January 14, 2004
volume 15, no. 14

The Third Secret of Fatima
Part Five
Bishops to Save the Church

by Ron and Kirstie Finster

They Have Uncrowned Him

    "Who uncrowned Him? The authorities in Rome today. And the uncrowning shows in a very clear way in the Assisi ceremony…instead of extolling the kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, here they are instituting a pantheon of all religions…This is exactly what is meant by liberalism."     Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
   In Part 3 of this series we took an in-depth look at the Psalms 55, 56 and 57 to which we were directed by the Third Secret of Fatima vision. To do this we turned to Saint Augustine of Hippo who wrote extensively on the psalms. There are many lessons St. Augustine draws out from these psalms, but we might ask how these lessons apply today. While searching through documents in order to gain some insight, it was quite shocking to run across one particular document which seems to reflect lessons found in these psalms in a most striking manner. The document is called "Bishops to Save the Church" and it is an ordination sermon Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre gave on June 29, 1987, one year before the consecrations of the bishops.

   What follows in this installment then, are lessons from those same Psalms 55, 56 and 57, rephrased, and highlighted in blue italics, followed immediately with short excerpts from Archbishop Lefebvre's sermon to show the similar thinking of David, St. Augustine and His Excellency of Econe. For his entire sermon see Bishops to Save the Church. These texts are quite revealing - and timely given the recent plans for the new Fatima shrine!

   Enemies have wormed their way into the Church causing great trouble for the Body of Christ since they were not altogether shunned; Turning their backs on the Truth which abides in the bosom of the Church, they have spoken falsehoods:

    "…I was waiting for signs from Providence to carry out acts seeming to me necessary for the continuation of the Catholic Church….I am convinced that the signs have come….There are two of them: the ecumenical meeting held in Assisi last October, and the reply Rome has made to the objections we had sent them concerning religious liberty….Rome's reply to the objections we made to the errors of Vatican II on religious liberty, is graver than Assisi…It is one thing to commit a grave and scandalous action; it is quite another to state false and erroneous principles which work out in practice in utterly disastrous conclusions!"

   We are being persecuted by those in high positions; They sinned by rejecting the kingship of Christ:

    "Who uncrowned Him? The authorities in Rome today. And the uncrowning shows in a very clear way in the Assisi ceremony…instead of extolling the kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, here they are instituting a pantheon of all religions…This is exactly what is meant by liberalism."

   So they could follow their desires:

    "Liberalism means establishing the freedom of man from God; hence the man who believes in, hopes in, and professes any religion whatsoever is just as worthy of respect as the man who says he professes the true religion. Well, we say no, no, no!…this liberty of man from God …defies God…"

   God delivered them to the lusts of their own heart, to do things that should not be done. They have strayed from the path of Truth, on them the light of righteousness does not shine:

    "And how is it possible for the authorities in Rome to be encouraging liberalism and professing such liberalism in the Decree on Religious Liberty? …Rome is in darkness, in the darkness of error. There is no denying it…How can we as Catholics, and all the more as priests, bear to look on the spectacle placed before our eyes in Assisi, in St. Peter's Church given over for the practice of their pagan worship to the Buddhists who put their idol on the tabernacle of Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and performed their pagan ceremony in front of this tabernacle, empty no doubt, but capped with a Buddha, their idol…These are facts which speak by themselves. We cannot conceive of an error more grave…Our Lord Jesus Christ, He knows what will come of this triumph of error over Rome and over the highest authorities, from the Pope to the cardinals and bishops of the entire world following these ideas; for indeed the bishops of the whole world are following the false ideas of the Council with their ecumenism and liberalism."

   The Church is in a winepress:

    "…we have the grave…duty…to increase the number of priests, priests believing in Our Lord Jesus Christ, in His Kingship, in His kingship over society, according to the Church's doctrine… I am happy that the book on liberalism* has appeared today…so that you may…grasp in depth what our combat is all about."

   Our struggle is against Satan:

    "It is not a human combat! We are at grips with Satan! It is a combat requiring all the supernatural strength we need to fight against the adversary who means to destroy and uproot the Church, who means to destroy everything Our Lord Jesus Christ did…to destroy the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to destroy all His institutions whatsoever."

   We must speak the Truth though they treat our words with loathing:

    "So we must be aware of this dramatic and apocalyptic combat…and not play it down, because the moment we play it down, we no longer wish to give battle…we dare no longer proclaim the Truth… because our godless and atheistic world does not want to hear of it."

   We will not participate in Christ being crucified again:

    "…our Society has spread throughout the world, seconded by other initiatives…all…who have stood up like ourselves, to proclaim that Our Lord Jesus Christ is King, and not to desert Him. Are we going to desert Him? Are we going to let Him be crucified a second time? Are we going to quit the Church presently undergoing her Passion, and not come to her aid ?"

   Like the deaf asp they will not listen, they close one ear to present voices [like the voice of Lefebvre], while they close the other to voices from the past [like the voices of the Church, the popes of the past] in order to press forward to what is promised them [or alluring them], while they remain emerged in darkness:

    "…Rome at present can no longer hear the voice of truth…For 20 years now I have been going to Rome. I have been writing…speaking…sending documents to say to them: -"Follow Tradition, come back to Tradition, otherwise the Church will be ruined…" They are deaf, stone deaf to our appeals… They are shutting themselves up in their errors, they are shutting themselves up in darkness…"

   A vessel filled with wickedness must be emptied; They are leading themselves and others in a direction that is a danger to their own salvation and that of everyone else. Our enemies must be turned back so that they will again follow the Lord's lead:

    "…they are quite simply going to lead souls into apostasy…Never has there been anything like it!…The Pope making himself…into a sort of guardian of the Pantheon of all religions…the Pontiff of Liberalism!"

   They have strayed from the path of Truth; They are like forceful winter waters, they will inevitably dwindle toward their proper place, which means the end of them; Meanwhile, they watch our heel so as to bring a charge against us:

    "…faced with the Roman authorities' pertinacity in error…this refusal to return to Truth or Tradition…it seems to us that the good Lord is asking for the Church to continue. This is why it is likely that…I shall have to consecrate some bishops."

   My soul trusteth in Thee. And in the shadow of Thy wings will I hope until iniquity pass away.

    "Let us pray with all our hearts, let us pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary! We shall go to Fatima…to ask Our Lady of Fatima to help us. They would not reveal her Third Secret…No doubt this message was meant to prevent what is happening today... well, the punishments foretold by Mary are coming: the apostasy announced in Scripture is on its way...let us consecrate our persons, our families, our cities to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary."

              The book he may be referring to here is They Have Uncrowned Him by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. It is available from Angelus Press Some call it the classic of the century.

For installments to date in this series, see www.DailyCatholic.org/2004fat.htm Archives.

January 14, 2004
volume 15, no. 14
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