GABRIEL'S CLARION (mar6gab.htm)

March 6, 2004
vol 15, no. 66

An Eye for all eyes

The Beam of the Cross has Beamed in on Very Different Eyes leaving no sliver of doubt as to their purpose

While each person visually sees through their eyes, to really comprehend the will of God we need to see through the eyes of our souls which mirror God's Eye and His plan for each of us. The Eye of God is reflected in the Eye of the renowned Mother of Perpetual Help Icon, the very eye Mel Gibson chose as the symbol for his film company Icon Films. But there are two other eyes who are trying to blind the public. Never mind that these two other "Eyes" have so many beams in their own corrupted corneas, to them it doesn't matter that they have been responsible for the damnation of so many pupils of pulp fiction. That is the way evil sees and conquers. But God knows all and sees all!

    "Yes, 'The Passion' and its message have reminded us of God's Eye and, in this revelation, have exposed the other two eyes, which we should have known have been around for quite some time doing so much damage. Those other two hateful eyes are the collective eyes of a secular, disrespectful, mocking media and mammon. We recall Christ's call that we remove the plank from our eye before we see the speck in our brother's eye. We also recall the phrase 'eye for an eye' and the suggestion that we symbolically remove our eye if that is what is preventing us from reaching God. If our eyes do not help us see and reach God, what is their purpose? They are but mere ornaments and glass eyes hiding emptiness!"

    You may recall that the symbol of Mel Gibson's motion picture company, Icon, is an eye. The eye is the Blessed Mother Mary's eye from the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

    The furor over his motion picture has, however, revealed two other different eyes in this society, yet similar in purpose: destruction of the soul. The Eye of God sees this and raises up great men in times of destitution to help the masses see. So also He has done so in our times with Gibson who has chosen the eye of the Icon for it was the Almighty Who, for all time, chose and created the Immaculate Virgin Mary to be the Holy Tabernacle to hold so precious His only-begotten Son, Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity. Through Mary's fiat, which must also be ours, we see in her eye this humility reflecting the omniscient goodness in God's Eye, which needs to be present in all we do. It stands for accountability, for respect, for love, for faith, for sacrifice, for mercy, for forgiveness, and for salvation. Our Lady, as Co-Redemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix of all graces, so perfectly represents the will of the Almighty Eye.

    There are two other eyes which are very different. They represent non-accountability, disrespect, hate, disbelief, selfishness, viciousness, arrogance, and perdition. We all recognize them as the blinded, blank eyes of the media, of mammon, of Masons. Those I will explain in a few more paragraphs below.

Mel's Passion For The Eye of God

    Everything about Mel's film conveys his passion for the reverent, the Traditional represented in this ancient and treasured Icon. His film reminds us of the respect, love, faith, sacrifice, mercy, forgiveness, and salvation inherent in the story of Christ's death, and His life. In no uncertain terms, this film takes us to where God wants us to be, no questions asked, no questions needed. This journey, however, is not without pain, suffering, persecution, obstacles, and crosses, as clearly shown in the film itself. The imagery of this motion picture is the imagery of God.

    It is the simple song, which avoids the glitz, and shine, which this world sells. It is blood spilled for a good reason - a very necessary reason - and not for some superficial or foolish joy trip. It is a discomforting message to those who would rather avoid the homeless, the poor, the sick, soup kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes, unpleasantries, and dirt in the hunt for palm pilots, hand-helds, flier miles, and photo-ops. The Cross is a contradiction to the world.

    The Eye of the Icon sees the love, the compassion, the faith, the commitment in our hearts. It cares little about and never focuses on the superficial, the material, the popular, the secular, the selfish, the arrogant, and the temporary. Its concerns are the eternal and what really matters. Long before 'The Passion of The Christ' even went into production, Mel realized this and chose this symbol to counteract the Masonic eye, which we have all seen on every dollar bill.

    It was Mel's way to contradicting the mores and morals, the ethics and ethnicity of Hollywood's filth industry. So subtle, yet so powerful. Because of his strong Traditional Catholic upbringing, he was able to realize the truths of Christ's words in Matthew 19: 26 in bringing his masterpiece to fruition, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

    To see 'The Passion of The Christ' is to look right into that Eye of Our Lady which reflects the Eye of God, and many choose to look away because they do not like the reflection they see in that Eye. They prefer to pretend that this Eye is a fake one, a glass one, an ornament, which does not look back. Accountability for our actions and inactions is not something we crave, and an eye, which looks back spells accountability. A false eye, however, does not look back. It does not come back to haunt us or ask us why we did this or failed to do that.

    Relativism and personal morality fit nicely with fake eyes. Two specific different Eyes of Mammon are mere ornaments pretending to have a purpose when their only purpose is to hide the truth! No, Mel's eye is one which sees through all of that, and the meaning and significance of that Eye, which is the first thing everyone sees when they view 'The Passion', is the only Eye we should be concerned with.

The Second Eye: The Media Eye

    The second eye we see here, symbolizing almost all of the secular media, is represented, curiously enough, by a television network whose symbol is also an eye. That network is CBS, and its eye used to symbolize excellence in journalism and entertainment when journalism and entertainment were not one and the same. What used to mean Edward R. Murrow and Lucille Ball and that level of quality and moral right now translates to the amoral mores of Andy Rooney and Joan of Arcadia.

    How can any network claim to show us God on Fridays and allow evil on Sundays? The answer is very simple! This network has no clue what God is about or where He is found. This network only pretends to care, to see what faith and spirituality is about. Like a fake, glass eye, this network looks out on its audience and does not really look back. That is evident in its blindness for those who were loyal CBS watchers have abandoned the network and rightfully so.

    The CBS eye is only an ornament covering purposes anything but God-like. When God and faith are not the agenda, they will never be protected. When salvation and Christ are not on the menu, they will never be served!

    We need no further proof than the whole Andy Rooney episode. When Rooney insulted African-Americans, the network suspended him for a while as a symbol of accountability, of respect, of understanding and support. I suspect there was never any of that accountability, respect, concern, understanding, or support. The only thing that was present there was a desire to avoid racial issues, which are very powerful and influential in this country. At the time the executive producer of 60 Minutes even said that he only cared what Rooney said on 60 Minutes and that he, the producer, was not Andy's parent. He added that what Rooney said on his 60 Minutes segment was the only thing that mattered to him and the only thing he could control and edit. We can deduce from these statements that anything accepted and put on the show would be consistent and acceptable with the network's views. In view of all of this, what effect did Rooney's blasphemous, insulting, and disrespectful comments have on his status at CBS? None!

    This is because CBS cares little about Christian and especially Catholic values, beliefs, and Sacred holdings. In fact, CBS sees these things as free shots, easy targets, stupid things they can freely kick when they are in the mood or when kicking these things is in style. By the way, being media, these networks know that, if something is not really that popular, it is only because the media has not had a chance to revel in the fad and make it popular. These constant attacks and attitude toward Catholic and Christian views only serves to incite and spread prejudice and persecution to these groups. CBS cares little about this and is even selling tickets at the Coliseum entrance! Flay the Christians anew!

    Did not Rooney say these things while on his show? Yet CBS did nothing. Taking the words of the executive producer into account, we can deduce that this all means that CBS did not think that anything Rooney said was wrong or disrespectful of anyone worth respecting! Please do not wait for Rooney to be suspended or fired over this! More than likely, he will get a raise so he will be inspired and motivated to come up with more pearls of wisdom! Fair and Balanced is not CBS's motto. Neither is it the code of most of the other networks!

Blurred and Blinded Vision: Levels of Wrong

    Tell me that you do not believe something and therefore ignore it. Tell me that you have your own view of that thing and therefore present it. But, please, do not go to the lowest level of wrong! Do not tell me that you do not believe something, therefore you do not respect that thing, and therefore you will mock, ridicule, insult, and joke about that thing and those who follow that thing. This is the gutter to which Rooney has traveled recently and probably often. Instead of ignoring or debating, he is now ridiculing, mocking God and those who believe in God, calling such beliefs "ridiculous" and saying that he would not see 'The Passion' because he did not need to spend the money for a "few laughs".

    This is the lowest form of abuse for it is disrespect and outright mockery of something many, in fact the vast majority, hold very dear with little concern for the harm and pain one causes through one's babble. This is the level to which CBS has sunk. They do not "see" this, of course, because they only look at ratings and popular piņatas as the measure of right and wrong.

    Can you imagine if Rooney had said, "I'm not going to see 'Schindler's List' because I don't need to spend money on a few laughs," or "Why see 'Roots' just for a few laughs?" or "Ah, why should I watch 'Angels in America' just for a few laughs?" Why the ADL, NAACP, and Homosexuals would be up in arms and they'd have his head because CBS would immediately cave. Not so when it comes to Christians, and especially Catholics. With hundreds of bishops in the United States, the only one standing up against anti-Catholicism is William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. Not even the Pope has spoke out against such persecution. In fact the defenders have, by and large, been mostly non-Catholic Christians and conservative columnists who can see hate when it's exhibited.

The Third Eye: The Masonic Eye

    While CBS is one of the major manipulators, they are not the "head eye," if you will. No, the true Eye of Mammon is the Masonic Eye which, as the pyramid shows, dates back to pagan Egyptian times, more specifically known as the Eye of Horus. Today the modern pagans who embrace the tenets of the higher degrees of Freemasonry emphasize one Architect of the Universe, but that is not the Triune God. Ergo, they do not believe in the Holy Trinity, and therefore not Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

    No wonder they hate Mel and his movie so much; because they hate Christ. And those hateful souls who see through the Eye of Horos are powerful, mighty within governments, business, the entertainment and news industry, and, yes sadly, even the modern church. You wonder why the bishops and most of the hierarchy have remained silent about Mel's masterpiece? Look no further than the Masonic Eye and the Novus Ordo Seclorum. Yes, they may pose as good and decent men on the outside, but so did the Scribes and Pharisees of the Sanhedrin who Our Lord exposed in Matthew 23. Ah, now you see the connection.

    Yes, 'The Passion' and its message have reminded us of God's Eye and, in this revelation, have exposed the other two eyes, which we should have known have been around for quite some time doing so much damage. Those other two hateful eyes are the collective eyes of a secular, disrespectful, mocking media and mammon. We recall Christ's call that we remove the plank from our eye before we see the speck in our brother's eye. We also recall the phrase "eye for an eye" and the suggestion that we symbolically remove our eye if that is what is preventing us from reaching God. If our eyes do not help us see and reach God, what is their purpose? They are but mere ornaments and glass eyes hiding emptiness!

    Hopefully, Mel's magnificent soul-revealing movie will help many more to open their eyes and truly see the glass eyes of a false, empty, arrogant, mocking media and world! Double-standards abound when seeing double through the CBS and Masonic Eyes. Only in seeing through and with the Eye represented in the Icon logo do we understand truth and only then can we begin to pluck out the other two eyes forever. Get your tweezers ready!

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: We are pleased to announce Gabriel Garnica will be contributing many articles in 2004. Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, will submit regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes will be music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    March 6, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 66