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July 15-17, 2004
vol 15, no. 159

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      Whatever happened to the good holy daughters of Eve? What has become of those women who devoted their lives to others through the religious life of a consecrated sister, proudly wearing the uniform of the Bride of Christ with a modest full-length habit, wimple and veil and Rosary Beads aplenty? They have died off and in their place has come the nunsense of those who seek to hook-up with Christ only when it is convenient to them while they seek to undermine the Bridegroom by divesting themselves of the armor of God in putting on the world, the devil and the flesh!

    "How many holy and devout nuns, famous and obscure, have paced through our halls of prayer, of education, and of the spirit, each a light guiding legions of souls toward God. Each nun with a story of her own, each with her own sufferings and sacrifices, each with her own graces and gifts, but all focused intently on their Divine Master with gazes both gentle and firm, soothing and piercing, kind and absolute. Those of us old enough to remember the devout and dedicated nuns of our youth can still recall their habits, their appearance, their example."

    The names roll from our minds like a Who's Who of sacred holiness, silent sanctity, and the sweetest theological intellect. St. Clare, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Catherine Labouret, St. Therese of The Child Jesus, and countless other holy women who have graced this world with their unique and critical contributions of simplicity, faith, obedience, intellect, and exemplary conduct as servants and brides of Christ.

    How many holy and devout nuns, famous and obscure, have paced through our halls of prayer, of education, and of the spirit, each a light guiding legions of souls toward God. Each nun with a story of her own, each with her own sufferings and sacrifices, each with her own graces and gifts, but all focused intently on their Divine Master with gazes both gentle and firm, soothing and piercing, kind and absolute. Those of us old enough to remember the devout and dedicated nuns of our youth can still recall their habits, their appearance, their example.

    Like all of us, those nuns were human, fallible, and imperfect, yet their efforts to guide, to educate, to serve remain etched in our souls, minds, and hearts.

    Sadly, how much have those memories of nuns past faded in a sea of modernism, secularism, feminism, and radical theology which is nothing short of demonic, tragic, and even frightening. I have neither the time, the space, nor the stomach to list or detail every such distortion of the role, function, purpose, and unique calling of nuns in this article.

    However, I will briefly outline three clear examples of this tragic slide from the glories of the past to the bitter rubble of the present.

Mary C. Boys

    One cannot rightly begin an article such as this one without mentioning a true champion of all nuns who have distorted, corrupted, and disgraced the role, function, purpose, and special calling given to our nuns by God Almighty. As a theology professor at Union Theological Seminary, Boys not only distinguishes herself in her attacks upon Mel Gibson's masterpiece 'The Passion of The Christ', but in her support for homosexual marriage, priestly marriage, and female ordination. Considered an expert in Christian-Jewish relations and a so-called theological scholar by the modernist, secularist, relativist, diluted ranks of the Catholic Frauds of today, Boys has called Gibson "bizarre and dangerous", traditional Catholics "Neo-Nazis", and most Americans "religious illiterates". While she may be right on in that last assessment, the fact that she deems herself a prime candidate to guide Americans out of their religious ignorance is ironic, tragic, arrogant, clueless, and even laughable given her radical views.

    This woman, whom the pathetic Diocese of Cleveland has deemed " a Roman Catholic woman whose credentials in Catholic theology…are excellent" and a "powerful voice within the Catholic intellectual tradition" is sadly a clear marker of just how low nuns have fallen today and just what passes for a Catholic nun these days. Instead of being excommunicated and banished to some distant soapbox for self-absorbed radicals, Boys has been given the light of day by the twisted shreds of what passes for Catholic leadership in this country. Boys has proclaimed that Mel Gibson "wouldn't know a scholar if he ran into one." To that proclamation we answer on two levels. First, sadly, we doubt that Mel will ever drive anywhere near this bright theological light post. Secondly, of Boys, we claim with some certainty that she "wouldn't know Christ if she ran into Him"!

Mary Anne Flannery

    As Chair of the Communications Department at John Carroll University, Flannery has exemplified the radical, liberal, secularist, feminist, pro-sodomite, modernist freefall of Catholic education. After helping to bring the vulgar and scandalous V Monologues to John Carroll, this woman defended her actions by declaring that this feminist trash was part of an international effort to raise consciousness about and eliminate violence against women and children, by stating that the play was not pornographic but actually a "guerilla drama" designed to address an issue, and that the play had nothing to do with abortion as claimed by some circles.

    I did not know that presenting vulgar, explicit, and graphic descriptions of lesbian activity, abuse of minors, and masturbation while portraying sexuality devoid of the spirituality inherent in the true Catholic faith would raise any consciousness worth mentioning in decent company or help us fight violence against women much less children! Likewise, if actresses acting out sexual experiences or graphically describing sexual encounters is not pornography, then I need a new definition of that term. Finally, why did the University change one of its funding targets, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, a member of the Pro-choice Freedom of Choice Cleveland Coalition, after receiving a load of objections?

    Upon being criticized by The Cardinal Newman Society, Flannery described the Society as "The closest organization in the Catholic Church to the Taliban" and an" ultra-conservative Catholic group". She added that she was not worried about the V Monologues, but was concerned about the Cardinal Newman Society's ability to stifle free speech and academic freedom. Flannery described those critical of her actions as "terrorists". Henry Makow, PhD., has stated that the V Monologues pretends to be about women's rights, but is little more than a public reading of explicit lesbian pornography which degrades both women and sexuality. This trash which Flannery defends whipped 18,000 females at New York's Madison Square Garden into such frenzy that they screamed vulgarities over and over for some time during its presentation. Makow contends that this trash, like much feminist rhetoric, portrays lesbianism as emancipation.

    Incredibly, Flannery contends that the play reflects "Catholic…solidarity and openness to address violence. That is the teaching of my faith". It is a tragedy of the highest degree that this sad excuse for a nun or a Catholic educator is allowed to spew her faith on young minds! Our beloved, holy sisters of the past must be in tears over what passes for a bride of Christ today!

Rose Pacatte

    Although not as notorious as our previous two paragons of religious example, Rose Pacatte is a clear example of another distortion in the role and purpose of nuns in today's Catholic fraud. As Director of The Pauline Center for Media Studies, Pacatte has developed into an often quoted film and media critic. In that vein, she described The Passion of The Christ' as belonging to the horror genre, and declared that she was "repelled" by its graphic violence, which she said made relating to its message impossible. Worst of all, she proudly asserts that a Protestant minister at a screening she saw reminded everyone that we are Christians because of Jesus' Resurrection and not because of His Passion and Suffering! So much for a nun having a clue about true, core Catholic belief! One publication presented Pacatte's views on Mel Gibson's film as being "a woman's point of view". Pacatte felt that 'Bruce Almighty' was "extremely funny" and that Morgan Freeman's God in a white suit was "believable". She has also referred to 'The Last Temptation of Christ' in almost clinical terms, never critical of its obvious sacrilegious nature and content.

    As should be expected, Pacatte loves the New Age television show Joan of Arcadia and sees it as some kind of great step forward in religious programming. I wonder which scene from 'Bruce Almighty' Pacatte found most "funny", the one where Bruce sleeps with his live-in girlfriend or the one where he uses the power of God to lift a woman's skirt?

    It is yet another tragedy that many people will look to this woman as some kind of moral entertainment guide or compass, as the self-appointed Roger Ebert of the New Order. They will actually digest all of what she has to say on a program or movie and believe that her views represent the position or views of the Catholic Church on that subject, program, or film.

Common Threads and Tragic Robes

    What do these three women have in common? Precisely where is their real harm, threat, and danger to the true Catholic Faith? How should we respond to their ilk? These are questions and issues of critical importance in a society where the face of The Catholic Faith is more split and divergent than ever.

    First, all three of these women claim to be Catholic nuns, to represent the Catholic Faith in some valid way. In truth, the only thing they represent is what the Catholic Faith has become. From the heights of sacred, holy, divine tradition and truth, our Faith has sunk to a modernist, secularist, relativist, feminist, sodomite, pathetic hat which many wear but few respect. These women are Catholic frauds because the faith they purport to represent has itself become a fraud of what it used to be.

    Second, these women use their supposed nun status to add an air of legitimacy to their absurd claims and positions and thus stain the beautiful fabric of what being a Catholic nun has always been about. Where it has represented obedience they reflect rebellion.Where it has represented humility they ooze arrogance and self-righteousness. Where it has represented service they serve only their own egos. Where it has been a cornerstone of Catholic education they merely demonstrate the noose of secular modernism, which strangles truth and faith out of Catholic education itself. Where nuns used to be key soldiers for Christ and warriors for the faith, these women now wear the uniform and the arms of the evil forces which infect and attack the true Faith from all sides. Where nuns used to be a vine which fed the faith, these women now corrupt that faith from within.

    Last of all, these women may very well be competent scholars, educators, or media critics from a secular standpoint, but they are merely competent women who by the way claim to be Catholic nuns. It would be best for all of us, for them, and above all for the faith that they were not nuns at all and did not even claim to be Catholic at all, for such would be the most accurate portrayal of their conduct, views, dress, and positions.

    Our response to their ilk should always be to stand up to their absurd claims and views, to defend the truth and the core of our faith, and to pray for them. We are all sinners in need of mercy, redemption, and forgiveness, and they are clearly not an exception to this! It is often said that the devil delights in attacking the faith through its priests and nuns, and these women demonstrate the tragic result of that. It is up to us to pray for and support those religious who still reflect the true faith and likewise pray that someday all religious will once again reflect the Light of Christ in an increasingly dark world.

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    July 11-14, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 158