have most likely not yet come forward with their stories. In the coming decades their numbers will be added to the graph for the 1990ís and 2000ís.

   With the ushering in of the Vatican II spirit came a new permissiveness Ė I think everyone can agree on this. In fact this spirit suddenly changed the whole world. It is an all-inclusive spirit and we are not talking of the Holy Spirit here, dear friends. No, this spirit is one that is tolerant of sodomites (those who actually engage in forbidden sexual acts), that is loving and accepting them for what they are, condoning the sin while ignoring the spiritual needs of the sinner. In actuality, true Church teaching tells us that we should love everyone, and that those who are homosexually oriented can be as holy as anyone else. But what is quite wrong, not to be tolerated, is the act of sodomy, the sin of Sodom, which the Bible tells us is an abomination. The men of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and sulfur for having tried to force this act upon holy angels. So also history is repeating.

  Beginning in the 1960ís, many sodomites, which were less accepted then for what they are, found refuge in church work because of the permissive spirit, the smoke of satan as Pope Paul VI called it, and recent figures suggest that up to 10% of Vatican II priests have been accused of molestation, mostly against boys, so far. Of course, we should not forget that the majority of priests really are trying to be holy and righteous, striving to do what is good for their flock. But they, as so many of the laity have been lied to and used by a wicked hierarchy.

   Yes, there has undoubtedly been an upstroke in problems occurring since the Church decided in the 1960ís to adopt the philosophy of the modern world. And we are paying for it now Ė basically every diocese in the US has been touched by large-scale perversion. It is a great crime; as the Lord said: "If anyone would hurt one of these little ones of Mine, it would be better if he had not been born." The ultimate punishment for this offence is spiritual, but presently it is temporal as well: parishioners are withholding tithes and victims are suing the Church for big money. Some bishops are being accused themselves of molestation and other crimes; one for example for mowing down an unsuspecting soul with his car and then trying to cover it up. Bishop Thomas O'Brien is now awaiting sentencing to prison, the first bishop to ever be convicted. Many are praying he will not be the last for many should be behind bars and not in the pulpit. At least in prison they cannot poison souls and would have time to reflect on their offenses against God.

   We have seen the slew of bishops resigning in disgrace over sexual perversion and cover-up and there will be many more as the facts surface. And yet, rather than emulating the Ninivites and putting on sackcloth and ashes to truly repent, the response of most of the bishoprics, especially in New York and Boston, to these temporal unpleasantries has been to sell Church properties and treasures, the holy things dedicated to God. It is their chosen method to pay the costs of the dalliances with the devil. This is a business or corporate decision, certainly not a spiritual decision. The holy spiritual decision can never be to close churches and leave the Faithful marooned and stranded, because the primary goal of good priests and religious, and the Hierarchy, is the salvation of souls. That, as we can clearly see in the actions of the ordinaries, especially Cardinal Egan, has been abandoned to save their own skin. A note to His Eminence: skin will disintegrate, but the soul lives forever either in Heaven or hell.

2. A church of great beauty is about to be destroyed

   Our ancestors, the Catholic laypeople of earlier times, paid with much sweat and blood to build, adorn, and maintain their churches for the glory of God and the salvation of their souls and that of their successors. I daresay the souls of many of them are likely Heaven-bound. Contrarily, we know that a major theme of Vatican II is that the triumphal nature of the Universal Church is to be toned down, its glorious nature is to be tamed, and we are not to call excessive attention to our Faith.

   Thus has been advanced the Calvinistic ideals that plainer buildings, such as the Puritans possessed, should be the norm, thereby freeing our minds of untoward religious clutter, and allowing more time to focus on assisting the world with the secularist causes of human rights, social justice, and the erection of an International Criminal Court. Yes iconoclasm lives in the 21st Century. The instruction manuals made by committee in the late 1960ís and early 1970ís for implementing Vatican II doctrine clearly state that the time for vibrant religiosity has ended, that rather, modern Roman Catholic churches should be plain barnlike buildings without fanciness or show, so that the poor and members of other world religions are not offended, and so that more money will be available to spend on human rights and social justice issues. And so it has been done. Hence, in this sense Cardinal Egan cannot be blamed for selling the church Ė he is merely enforcing the Vatican II edicts and directives to remove the beautiful and erect the banal; he is, in his own warped way of thinking, only being a good pastor.

   The systematic destruction of ancient churches, customs, and practices was agreed upon by many of the Council Fathers in order to modernize the Church and bring it in line and up to date with the modern worldís view of what is right and good. All part of the idealistic aggiornamento of Pope John XXIII. The thinking of these liberal Fathers was that intransigence to change has led to conflict between peoples, and that there was just too much intolerance in the world, which has led to wars and injustices. Making the Church more flexible to modern themes, so the theory goes, will lead eventually to world peace and a modern utopia, a heavenly nirvana on earth. This has been the maddening hell's-bells approach of John Paul II throughout his failed 25-year papacy where today all is crumbling around him on the sands of humanism and ecumenism.

   And many, many bishops and pastors have blindly followed the Holy Father in rote, trying desperately to clean up messes that only mess things up worse just as Christ railed at the Pharisees in Chapter 23: 15, "Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you traverse sea and land to make one convert; and when he has become one you make him twofold more of a son of hell than yourselves." Regardless of Our Lord's stinging words, the modern Pharisees of the church implemented this process since 1965 and perpetuate it to this very day. They have gutted the beautiful churches and cathedrals, and razed others, in order to make way for banality, ecclesiastical ugliness, and architectural nightmare.

   And one wonders how satan penetrated the sanctuary? Rock music concerts are provided for Catholic youth, and their religious instruction consists primarily of pondering the meaning of intolerance. This has led to a generation of parishioners who do not know their Faith and do not know what is being taken from them. In terms of Vatican II theology, glory and triumphalism is a thing of the past. We are told not to listen or heed the wisdom of past Roman Pontiffs, for after all, they are "dead popes." What they decreed was pre-Vatican II; the future belongs to the ugly and banal.

   In actuality these modern theologians are correct, though in a different way than they imagine. I can tell you that the world will indeed become more and more ugly, with occasional recession, right up until the end of time. Just before Christ returns the world will be at its ugliest; it will arrive at the pinnacle of human rights and social justice causes - an earthly utopia will seemingly be at hand. Antichrist and his followers will revel in the glory of secular humanism which has been established; they will genuflect at the triumph of the human spirit, and with utter pride, their father the devil will look approvingly on the monument that Man has built for himself. The glory of God will be no more, the power of the holy people will be finally broken; there will be no more sanctuaries, no more beauty. Death will reign, light will grow dim, destruction will be everywhere, though hidden from the eyes of many. There will be the Final Battle, and then Christ will come with the clouds of Heaven, in blinding light and with a sword and "The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all scandals and those who work iniquity, and cast them into the furnace of fire, where there will be the weeping, and gnashing of teeth. Then the just will shine forth like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to hear, let him hear" (Matthew 13: 41-43). Are you listening, your Eminence?

3. Armenian-rite Catholic Church in the US

   The Armenians have suffered greatly during large portions of their history. There was the holocaust that killed 2 million of them at the hands of Muslims during the early 1900ís. Few have heard of this holocaust since the Zionist mantra is that only Jews have the right to claim being a victim of the holocaust. The Armenians were sacrificed long before Auschwitz was ever built. This was a physical genocide, which shows what happens when tolerance is practiced so that Muslims gain control over a Christian people. The same has more recently occurred in Sudan, where 2 million Black Africans were murdered by Arab Muslims in the last two decades, and the same will happen soon in France and the Netherlands, where stealthy Islamic takeovers of the European governments, through population increases and terrorism, are nearing completion.

  But I digress. Armenian-rite Catholics in America spent a lot of their hard-earned funds (over a half million dollars) for improvements at Saint Annís Church, the interior of which had become warn over the many years since it was built. The expenditure was minimized by the fact that devoted Ecuadorians, who also use the church, provided much of the labor at reduced cost. I have heard the Traditional Mass said in this church once, a few years ago Ė and I can tell you that it the most lovely church I have been in within the US. See the photo above and at Save St. Ann's. The altar is so ornate, one thinks immediately of Heaven, of God, as one should. Surely, the structures in Heaven must really be like that. The white marble is just a fabric of exquisitely intricate carvings far too glorious for a modern Vatican II church or mind.

   But this is now - a time when the banal predominates, and the construction of St. Annís was then - when men committed their minds to Heaven and the pleasing of God. I am sorry to report that we will never duplicate what the holy souls of that period built for the glory of God and His Church, because the spirits are different now, the evil ones predominate, sin is glorified, and it even embeds our psyche. Yet wisely, the Armenians have protected and restored this heritage of glory during the past decade or so. Unlike your average Modern Roman Rite Vatican II Catholic, they revere the ancestral tradition, the timeless Church, unchanging since Christ. They would not willingly destroy their church or leave it, which would be a spiritual genocide, because they know that a glorious church is truly a house of God, and He wishes to be glorified. And this will surely be credited to those venerable parishioners as righteousness.

   On the other hand, the eviction by Cardinal Egan of a brother bishop from his US headquarters, and the forcible removal of him and his parishioners from their lovely place of worship, is dually noted before God. Before the Judgement Seat at the end of all things, in front of all peoples from all times, Cardinal Egan will hasten to explain to the Righteous Judge: "It was Vatican II doctrine that did it!" after which he will be allotted his eternal reward. There are no excuses when one stands before the Omniscient Judge. All will be revealed.

   Some will say, "it's only a building." That is the common rationale of those who have been so dumbed-down in their Faith. Yes, it is only a building, but a building that is not man's but God's. It is a house which has edified souls for 130 years. Indeed, I would venture to say many found salvation here and it sustained them through their darkest times so that, thanks to the totally Catholic atmosphere they stayed on the narrow path that led to Heaven. But few there are who go straight to Heaven for we must be completely purified before we enter into the presence of the Beatific Vision.

4. The souls in Purgatory suffer all the more.

  That brings me to my final point. Many Roman Catholics today, in response to the Vatican II directives, have either never heard of Purgatory or they have been taught it no longer exists. I know this from personal experience with Vatican II Catholics. They either think it was a pre-Vatican II tool for scaring people that is currently obsolete (since all are now thought to go to Heaven as long as they promote tolerance and social justice) or they have no knowledge of it. If this is the feeling of the Hierarchy too, then I would like to propose the calling of a Vatican III Council. The purpose of this Council would be to completely remove all offending practices in Catholicism; especially, to eliminate Purgatory and other pre-Vatican II tenets of the Faith.

   Just get it out in the open. Either one is Catholic or is not. One either believes in the Nicene Creed or one doesn't. If one doesn't, they are not Catholic. Period. Dear readers, and dear bishops especially, we need to be clear about these things. What is the Vatican II faith destined to evolve into? If the thinking is now completely in line with secular humanism, then please say so succinctly. If there is no longer a need for Purgatory because it was pre-Vatican II, then there should also no longer be a need for Confession, we should embrace divorce (call it annulment if you will), church attendance should be optional, and issues of human rights and social justice should entirely supplant God and the salvation of souls.

   But if this is not the case, then what about the rights of those suffering souls in Purgatory? Donít they have a right to help and assistance? But the privileged altar at St. Annís church is in the process of being desacralized, and merits and graces from God that could be applied from it to the Church Suffering will be lost forever. I guess Cardinal Egan has no concern for those souls languishing in this realm of unspeakable suffering, denied for an indeterminable time the reunion with God. I fear their wait will be longer thanks to the Archbishop of New York's dastardly deed.

   On a more temporal level, I wonder what will become of the beautiful and ancient marble that was used to construct this altar. If Cardinal Egan would really like to make some money for his archdiocese, perhaps he should have the marble cut into small paperweight cubes, fancy pen holders, ashtrays, and cheese cutting boards to be sold by street peddlers as mementos of the church. Or he could employ the 25,000 he is recruiting to ferret out the "sex offenders" - the Egan Gestapo. A little medallion could be stuck in each artifact, containing a Vatican II insignia, some words from the Council documents, a sketch of holy souls in Purgatory being burned up by flames, and perhaps Pope Paul VIís saying: "The smoke of satan has entered the Church".

   Yes dear reader, Purgatory just doesnít seem to matter anymore, it is never mentioned, though I would wager that most every Vatican II bishop and priest utters one of the following phrases at least once a month during sermons: "human rights", "social justice", "Archbishop Desmond TuTu", or "Dr ML King". Some I know of, apparently utter all four phrases multiple times during most every sermon. Oh, and don't forget those all-important issues such as land-mines and abandoning the death penalty for convicted felons who deserve capital punishment as the Church has always taught until the revolution of the sixties. You'll note the hideous sin of abortion and vile sin of sodomy, even the widespread sins of adultery, pornography, obscenities and the Eight Commandment are hardly ever mentioned anymore.

   As an aside, let me mention that during the octave of All Soulís Day a few years back, I explained to the corner Vatican II parish pastor that my mother and I were doing the once daily visit to a cemetery, church, and recitation of prayers to try to gain the plenary indulgence for the holy souls in Purgatory. This was the reason why we had been praying in his church after hours. Well he looked at me strangely and most likely he did not understand what in the world I was talking about. Or perhaps he was thinking, like Cardinal Egan, "this guy is nuts."

   What we need, dear readers, are more "nuts" to stand up to the outright stealing the Faithfuls' church, indeed God's House from them and from God Himself. While the persecuted Armenians strive to uphold the First Commandment, you would do well, your Eminence, to remember the Seventh Commandment, your Eminence, for you are stealing not only a building, but stealing souls away from God just as so many of your cohorts in black, purple, scarlet and, yes even a few in white have done and continue to do. Be forewarned, these sins will come back to haunt you.

   One final thought for Cardinal Egan and every other priest, bishop, cardinal and the Pope to think about. If you all continue this destruction of all that is holy, who, praytell, if you do gain the graces of Purgatory, will pray for you?

      In salutŠri tuo Šnima mea,
      My soul is in Thy salvation.
    March 9, 2004
    volume 15, no. 69


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