GABRIEL'S CLARION (mar19gab.htm)

March 19, 2004
vol 15, no. 79

Watch Your Step!

The Problems Arising When the Divine is Judged by Trash

The maxim 'consider the source' should be applied to avoid getting bogged down listening to the fertilizer being spread about by those who so self-righteously castigate 'The Passion of The Christ'. The fact is the Pharisees are among us and God is not pleased!

    "Widespread immorality, violation of God's Laws, compromise, and corruption do not seem to worry the USCCB as much as the horrible evil that is Mel Gibson's artistic masterpiece! Instead of steadfastly defending Mel's faithful vision, these cowards bow to political correctness fears and lend an ear to the idiotic ramblings of the fools described above thus lending them the credibility they do not have."

    Let the word spread forth with all of the vigor and power, which can only come from our Almighty God and Creator. Those who dare to spit out their ignorant, biased, vile, venom upon the Divinely Inspired and upon the innocent ears, minds, hearts, and souls of the people shall ultimately be held accountable by Our Lord and given the just compensation for their cancerous contribution to the abominable and blasphemous attack upon Mel Gibson's masterpiece 'The Passion of The Christ.' It is almost a given that one can often judge divinity by the rubbish which assembles against that divinity, and that is no exception with regard to Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of The Christ.'

The Trash That Now Dares To Call Itself Catholic

    Many of the most arrogant, ignorant, and vocal critics of Gibson's film call themselves "Catholic" while espousing despicable and blasphemous views and positions destructive of the Catholic faith itself. People such as Mary C. Boys, John T. Pawlikowski, Philip A. Cunningham, and Lawrence Frizzell have been given seats as consultants and critics in a forum, which should have kicked them headlong into the dark oblivion, which surely awaits their ultimate fate as modern day Judases, and purveyors of rubbish.

    In a better time, these idiots would have been excommunicated and tossed out to call themselves anything but the term "Catholic", which they tarnish with their very presence. The Majesty of Our Divine Creator cares not for the pathetic and very empty titles and honors conferred upon these fools, who presently benefit from a weak and cowardly Catholic scene for their fifteen minutes of dribble.

    Uplifted by a cowardly Catholic leadership, which has betrayed its divine mission and embraced modernist, secularist, feminist, and homosexual agendas, this spiritual ship of Catholic frauds is allowed to pontificate, promulgate, and perpetuate the garbage that is their collective theological stance. Armed with notions, which deny Christ's Divinity, the Inspired Truth of The Gospels, and the evangelical mission of the True Catholic Church, these cancerous cells have been allowed to spread unto the general population and threaten the very being of our Catholic faith. They pretend to tell us what Catholics do and do not believe, what they should and should not believe, and why present patterns and trends in Catholic theology and morality represent a needed, inspired journey out of past ignorance on these matters.

    One wonders how the Catholic Church was ever able to survive all of these years without the inspired thinking and leadership of these self-appointed spiritual and theological observers! Their profound thought and mere whim is enough to sweep away 2,000 years of thought and word as fanciful, errored misunderstanding. It is to these frauds and fools that this society turns for the "Catholic perspective" on 'The Passion of The Christ'!

When The Pen is Really a Biased Dagger

    To the above frauds of the Catholic Faith we add Amy-Jill Levine and Paula Fredriksen, supposedly unbiased Jewish critics of Mel Gibson's movie. Levine is a self-proclaimed feminist and radical purveyor of Anti-Semitic phobia and hypersensitivity. Fredriksen is hailed as an eminent Bible scholar who just happens to likewise question Christ's Divinity and the legitimacy of the Gospels. These six people and others have publicly attacked Gibson's film as being Anti-Semitic, based on unreliable and inaccurate Scriptural biases, and a horrible danger to both our society and Christian and Jewish faiths. It is hard to believe that these people have been allowed to get within a mile of evaluating Gibson's film, given their radical views and biases regarding Christianity, the Bible, the four evangelists, and Christ Himself. Their personal agendas and biases as clearly shown in their writings and positions should render their evaluation of this film totally unreliable and useless, yet their dribble is given weight and consideration by an environment and Catholic hierarchy whose betrayal of Jesus Christ is constant in mounting.

    These people have approached the table with pre-conceived and well-rooted biases and hatreds of core Christian and, more importantly, Catholic beliefs. Their arrogance and hypocrisy knows no limit, and they are ever eager to spill their ignorant ramblings upon ears foolish or confused enough to give those ramblings any weight of thought. Again, they are free to spill their garbage on the forum of thought, but not while claiming to be Catholics or messengers blessed with the truth. If they do not believe in the Gospels, that is their error and belief, but they should not be allowed to spew their "thought" on others as so-called "Catholic" or "Spiritual educators" and shapers of thought. These are the "scholars" which the liberal media cites when attacking 'The Passion', and therefore this society has been allowed to ascribe much greater weight to their ramblings than ever should have been permitted.

    These biased scholars hoped to have the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Anti-Defamation League as their theological police force enforcing their profound view of things, and they have received that support aggressively by the ADL and passively by the USCCB.

Tie a Bow of Betrayal Around The Old Blasphemy Tree

    To complete this pathetic, scandalous array of fools and hypocrites attacking The Passion, we add the final wrapping of Ecclesiastic Approval or Support by the USCCB, which has yielded to cries of Anti-Semitism with pathetic, unnecessary, and hypocritical expressions of concern.

    Widespread immorality, violation of God's Laws, compromise, and corruption do not seem to worry the USCCB as much as the horrible evil that is Mel Gibson's artistic masterpiece! Instead of steadfastly defending Mel's faithful vision, these cowards bow to political correctness fears and lend an ear to the idiotic ramblings of the fools described above thus lending them the credibility they do not have.

    Oh, there are a few who have come out in praise of the film, but they receive scant notice. If one thinks John Kerry flip-flops, they should check the flip-flop position of the Vatican itself. It makes one's head spin. First "it is as it was," then it isn't, then it is, then well, wait a minute, then last week the Vatican said "it was not Anti-Semitic." Will this be the last word? Stay tuned.

    The sad fact is that it is those who are in league with the anti-Catholicism agenda, make that anti-Traditional Catholicism agenda, who are given more ink, more air time for that is news. Truth is relegated to the back page; truth is not sensational. I am amazed how low key so many news outlets are reporting the phenomenal success of the film. There are already predictions that Mel's "little movie" could become the most watched movie of all time. It is just days from being the number one 'R' rated movie of all time. But this is just brushed off as more trumped-up charges are hurled at this popular actor/director and staunch Traditional Catholic. By the evident silence and lack of support by the USCCB it is obvious no one in the National Bishops' office are too pleased with Mel's success and the groundswell of support from middle America who consider this movie truly inspiring, life-changing and quite a refreshing change from the scandals that these very same bishops have been responsible for and so feebly tried to bury, abandoning the spiritual welfare of souls for their own hides. Their silence speaks volumes as to where they stand. Not the Pharisees are Jewish.

    If the magnitude of the Divine is judged by the depth of the stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, and hypocrisy leveled against that Divine, then Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of The Christ' must truly be of the Hand of God, for it is unlikely that a more pathetic array of fools has ever been assembled against the Truth of God's Word.

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: We are pleased to announce Gabriel Garnica will be contributing many articles in 2004. Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, will submit regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes will be music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    March 19, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 79