GABRIEL'S CLARION (aug8gab.htm)

August 8-31, 2004
vol 15, no. 165

Part Four:
Dis is what dem Dems are all about!

      The headline might sound like a Brooklyn accent, but to God what the Party of Death is spewing is definitely hate speech against His laws and His creation. Not good to get the Father mad.

    "Liberals support for sin such as homosexuality, abortion, and cloning only serves to inflict a moral disease upon a nation which needs God more than ever. Rather than getting down to hard work on reining in their concupiscence, they flaunt the ease with which they can do what they please with ease. Their arrogant and insolent disrespect for God and His Word is truly a cancer ravaging at the very soul of this once great nation."

    With the Party of Death having long concluded its nauseating display of deception, distortion, perdition, and hypocrisy, I have come to realize that dis is what they do!


    While many liberals work for noble causes such as ending poverty, they tend to do so on their own terms and in their own way. Those terms and that way often play on notions of bloated injustice, inhumanity, social martyrdom, economic/political inequality, and epidemic racism, sexism, and every ism you can find. As a friend wisely put it, liberals live off helping "victims" and will work hard to find victims in case they are not available at the time. It is ironic that a group which loves to help victims so much fails to help the greatest victims of all…unborn babies. Despite their sinful support of abortion, homosexual marriage, and cloning plus their disdain for faith, religion, and God, liberals work to portray themselves as God's saviors to an oppressed society. Liberal ministers speak of abortion as if it were a moral choice and homosexuality as if it is quite acceptable by an "all-loving and all-embracing God".


    Liberals are masters of disguise. They wear whatever masks need to be worn at any given time to further their agenda. Just look at John Forbes Kerry, who has as many masks as excuses.


    Liberals feel discomfort when dealing with anything religious. Thus they seek to eliminate or ignore such things. Singer Linda Ronstadt, who once consorted with the former, California's then New-Age Governor "Moonbeam" of California Jerry Brown - a radical 'Catholic' no less - once remarked that she felt uncomfortable when performing in front of very religious people. In another vein, for all his faults, the late Cardinal O'Connor of New York once remarked that Christ, and His followers, come to make the comfortable uncomfortable and the uncomfortable comfortable. Please note how much of the liberals sin-for-all involves creating comfort by providing permission to perversion and perdition!


    Liberals will cry foul when crossed and wax poetic about freedom of speech intolerance, and the so-called separation of church and state, but they will be the first to seek censorship and show intolerance when they disagree with what you have to say. Funny, sounds like most of the Bishops as well when it comes to Traditional Catholics. Yes, more evidence of the link between the the Party of Death and the Party of Denial (alias USCCB). I guess you can say they like to have their sin and eat it too.


    Like the fallen angels of Lucifer, liberals vow to disobey any notion of an Almighty, All knowing, God to Whom we owe obedience, reverence, and respect. "We will not serve" seems to be their mantra. Notice how much of the moral and social turmoil, how sin itself, is really the fruit of disobedience by a rebellious people spurred by liberal forces. And yet they want us to believe they are the apple of their eye. My eye! The apple is the lure and the vehicle of the fall.


    Liberals support for sin such as homosexuality, abortion, and cloning only serves to inflict a moral disease upon a nation which needs God more than ever. Rather than getting down to hard work on reining in their concupiscence, they flaunt the ease with which they can do what they please with ease. Their arrogant and insolent disrespect for God and His Word is truly a cancer ravaging at the very soul of this once great nation.


    Liberals seek to make God ever distant from a nation born and nurtured in deep respect for The Almighty. Fighting to eradicate and erase the Name, the Image, and the Awareness of God from every corner of society, these Godless ghouls will not rest until they have replaced The True God with a version in their own liking and image.


    Liberals seek to talk about everything as if talking things out makes things right. Does the term "dialogue" ring a bell? They pretend that things are, in the immortal words of John Kerry, so "complex" that discussion and analysis is needed. In fact, things are often quite simple if one humbly follows the Word and Will of God. The problem is that liberals only seek to solve things using secular methods and often hide behind alleged complexity as a way of shielding radical motives and agendas. No wonder rather than discussing, they end up cussing!


    Liberals push their agendas by distracting others with side notions and issues. They also use distraction to conceal their motives and moves. Finally, they distract the moral thermometer of society by pushing radical issues and agendas which undermine society's moral compass. An example of this is the subliminal "patriotic" images flashing across the screen even as liberals like Michael Moore have trashed America. Definitely they are on tract for perdition because they distract God's little ones.


    Liberals seek to displace God with their own radical, relativist, modernist versions. They also want to displace traditional discipline and moral absolutes with modernist, relativist, modernized, rationalizing moral codes. All this guarantees them their place in hell where, only when it's too late, will they cry out: We've been displaced! For now all we can hope for is that they will not only convert, but be replaced.


    Liberals have no respect for God, for religion, for faith, for morality, for ethics, for integrity, for sanctity, for family and, of course….For Life! The things they do respect all center on self, on arrogance, on selfishness, and on complete autonomy from responsibility to God. With that kind of attitude how can we have respect for those who have no respect for even themselves because of their total disrespect for God irrespective of what He demands for the sake of their salvation.


    Liberals think that they have all the answers because they distrust God or anything which they do not agree with, runs counter to their agendas, or do not see. Contrition, redemption, and forgiveness are virtually impossible without trust…just ask Judas. And yet, they ask for our trust? Sure we're going to trust these charlatans! Not!


    Liberals thrive in disorder, for that chaos is what feeds and inspires their missions. Rebellion of itself may be a good thing, such as fighting for freedom from oppression. Rebellion from good, however, as the fallen angels discovered, is nothing but evil. Such disorder is the breeding ground for sin and perdition. Such disorder is largely what enabled the revolution brought about by the New Order.


    Liberals may believe in their own ambitions and agendas, but they often lack the fundamental and critical belief in God and His place in our lives which is so crucial to finding salvation. It is not that liberals do not believe at all. It is that they believe in the wrong things or fail to believe in the most important things. The Credo of Cradle Catholics is crude according to the unbelievers.


    In the end, Liberals bring disgrace to goodness because they entice, tempt, and seduce it until it falls. Satan was the first liberal, the apple was his first weapon, and Eve was his first disgraced victim.

    I am sure that you, kind readers, can come up with many other disses foisted on us by liberal thinking, but they will all tell the same tale told here. True tradition, faith, obedience, respect, reverence, and union with God requires that we avoid liberal thinking to the extent that such thinking erodes, corrupts, or distorts our sense of God. Such thinking may cloud our vision, distract our smell, disguise our taste, disturb our touch, and disconcert our hearing of God's Call and His purpose for our lives. Following God is a simple, wide road absent the infection of secular liberalism, but it becomes a complex, narrow road while in the grips of such thinking. Liberalism is the life blood of The New Order, and so we must struggle to avoid the stain of that blood and instead seek the stain of Our Divine Savior's Blood so mercifully and generously shed for our sins and for our salvation; all so that, at our particular judgment, God will not look upon us with disgust.

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

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    Gabriel's Clarion
    August 8-31, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 165