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August 1-7, 2004
vol 15, no. 164

Part Three:
A Strange Religion Emerges at Kerry's 'Coming Out' Party

      Kerry gives his marching orders to satan's legions stirred into a frenzy at the recent Democratic Convention. Ah, yes. Give us that old time religion!

    "There are the trappings of worship such as the signs, the chants, the vows, the offerings, the calls for healing, the witnesses, the idols, the icons, and the altar on which sacrifices to evil were made in the vestments of social good, change, and notions of integrity, honesty, peace, and enlightenment. Just as the New Order Catholic faith presents modernized wares as enlightened moves, so too this church sells sin, evil, death, and immorality in the commodity of charity, inclusion, choice, and whatever other euphemism can be conjured in the dark recesses of hellish minds and Godless spirits."

    There was something surreal about John Kerry's canonization...oops, I mean nomination for President. It just seemed more like a new age religious event what with the crazed progressive faithful in the Boston Zoo where the Celtics play. I could almost hear the druids moaning. It was almost as if one was caught somewhere between another dimension, an insane asylum, a circus, a New Order Mardi Gras, and twisted church. As I watched the Democratic Convention an awe set in, not for the grandeur and spectacle of patriotic fervor which was being hoisted on the senses, but for the bare hypocrisy, distortion, and delusion of it all. Here we had the people who vigorously defend the right to rip babies apart, who vigorously defend the right to play God cloning and killing for "advancement", who vigorously defend the right to homosexual marriage, who vigorously defend the right to push God as far into oblivion as the eye can see, quoting Scripture, thanking God, asking The Almighty to bless America, pushing Bibles on each other, comparing each other to prophets, waxing poetic about the soul and spirit, and generally portraying themselves as some mix of Audie Murphy, Billy Graham, Betty Friedan, Boy George, and Mother Theresa. This Party which mocks everything about God loves to throw His Name in once in a while like some convenient, strategic condiment designed to snare a few more clueless spiritual voters. This Party, whose core agenda reads like opening night in Hell, loves to play the tunes of its social revolution, let's change things 60's ballads. In the end, The Democratic Convention was not merely a political event, it was a religious ceremony for the religion of death, of distortion, of deception, and of hypocrisy!

Even a Liberal Can Quote Scripture

    From the high point of Barack Obama, the up-and-coming future of this Party, to seemingly everyone else, Scripture references and points were logged like some Biblical pinball tally. Obama told us that we "worship an awesome God", that "I am my brother's keeper", and of "belief in things not seen". Rev. David Alston, a Baptist minister and former crewmate of John Kerry, quoted Psalm 27 and told us that God had spared his life and that of others "by giving us a brave, wise, and decisive leader named John Kerry."

    That paragon of sanctity, Bill Clinton, then awed us by drawing a parallel between Kerry and the Prophet Isaiah, implying that both had volunteered in difficult and unpopular circumstances to do what they thought was right (?). Lastly, one of Kerry's crewmates told us that he gave Kerry a Bible when the candidate announced his campaign for President, telling him that he would need it for guidance, strength, and resolve. I suggest that Mr. Kerry actually read that Bible some day and find where abortion, homosexuality, and cloning are favored! Was it not William Shakespeare who said that even the devil can quote Scripture?

You Can Quote, But You Cannot Hide!

    The Party of spin on sin, permission for perdition, and rationalization for reality may bring out the swords and pens with which they vow to fight for power, but they cannot hide the scalpels and vacuums which they use to rip apart innocent lives. They may bring out patriotic signs and flags, but they cannot hide the moral disgrace which they defend in the name of founders more likely to send lawsuits for defamation than thank you notes. They can pretend to respect religion, but they cannot hide the words of Ron Reagan Jr. who painted religious fervor as a mere ignorant, past, minority, ideology which cannot be allowed to the benefit of the many. Oh, how many times has Ronald Reagan turned in his grave seeing his spectacle of a son worshipping at the altar which he so fervently and eloquently spoke against? They can claim to fight against terrorism and oppression, but they cannot hide the words of Planned Parenthood's Gloria Feldt equating fighting for "women's rights" with fighting against terrorism and their feminist martyr cries that American women are "oppressed" like Arab women. I can just imagine Arab women feeling sorry for the poor, "oppressed" American women shopping at the mall, wearing what they like, and seeking careers! To These people society is composed of those who oppress and those oppressed who they have come to save, those who bring unjustice and those unjustly treated who they have come to help, and those who threaten moral discipline and those seeking moral chaos who they have come to free.

    They can thank God Almighty for John Kerry and for each other, but they cannot hide the fact that everything they do and otherwise say aims to push The Creator into a retirement home. They can attack George Bush as using negative and vicious verbal attacks, but they cannot hide their laughter and support for the vulgarity of idiots like Whoopie Goldberg. They can show us their families and smiling children, but they cannot hide the fact that Theresa Heinz Kerry proudly defends and supports homosexual rights, telling them that they will "have a mother in the White House". Yo, Momma T! Papa Abba (God the Father) is not pleased. They can boast that Kerry "earned" his medals, but they cannot hide the fact that Kerry and his wife owe much of their net worth to money they never earned thanks to her inheritance.

    Kerry can talk about honesty, integrity, and decisive leadership, but he cannot hide his own antiwar activities, his own admission to war crimes, his own support for but refusal to fund a war he now disavows, and his own pristine record as the most liberal, most Pro-abortion, most Pro-sodomite member of the Senate. These things were not mentioned at Kerry's religious ceremony in Boston, because the powers-that-be know that most Americans are against these things, and that even 43% of Democrats think that abortion "destroys a human life and is manslaughter". Well, I have some news for even these somewhat enlightened Democrats. Manslaughter is the unintended, accidental taking of a life. Murder, however, is the intentional, premeditated taking of a life. I have never heard of a woman or Planned Parenthood accidentally, unintentionally killing a baby, have you?

Their Own Religion

    Many writers have noted that these liberals have their own religion called Fundamentalist Secularism, and that they have a holy war of their own against Catholics and Christians in general. Given this reality, one can see how The Democratic Convention just concluded was a very public service of that religion, complete with its own Reverends, choir, musicians, priests, priestesses, and congregation. Missing from this New Order liturgy, however, were central doctrines of this secularist faith such as abortion, cloning, and homosexual marriage. This is because this was as much a masquerade ball as a religious service in the Secularist church, part marketing vehicle and part ad campaign hoping to lure unsuspecting voters, if only until November, to the ranks of worshippers.

    There are the trappings of worship such as the signs, the chants, the vows, the offerings, the calls for healing, the witnesses, the idols, the icons, and the altar on which sacrifices to evil were made in the vestments of social good, change, and notions of integrity, honesty, peace, and enlightenment. Just as the New Order Catholic faith presents modernized wares as enlightened moves, so too this church sells sin, evil, death, and immorality in the commodity of charity, inclusion, choice, and whatever other euphemism can be conjured in the dark recesses of hellish minds and Godless spirits.

    Theirs is a steep crusade, seeking to usurp what is left of morality from a society which still wants God, religion, ethics, the family, true marriage, and respect for The Almighty despite all of the struggles of these liberals to rip them away. It must not be easy to sell evil and sin to a society which still dreams of God, good, and family. It is this struggle which these people celebrate, support, and demand as they spit sin and spin. Is this what the Bishops want? One would think so considering so few speak out against these abominations. Remember, your Excellencies, no man can serve two masters!

A Dark Chapter for True Catholics

    This is a very dark chapter for any true Catholic. It is a nightmare turned political party. Here you have the people who vigorously defend and vow to destroy everything you believe in, you stand for, and look who's the birthday boy, the poster child, the center of attention, the main event! Why none other than the Chameleon Catholic himself, John Kerry! Here you have the people who brought you cowardly crimes of convenience, arrogant acts of activism, and sodomite sins of society, and look who you have as the Pied Piper of Perdition and the Virtual Vanguard of Vermin! Yes, believe it; a "Catholic" has been called by Tammy Baldwin, the first openly lesbian official elected to Congress, "the most pro-gay nominee in US history"! They say Satan loves to mock with treacherous irony, and this is cruel evidence of that!

    John Kerry truly has two hands, for he uses them to carry the tools of his trade. On one hand a Bible for pretending to practice, and on the other hand a scalpel for practicing murder. On one hand a medal for pretending to serve, and on the other hand a pitchfork for serving the prince of darkness. On one hand a wedding ring for pretending to respect marriage, and on the other hand the ring of ruin for supporting homosexual marriage. On one hand the Constitution for pretending to follow the founders, and on the other hand a pen for rewriting that document at his whim. On one hand a Rosary for pretending to pray and on the other hand a handcuff for falling prey to modernism, feminism, sodomy, secularism, and relativism. On one hand a St. Christopher medal for "good luck," and on the other hand three Purple Heart Medals for good press. On one hand a vow to not duplicate mistakes, and on the other hand a vow to duplicate people for their stem cells. On one hand the claim to be a practicing Catholic, and on the other hand the reality that he is anything but Catholic. On one hand the mantle of being a model for Catholics, and on the other hand the cloak of being the blueprint for perdition. Yes, this man has two hands, and those are the very hands with which he receives The Most Sacred Body of Christ, after putting down his scalpel, pitchfork, sodomite support, pens, handcuffs, medals, vows, cloaks, and all of the other tools of his trade.

    Many of his advisors have urged Kerry to publicly discuss what role faith plays in his policies and decisions. He has be reluctant to do that because, in truth, faith plays no real role in what Kerry says, does, believes, or fights for other than serving as a convenient foil to both shield and service his hypocrisy, arrogance, insolence, and deception.

    This would all be comical if it were not so tragic but, as the twin masks of comedy and tragedy attest, these two fellows form a durable duo in the drama that is this fallen society. Kerry even acknowledges those who criticize his two-faced, hesitant, waffling nature by noting "there are those who criticize me for seeing complexities and I do because some issues just aren't that simple." Let me make it simple for you, John: You are a liar who accuses others of lying, a murderer who accuses others of murdering, and a paper Catholic who accuses true Catholics of being "fanatical", "religious fringes", and 'intolerant". Any questions?

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

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    Gabriel's Clarion
    August 1-7, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 164