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March 27, 2004
vol 15, no. 87

The Separation of Church and State from God!
When Modernists Rule
The Second Council of the Vatican as interpreted by the current Magisterium of the Church has mandated:

  • that freedom of religion is of divine law, required by Church law, and must be reflected in civil law
  • that persons separated from the Catholic Church by heresy, schism, or apostasy need not return to the Church for salvation
  • that the immemorial rituals of the Church may be changed and abrogated in favor of synthetic rites crafted by committees
  • that the Mystical Body of Christ can be described as something other than as specifically the Catholic Church under the Pope
  • that the Church is not a perfect society, but stands in need of receiving wisdom from the world in order to carry out her divine mission
  • that the separation of the secular state from the Church poses no problem in principle to the propagation of the Faith, and that such separation in fact fosters the spread of the Gospel
  • that the advocacy of communistic atheism, child murder by abortion, wholesale usury in economics, and the ratification of sodomy (cohabitation and fornication by heterosexuals or homosexuals) as a legal entity on par with Holy Matrimony does not utterly destroy nations' or persons' moral standing, and that such advocates retain all rights of sovereignty, civil rights, and participation in the life of the Church de facto if not de jure
The Constitution of the United States, created by the people, of the people and for the people, has mandated:

  • that persons with dark skin are to be counted as 3/5 of a human being for purposes of representation in the governance of the nation, and that said persons are to be denied due process in legal proceedings, property rights, and voting rights
  • that Senators need not be selected by popular suffrage
  • that the President may be chosen by persons ignoring the decision of the people expressed in a national election, and that his Vice President should be the opponent he defeated in that election or who was not selected by the people designated to choose the President
  • that no citizens may make use of distilled or fermented beverages
  • that citizens who may be drafted for military service, who have the right to vote, and the freedom to marry and raise children may be forbidden to consume distilled or fermented beverages, though other citizens of slightly greater age may do so
  • that infants may be chemically scalded, surgically mutilated, or mechanically vacuumed while in or emerging from the womb if their mothers so choose
  • that persons engaging in sodomy have the absolute right to do so in private.
    By what principle or principles are these positions to be considered objectively true for all persons for all time? If they are not objectively true, by what principle or principles can they be objectively refuted? Who has the authority to bind all men by objective principles, and how can the above positions be demonstrated to be in consonance with that objective authority? If it is argued that the people have the authority to decide these issues, by whose authority is this determined, who are the people so empowered, and how is it determined that the populace is in agreement - by what right does the majority rule? Monarchs, empires, and aristocracies have been rejected because of tyranny; how and by whom is the tyranny of the mob to be overthrown?

Father Lawrence Smith, Sacerdos vagus 24 March 2004: St. Gabriel the Archangel

    March 27, 2004
    vol 15, no. 87
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