December 2003
vol 14, no. 40

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Ripping apart the 'seamless garment' theory

How the bishops have the audacity to placing secular social doctrines on the same plane as the killing of innocent babies is a great scandal unto itself. He who causes scandal? Well, it would be better for him if a mill-stone were hung around his neck. Get out the mill-stones because there are plenty of bishops whose necks are waiting!

    "In "Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility," published October 13, 2003, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops provided the latest evidence that they won't rest until every person is clothed in the coarse fabric of their "seamless garment" theology. This absurd "seamless garment" theology claims that no single thread in their man-made garment is greater than the overall dignity of human beings-up to and including the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception. The bishops say and so do many priests that fighting for the rights of the most vulnerable among us is no more or no less important than fighting for things like a living wage for workers, health care for children, economic freedom, educational opportunity and ending global hunger."

   A task force of Roman Catholic bishops met to discuss and try to figure out what do with Catholic pro-abortion politicians. The Laity was becoming restless because Catholic lawmakers do not uphold church values, especially when it comes to the killing of unborn children. Guidelines were needed should they be punished?

   In "Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility," published October 13, 2003, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops provided the latest evidence that they won't rest until every person is clothed in the coarse fabric of their "seamless garment" theology.

   This absurd "seamless garment" theology claims that no single thread in their man-made garment is greater than the overall dignity of human beings-up to and including the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception.

   The bishops say and so do many priests that fighting for the rights of the most vulnerable among us is no more or no less important than fighting for things like a living wage for workers, health care for children, economic freedom, educational opportunity and ending global hunger.

   It is obvious that the Catholic hierarchy does not consider the lives of unborn children to be on par with the lives of born children or adults. For this, they will answer to God. Make no mistake about that. Would they make that statement if 1.4 million born children were killed every year? I don't think so, unless they don't mind being tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.

   The Illinois Leader, an Internet newspaper ( found that 75% of the Catholic priests in the Chicago Archdiocese have officially registered as Democrats. Thus they ally themselves with the "Party of Death." The strongest plank in the Democratic party platform is the killing of unborn children. Unless a Democratic politician is of like mind, he/she is anathema. You will not get past the first rung of the Democratic political ladder. The late ex-governor Casey of Pennsylvania found this out when he was forbidden to speak at the Democratic convention, because he was pro-life.

   This party is also the party that embraces the sick and deadly homosexual lifestyle.

   Let me make it as simple as possible if someone subscribes to the proposition that a woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses, nine out of ten, that person is a Democrat.

   If a person is a homosexual, or has an affinity with any sexual perversion, their home is the Democratic party. If a person has a proclivity to adultery or womanizing, more often than not they will seek out the Democratic party to make their home.

   Liberal Democrats all have one thing in common -- they hate conservatives. They want no restrictions -- their self-indulgence is paramount -- whatever makes you feel good and makes your life easier.

   The Democratic party would cease to exist if not for the millions of dollars they receive from the Abortion Industry, the Hollywood Filth Industry and the homosexual community. This motley trio is their life's blood

   The Catholic members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, of which there are well over a hundred, cast more votes in favor of abortion than not. In fact, Catholic politicians -- whose Church teaches the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception have demonstrated a worse voting record on life issues than their Protestant counterparts.

   Of these Catholics, 90% are in the Democratic party. Instead of trying to change the party to one that respects human life and common decency, they decided it wasn't worth the try so they sold out their faith for the sake of the party. If there is a more prime example of selling one's soul to the devil for political gain, I don't know what it would be.

   In 2000 Al Gore won the Catholic vote and not only is he a pro-abort, but even condones the killing of children while being born -- the gruesome partial-birth abortion.

   Why didn't Catholics vote for Bush? That is the question. In some Catholic parish newsletters, it was stated that Democratic politicians are more in tune with Catholic Doctrine than are Republicans. This is an outright lie.

   Well, I guess if you don't include the killing 1.4 million children in their mother's womb every year, which the Democratic party condones.

   The "Tidings" in California is one such newsletter. They made sure this came out before the last presidential election. I talked to the publisher about it and told him it was a lie and to print a retraction, but he would not. He knew it was a lie and so did all the bishops, as well as the one who approved the lie - Cardinal Roger Mahony - for it is inconceivable that one of the largest Catholic newsletters in the country did not have the approval of the state Catholic hierarchy.

   Is it any wonder that a heavily Catholic populated state as California (with all the Latino votes) voted overwhelmingly for one of the biggest pro-aborts, Al Gore, as well as Gray Davis -- a Catholic pro-abort Democrat when he ran against another Catholic, Bill Simon, who is pro-life. The problem with Simon was that he is a 'good' Catholic, compared to the 'CINO' Davis.

   The Catholic politicians who have no problem with the killing of unborn children and whose names are the most recognizable are senatorsTed Kennedy, John Kerry, Dick Durbin, Susan Collins, Pat Leahy, Tom Daschle, Tom Harkin, Barbara Mikulski, Jack Reed, Patty Murray, Mary Laundries, Chris Dodd, and Joe Biden - 'CINO's all. In the House of Representatives the most well known are the minority leader, Nancy Pelosi and Dennis Kucinich. The latter is running for the presidency of the United States. Note that with the exception of Collins, a Republican who really is a Democrat in every way but name, they are all Democrats. Is it any wonder that this party has earned the title, "The Party of Death." Why is it the most vocal are scandalizing 'CINO's? Could it be because the bishops do nothing? Could it be because the bishops have sold out the flocks, sold out to the devil? Draw your own conclusions.

   These are all powerful people. Can you imagine if they were all pro-life? The killing of unborn children would soon be history. Can you imagine if even one-tenth of the bishops were holy and really cared about their flocks? The killing of unborn children and perversion of body and soul would soon be history. Can you imagine if the Pope would only fulfill the Blessed Mother's request at Fatima to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart? The killing of unborn children, the spread of Islam, terrorism and every heresy would soon be history. Can you imagine? Yet you and I know, that unless God intervenes, it's useless to think these present perpetrators are going to change their spots. They're too set in their ways, too involved with mammon. And of course we all know that "no man can serve two masters" as Jesus attests in Matthew 6: 24, "for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

   Can you imagine if there were no Catholics in the Senate and House? Well it's obvious the fight to end the American holocaust would be much easier.

   So what's the solution? Outside of prayer and fasting for Divine intervention, the only solution is the bishops must do their job and excommunicate these politicians who have no regard for human life. They have broken with Catholic Doctrine and therefore are HERETICS, but more importantly they have mocked God's Will, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." not to mention so many other commandments.

   The saddest commentary to all this is that the bishops will not do this. Instead they reward them by allowing them to receive Communion with mortal sins on their souls. Even the nine Catholic senators who did NOT vote to ban the gruesome and excruciating painful partial-birth abortions are receiving Communion. They actually signed the death warrants because the Senate was 3 votes shy to override Clinton's veto. Their names are Kennedy, Kerry, Durbin, Harkin, Dodd, Reed, Mikulski, Murray and Collins. They signed the death warrants. They are no different from the abortionists.

   The bishops to justify their position make up ridiculous excuses -- that other matters are just as important -- this "seamless garment garbage." They, too, are no different from the abortionists.

   How can anything be more important than the saving of lives of 4,000 precious children of God every day? It is obvious where the allegiance of the bishops lie and it is not on the side of good, but rather evil. Can there be any doubt that Satan loves this latest proclamation of the bishops.

   Do they really think that the opening up of another soup kitchen is as important as saving the life of just one child, let alone 4,000 every day?

   So far the bishops have been complicit in the American holocaust. For this, they will answer to God. Let there be no mistake about that. Had they followed Canon Law and excommunicated these heretics, millions of lives would have been saved over the years.

   Public excommunication is even too good for them. They are the reason that the rate of Catholic women having their child killed is greater than the Protestants and the rate of Catholics voting for pro-abort candidates is also greater than Protestants. It is obvious that Evangelical bishops are heeding the word of God and Catholic bishops are lagging behind.

   Let's face it -- The secret weapon of the "The Party of Death" are the American bishops.

   As long as these Catholic pro-abortion politicians are not excommunicated and still receive the Communion, they think they are in a State of Grace and will continue on their merry killing expedition.

   Bishops have got to know they are NOT in the State of Grace. It is impossible to be when you commit the same sin over and over again -- being a party to the killing of 4,000 children every day.

   Come on bishops, you know what should be done. Why even have a conference to discuss what is obvious. Why even have confession, if anyone can receive Communion?

   The time is well past to save God's precious children. Enough is enough! Public excommunications are the only answer to end the American Holocaust. This is a no-brainer.

   Consider this: A good shepherd would cut these pro-abortion politicians from the herd, like withered vines with a deadly elm disease for they are diseased and contaminate the entire flock.

   The sad fact is that we will end the killing of unborn children in the United States ONLY when the bishops are ready and right now they're to comfortable with the world, the flesh and the devil to care. They're not ready.

   So what is the answer: An honest and outright boycott of every bishop who disobeys God. If your bishop is not uncompromisingly obedient to Almighty God, then he has no power for he has forfeited his Apostolic succession and therefore is not to be obeyed for has no authority. Now that's not me offering an opinion, but a Papal decree declared mandatory "in perpetuity" by Pope Paul IV in his Apostolic Constitution Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio. Consider the following from article 3:

    Hence, by this Our Constitution which is to remain valid in perpetuity, in abomination of so great a crime (than which none in the Church of God can be greater or more pernicious) by the fulness of our Apostolic Power, We enact, determine, decree and define (since the aforesaid sentences, censures and penalties are to remain in efficacious force and strike all those whom they are intended to strike) that: (i) each and every member of the following categories - Bishops, Archbishops, Patriarchs, Primates, Cardinals, Legates, Counts, Barons, Marquises, Dukes, Kings and Emperors - who:
      (a)hitherto (as We have already said) have been detected, or have confessed to have, or have been convicted of having, deviated [i.e. from the Catholic Faith], or fallen into heresy or incurred schism or provoked or committed either or both of these;
      (b) in the future also shall [so] deviate, or fall into heresy, or incur schism, or provoke or commit either or both of these, or shall be detected or shall confess to have, or shall be convicted of having [so] deviated, or fallen into heresy, or incurred schism, or provoked or committed either or both of these;

      (since in this they are rendered more inexcusable than the rest) in addition to the aforementioned sentences, censures and penalties, shall also automatically, without any exercise of law or application of fact, be thoroughly, entirely and perpetually deprived of:- their Orders and Cathedrals, even Metropolitan, Patriarchal and Primatial Churches, the honour of the Cardinalate and the office of any embassy whatsoever, not to mention both active and passive voting rights, all authority, Monasteries, benefices and Ecclesiastical offices, be they functional or sinecures, secular or religious of whatsoever Order, which they may have obtained by any concessions whatsoever, or by Apostolic Dispensations to title, charge and administration or otherwise howsoever, and in which or to which they may have any right whatsoever, likewise any whatsoever fruits, returns or annual revenues from like fruits, returns and revenues reserved for and assigned to them, as well as Countships, Baronies, Marquisates, Dukedoms, Kingships and Imperial Power;

    (ii) that, moreover, they shall be unfit and incapable in respect of these things and that they shall be held to be backsliders and subverted in every way, just as if they had previously abjured heresy of this kind in public trial; that they shall never at any time be able to be restored, returned, reinstated or rehabilitated to their former status or Cathedral, Metropolitan, Patriarchal and Primatial Churches, or the Cardinalate, or other honour, any other dignity, greater or lesser, any right to vote, active or passive, or authority, or Monasteries and benefices, or Countships, Baronies, Marquisates, Dukedoms, Kingships and positions of Imperial power; but rather that they shall be abandoned to the judgement of the secular power to be punished after due consideration, unless there should appear in them signs of true penitence and the fruits of worthy repentance, and, by the kindness and clemency of the See itself, they shall have been sentenced to sequestration in any Monastery or other religious house in order to perform perpetual penance upon the bread of sorrow and the water of affliction;

    (iii) that all such individuals also shall be held, treated and reputed as such by everyone, of whatsoever status, grade, order, condition or pre-eminence he may be and whatsoever excellence may be his, even Episcopal, Archiepiscopal, Patriarchal and Primatial or other greater Ecclesiastical dignity and even the honour of the Cardinalate, or secular, even the authority of Count, Baron, Marquis, Duke, King or Emperor, and as such must be avoided and must be deprived of the sympathy of all natural kindess

   That sounds pretty harsh, but that's not from me, that's from a Sovereign Pontiff. When was the last time you heard any of the conciliar Popes speak so forcefully? I didn't think so. I encourage you to read the entire decree at Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio and you will see that the true bishops of the Roman Catholic Faith have nothing in common with the charlatans who wear the purple and scarlet today.

   So it comes down to this: If they don't stop enabling the killing of the innocent unborns and deceiving innocent souls with false doctrines, then we need to kill any chance for them to continue masquerading as shepherds. They're not! They're accomplices in the 'Party of Death.'

   Since they don't treat the babies in the womb with any "sympathy of all natural kindness" neither should we treat these nefarious bishops with any kindness. Since they don't obey God's laws or His almighty authority, neither should we obey their laws or authority. It's time to kill any chance they have to continue the killing!

   The line in the sand has been drawn. Will you stick your head in that sand and continue blindly to follow these deceivers and liars toward perdition, or will you stand nobly and courageously on the solid rock with those few who will fight to the death for the Faith and all it professes?

   The clock is ticking and it's time to muster against all enemies of God.

Frank Joseph, M.D.

      December 2003
      vol 14, no. 40