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April 8, 2004
vol 15, no. 99

The Real Presence and The New Order

    There is nothing more nobler that we can do as loyal soldiers of Christ than preserving the belief of the True Presence when this very essence of Catholicism is under assault in every way! Protect the Holy Tabernacles and the Saving Victim within at all costs!

      "One of the last things which St. Francis told his followers before his death was they should always honor and venerate The Most Holy Eucharist since he could not see The Most High Son of God in this world except through the Body and Blood which priests alone could administer. Up until the evils of The New Order began their most obvious assaults on our Faith, the Doctrine of The Real Presence was a well known, well taught given and reality."

    The central reality of our Faith is belief in The Real Presence of Jesus Christ in The Most Holy Eucharist. This reality reminds us of not only God's power and majesty, but also Christ's ultimate sacrifice, The Incarnation, The Resurrection, the virtues of holiness and sanctity, the importance of our Blessed Mother, and the true nature of the battle presently being waged between good and evil. It is for these reasons and more that The New Order hates The Real Presence. The Real Presence stands for everything, which The New Order wants to eradicate from our minds, hearts, and souls. It is for this reason that we must emulate on of my favorite saints, St. Tarsicius.

The Real Presence as a Given

    The foundation of The Real Presence began with The Incarnation, wherein Our Blessed Mother, through Her obedience, faith, and humility accepted the Will of God and brought Humanity to Christ's Divinity. Certainly Christ's life and ministry served as a form of further Incarnation, wherein He touched humanity itself with His divine purpose and message. At the Last Supper, Christ's words of Institution form the Church's Constitution, instilling His sacrifice, message, and instructions on all subsequent actions of The Church and The Faith. When Christ uttered, "Take, eat; this is My body. Drink of it, all of you; for this is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins" (Matt 26:26-28). He summarized both His mission and His call for all wishing to follow Him. When He said, "Do this in commemoration of Me." He ordained the Priesthood.

    Taken simply, The Real Presence tells us that, at the Consecration, the host and the wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. We believe that Our Lord is wholly present, humanity and Divinity, where the Host and Wine once stood. This concept of Transubstantiation is central to our Faith. We further believe the Permanence of The Real Presence, which means that Christ remains present in the Host until there is a corruption of the Host in some way, at which point Christ leaves. Finally, and as a result of the above, we believe in the Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament, which logically follows since we believe that Christ is completely present in the Consecrated Host.

    Church tradition and history completely and thoroughly attest to this belief. From the early Church Fathers such as Tertullian and Sts. Ignatius, Justin, , and John Chrysostom, called "The Doctor of The Eucharist," we see constant references and reverence paid to Christ's words at The Last Supper. St. Paul tells us that unworthy reception of The Eucharist is an offense against the very Body and Blood of Christ. St. Augustine reminds us that Christ held and carried Himself at The Last Supper. The Council of Trent carefully clarified and re-enforced the magnitude and significance of The Real Presence, making sure to push aside errors, which had been spreading.

    One of the last things which St. Francis told his followers before his death was they should always honor and venerate The Most Holy Eucharist since he could not see The Most High Son of God in this world except through the Body and Blood which priests alone could administer. Up until the evils of The New Order began their most obvious assaults on our Faith, the Doctrine of The Real Presence was a well known, well taught given and reality.

Contrary to The New Order

    The New Order wants to eradicate belief in the Divinity of Christ, reminders of His Passion and Sacrifice, belief in The Incarnation, respect for the priesthood, adoration of The Blessed Sacrament, and veneration of The Blessed Mother among many other things. Protestants either do not believe in The Real Presence or confine it to the moment one eats the Host, certainly not accepting that the priest or his words of consecration mean anything special. Behind much of this is the notion that everything is merely symbolic and not actual. Certainly if one sees the Host as merely a symbol, then veneration, adoration, or even signs of respect toward the Host would be seen as idolatry, which is what Protestants believe such actions are.

   Giving weight to this anathema are the relaxed and progressivist norms of Vatican II which have so undermined the infrangible truths of the Holy Eucharist. One reason is because The New Order tends to have major problems reconciling notions of God Almighty's Majesty and Power with the simplicity and clarity of His messages and ways. Therefore, when Christ said, "This is My body", for example, The New Order will either not even recognize anything said or limit the words to a perception consistent with their views and agenda. There's always an excuse to rationalize so as not to upset non-believers. Since when did Christ say to accommodate sinners and heretics? Also, since the New Order has no clue what humility, sacrifice, atonement, forgiveness, or sin mean, it cannot grasp the idea that an Almighty God would place Himself in a simple Host. Lastly, stained with the notions of science, feminism, secularism, materialism, and all of the errors of this world, The New Order cannot and will not recognize the power, purpose, and meaning of The Real Presence, Transubstantiation, or Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament. Oh, many bishops will mouth words that it is the real presence but by their actions and inactions in curbing abuses, surely they do not truly believe. If a priest or bishop truly believed he would guard the Holy Eucharist with his life just as St. Tarcisius did.

   With all the bastions that have fallen to the revolution, there is still one obstacle that is a thorn in the modernists' march to installing the prince of the world on his throne. That obstacle is The Real Presence and its related doctrines. Yes, they are a real threat to The New Order's picture of things, and therefore one of The New Order's things to do is to blot out this belief in the minds, hearts, and souls of today's so-called modern Catholics.

   There are many "structural changes" proposed by various so-called progressive forces within the Catholic Church. These innovations are pushed under the guise of "increasing lay participation" in the Faith but are actually power moves seeking to dismantle the clergy and empower the laity. These evil forces seek to destroy the priesthood or at least twist it into the kind of priesthood they want it to be. Certainly the institution of the priesthood and the importance of having only consecrated hands touch the Host have been torn down and rent asunder as these radical Catholics seek to usurp and replace the priesthood with a "people's Catholic Faith". One need only look at Voice of The Faithful, Richard McBrien, and Bridget Mary Meehan to see the enemies of Our Lord, The Real Presence, and the priesthood!

Signs of Change and Perdition

   The removal of the altar rails, the reception of Communion while standing and with the hands, the general apathy toward The Blessed Sacrament and devotion to It, and the general disrespect paid to this Most Blessed Sacrament are certainly signs of the increasing Protestant and secular approaches toward this most Catholic of areas. There is now faint devotion and knowledge in this area, with the young being almost completely ignorant of the whole topic. The society which seeks to push God out into the cold cannot even seek Him waiting for returning prodigal children in The Tabernacle, which has been moved "out of the way" physically and spiritually.

A Tale of Two Saintly Souls

   We see disrespect, mockery, ridicule, arrogance, and insolence toward The Most Blessed Sacrament everyday. While there are still Adoration and other devotions toward The Blessed Sacrament, these are but a faint flicker of what they used to be. Two very Holy souls will be enough to show us what our approach and attitude should be toward The Blessed Sacrament and The Real Presence. The first is St. Tarsicius, who died a martyr because he would not let a pagan mob touch the Blessed Sacrament, which he held in his hands. This great yet little known saint knew that The Most Holy Sacrament was worth much more, including his own life, than letting unconsecrated, unclean, and undeserving hands soil its Divine nature.

   The Mexican Mystic, Conchita Cabrera de Armida, most certainly was a soul blessed with a special bond to The Most Blessed Sacrament. Her writings with regard to The Holy Eucharist, The Blessed Sacrament, The Real Presence, and Transubstantiation reveal an obsession, an addiction, an attraction, which all worthy and saintly souls must feel for their Savior found in The Most Blessed Sacrament. This Divine Sacrament gives us the graces needed to strive for greater humility, faith, trust, selflessness, sanctity, holiness, and union with Christ. The more we partake of Christ in The Eucharist, the more we will need and hunger for Him in His absence. Our "withdrawal symptoms" upon not receiving Him will thus be greater and we will run to Him for nourishment. Cabrera tells us that if we make ourselves worthy of this Divine Feast and partake of It as often as possible, we will progressively realize the emptiness of this world's offerings and hunger for greater and greater union with Christ.

   Sts. Tarsicius and Cabrera teach us that we must become nutritionally and spiritually intolerant of this world's agenda and devotions. The more we seek and need Christ, the less we will need of what this world has to offer. Eventually, we will not be satisfied unless we have greater and greater union with Christ, and thus we will move toward holiness. We must also protect this spiritual nourishment within our minds, hearts, and souls and then, once that love for This Blessed Sacrament is pure and strong, we will be ready to protect This Blessed Sacrament externally as Tarsicius did. The Real Presence is thus our reason for seeking the spiritual nourishment, which only Christ can provide.


    We have seen that The Real Presence is the very core of our Faith, and that its importance cannot be overestimated. We have also seen that The Real Presence runs contrary to everything The New Order stands for, and is thus a major obstacle to the agenda of that Order. Given these realities, it is no wonder that The New Order is seeking to destroy belief in The Real Presence and its related doctrines.

    One look at the structure of the synthetic New Order Rite pawned on the people by Paul VI at the bidding of bishops who forsook their duty as responsible shepherds, and one should not be surprised that so few still believe in The True Presence. Could that be because as one prays, is how one believes? How can there be much belief where you can no longer tell the difference between what should be a Catholic "Mass" and a Protestant service? If anyone saw the picture this week of John Kerry kneeling at the communion rail they would have thought he was in a Catholic church. But he wasn't. He was in an African Methodist Episcopal church where he fled to in order to avoid the confrontation with Archbishop Raymond Burke over receiving communion because of his persistent sin of promoting abortion and other sins that greatly offend Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, not to say anything of the offenses against the Heavenly Father. What was the strangest if you look closely at the picture were three things. First of all: a communion rail with white cloth! When was the last time you saw that in a New Order church? It is the norm in Traditional chapels, but has long ago been cast out of the New Order churches and auditoriums. Secondly: a woman priestess. Then again she could just as well be a 'eucharistic minister' distributing the hosts and 'cup' for where is the difference from what occurs every Sunday in every New Order church? Thirdly: notice what Kerry is putting in his mouth? It looks more like a chocolate bar. Oh, well, anything to please the masses. I've heard many horror stories of practically the same thing going on in New Order services. So I can easily see why so many modern Catholics have no concept of what the Real Presence means. Come to think of it, with all the abuses and aberrations, it is highly doubtful He is present in many of those New Order tabernacles. It comes down to a little thing the editor has pointed out and provided at CREDO & CULTURE page with the Apostolic decrees by Pope St. Pius V in De defectibus and Quo primum.

    It is up to each of us to become living vessels of that belief the holy Pius decreed we must believe. We know that God will ultimately triumph over our foes, but we must do our part to forever honor and praise His Presence in our Heavenly Manna, which gives life eternal! What better day to reinforce our belief and resolve to help others believe than this day devoted to the Most Holy Sacrament which St. Thomas Aquinas called the "Bread of Angels" Panis Angelicus and O Salutaris Hostia - "O Saving Victim." Truly Heavenly Manna! In case I haven't said it enough lately: Thank you, Jesus.

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: We are pleased to announce Gabriel Garnica will be contributing many articles in 2004. Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, will submit regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes will be music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    April 8, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 99