CATHARINE LAMB's Shears and Tears of a Lamb (mar6lam.htm)

March 6, 2004
vol 15, no. 66

Wake Up! It's Mourning Time!

Those who slumber in sin will be in for a rude awakening!

    "This is not a matter of simply refusing Holy Communion to a pro-abort politician, an action some bishops said they will take if necessary. This is highly publicized first degree murder in the planning stages, and John Kerry intends to carry it out while the hierarchy of the Catholic Church stands by as witness without opposing it at all."

"Never send to ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

   I am reminded of these famous words from the pen of 16th century English poet John Donne, when I consider the mournful state of affairs within the Catholic Church on this day. Indeed, the bell tolls, and Catholics everywhere should be in mourning.

   In these great United States of America, the democratic candidate most likely to run for the Presidency of this country, who openly proclaims himself 'Catholic,' has publicly announced that his first executive order, if he should be elected President, would be to reinstate federal funding of abortion on a global scale. John Kerry is in hope that your vote will allow him to "Reverse the Mexico City policy on the gag rule so that we take a responsible position globally on family planning" (CNN/Los Angeles Times). For those who aren't aware, Ronald Reagan's "Mexico City Policy" which was reinstated by President George W. Bush, requires that non-governmental organizations receiving federal funds neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.

   If John Kerry gets his way, the first thing he'll do is overturn this policy and bring free abortion to the door step of every nation, thereby forcing the United States to take responsibility for killing as many unborn children as possible during his tenure as President.

   Such an announcement from a Presidential hopeful is surely sufficient reason for excommunication from the Catholic Church, despite the fact that his pro-abortion voting record should have been sufficient in itself. Today, we have heard it with our own ears, we have seen it with our own eyes: this is not a matter of the man's past, but a blatant plan encompassing his hoped for future involving this country and all the nations of the world! The man is looking forward to wielding the pen that will allow the slaughter of more innocents.

   Where is the outcry from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops? Where is his ordinary Archbishop Sean O'Malley? They are all too wrapped up in their own sex scandal to bother with this issue. They are too concerned with playing politics surrounding Haitian refugees, insisting that the United States must secure protection for anyone fleeing Haiti, and insisting on "opposition to the possible use of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base to house refugees, saying "the prison-like atmosphere would only exacerbate any trauma these refugees have experienced" (all agendas at

   But what of the hoped for womb-carving campaign that will be greeting the refugees if John Kerry becomes President? Even if the bishops' conference has something to say about abortion, such as a recent press release regarding Roe v. Wade by Director of Planning and Information for the Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, (USCCB), you can see by visiting their website that abortion as MORTAL SIN isn't even part of their vocabulary. They are not about relentlessly proclaiming the truth, but about being politically correct.

   We have seen what The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops can do if they get really psyched up about something. Recently the bishops became so freaked out about the release of Mel Gibson's movie, 'The Passion of the Christ,' that they took the time to release a collection of key documents of Catholic teaching on the Church's relationship to the Jews and its opposition to anti-Semitism. The bishops didn't want anybody associating them with any possible anti-Semitism that might possibly crop up, even in the remotest corner of the world, as a result of someone seeing this movie and thinking it was okay by the Catholic Church to persecute Jews. But, they will stand by quietly and allow "Catholic" John Kerry to tell the world that he plans to be first at bat when it comes to helping kill unborn children, Jewish or not, it really doesn't matter.

   This is not a matter of simply refusing Holy Communion to a pro-abort politician, an action some bishops said they will take if necessary. This is highly publicized first degree murder in the planning stages, and John Kerry intends to carry it out while the hierarchy of the Catholic Church stands by as witness without opposing it at all.

   We know something of what is important to the hierarchy of the New Order church in this country. They are very much concerned at the moment with distancing themselves from that bad boy Mel Gibson, insisting that he is not in communion with Rome, not associated with the true Roman Catholic Church. They will trip all over themselves to make it clear that there is no such thing as "the traditional Catholic movement" and although people who attend the Latin Mass at private chapels may be very nice folks they "aren't really Catholic." Cardinal Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has recently made such statements (see Michael Cain's editorial, Turn the mirage into a Miracle! ), but Mahony is not alone in this campaign. I have heard the same thing from even the most "conservative" bishops whenever they are faced with questions regarding traditional Catholics. Which gutsy bishop will be the first to articulate as vehemently that John Kerry is not a true Catholic, that he is not in communion with Rome, or call for an urgent meeting with the Pope to consider Kerry's excommunication? Alas, John Kerry has accepted that Vatican II is faultless, the key ingredient for "unity" with the Catholic Church. Do you hear the bell tolling?

   I pray that Catholics who live anywhere near the churches where John Kerry will undoubtedly be attending Mass during his campaign (in order to promote himself as 'Catholic'), WILL have the courage to take up the Rosary on their knees outside these churches to wage war against the evil that has gotten such a tight clutch on Mr. Kerry. God still works miracles and awaits the conversion of even the hardest soul. For our part, we cannot remain silent while the ordained refuse to take up the battle.

   On this day, Catholics are faced with the mutilated, rotting corpse of Christianity that is being propped up by the New Order agenda. The stench is sickening! Who can stand any longer to make excuses for such a hierarchy and stand in union with them? Who, in good conscience, can prolong the necessary step of taking up the flag of the counter-revolution to bring Holy Mother the Church into the limelight of her true glory and mission, true to the past teachings of the Apostles, popes, saints and martyrs who faithfully took up the cross of Christ? If you are a Catholic, you must listen carefully, THE BELL TOLLS!

Catharine Lamb

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    March 6, 2004
    vol 15, no. 66