April 22, 2004
vol 15, no. 113

Giving the GATE to Cardinal Francis E. George, OMI!

    The smudges of anathema are everywhere. How do you rationalize your errors, your Eminence?

Editor's Note: The smudges are everywhere. There are so many fingerprints that have tampered with the Truths of Catholic Doctrine, that the title for this feature was right there at our fingertips - "Fingerprints of Anathema?" Just as FOX News' slogan is "we report, you decide," so also we have left the question mark for you to decide if the person proclaiming what was said is anathema or just another wayward Modernist avoiding necessities, being politically correct, and altering the Sacred Deposit of the Faith to placate man and to avoid accountability to their appointment as successors of the Apostles. Wait. That would be anathema according to the Apostle Paul's infallible statement in Galatians 1: 7-10 wherein he states:

    "I wonder that you are so soon removed, from him who called you to the grace of Christ, to another gospel: which is not another, only there are some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an Angel from Heaven, preach a gospel to you beside that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, so I say now again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema. For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I did yet please men, I should not be the servant of Christ."

    And so today, on behalf of Authentic Roman Catholics everywhere, I, your locum tenens examiner Michael Cain, editor of The Daily Catholic, ask His Eminence Cardinal Francis E. George to kindly step forward to take the Galatians Anathermometer Theological Exam (GATE). By your statements we shall see if you are truly a servant of Christ. If not, what steps will you take to right yourself for your sake and the sake of your flocks, your Eminence? I know you have a busy schedule what with all your ecumenical activities, but there are some important matters the people need to hear from your own words. Prepare for the GATE. Now place your fingers on the anathematic defibrillator and we shall commence.

    First of all, we will be passing the floor to the very capable hands of Gary Morella and Barbara Kralis who published your comments in Catholic Citizens of Ilinois including your brief statment on April 16th:

    "At a public gathering, I was asked about imposing ecclesiastical penalties on pro-choice politicians and others who take public stands that are in opposition to Catholic teaching. My response was, "No, not yet."

    In taking this step to impose public sanctions on politicians, it would be better for bishops to act together, if possible. This issue, therefore, is being studied by a group of bishops.

    Now your Eminence, if this isn't the ol' razzle-dazzle which 'Chicago' is famous for, I don't know what is. It is also called 'flim-flam.' As Mrs. Kralis pointed out to you in respectfully writing, "with all due respect to the group of bishops 'studying' how to respond to this issue, CCI requests that they consider the following items clearly articulated in Canon Law." [editor's emphasis]. She then listed the four specific canonical laws pertaining to this very subject the bishops are supposed to study. In other words, are you saying they don't know Canon Law? Quite surprising considering their academic backgrounds wouldn't you say? Here are the four Canon Laws we list in ascending order:

  • Canon Law 912: All baptized Catholics, who are not forbidden by law, must be admitted to Holy Communion.

  • Canon Law 915: (an exception to receiving Holy Communion) "Others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion."

  • Canon Law 1329: Catholics who are accomplices in enabling and permitting the crime of abortion to occur, who without their assistance the crime would not have been committed, incur the same penalty.

  • Canon Law 1398: Catholics who have obtained an abortion, or performed an abortion, have excommunicated themselves latae sententiae (automatically by their very action) from the Catholic Church. They remain outside the church until the reception of the sacrament of Penance through a good confession.

   Now, your Eminence, it seems quite clear as you told a Mr. Jeff Berkowitz on his TV show in that "public gathering" you refer to, that you have said "We don't give edicts. Again, we are governed by the code of Canon Law." Then why are you not heeding what you are governed by? You further stated,in Berkowitz' direct questions about if you would deny communion to pro-abort Catholic politicians the following while hemming and hawing in that old shell game you and your modernist bishops have become famous for:

    Well, not at this point, no. It would be very interesting to toss it out and say what do you think? I have done that at the [inaudible] Council; I have done that at the archdiocesen pastoral council, which is 60 lay people; I have done that at the archdiocesen Women's committee, which is about 20 lay women. You know before bishop moves, he better listen a lot, he better consult, particularly on something, which is political, because political issues of their nature divide. And, the bishop has to be a source of unity. So, I am not going to do this tomorrow or the next day, but we have this Committee that I am talking about, which is examining all of the options, this is one of the reasons why, at least in the Catholic Church, we don't let politicians take pulpits- because politics divide and the Church is supposed to be about uniting people, as long as the parameters of the faith and the moral code are respected. The problem is compounded because the Pope in the document you mentioned has said, look, legislators and politicians have to respect the law as it is, but then if the laws seem unjust, for example they permit killing of infants in the womb- then you have to work toward changing them. But, while they are in force, they are enforced, including by Catholic politicians. The difficulty is in working toward.

    The great scandal to my mind of the Democratic Party is that there is no Pro-Life Caucus, none whatsoever. A party that historically has been concerned about the weakest among us, why most Catholics were in fact Democrats historically-doesn't permit any freedom of speech around this question of abortion. So in that particular situation there is something of a scandal. One can say, as I have, that the Democratic Party has lost its soul. One could also argue that the Republican Party never had a soul. [Lots of audience laughter]. It is called equal opportunity. [more audience laughter]. But, there is something seriously wrong with a country that has watched over 40 million infants be killed over the last 30 some years, and it should be a matter of some concern. The fact that it can't be a concern, that it simply has to be put aside and never discussed publicly again even by the oldest of our political parties is a matter of concern I think politically. It is also a matter of concern morally for the people who espouse that and it is precisely as their pastors and their concern for them that bishops speak. I think at this point the integrity of my office doesn't demand that I do what you ask. If in fact, it did, and I couldn't- I would resign, if the Pope lets me. So, this is matter of the utmost concern-but I don't have a clear answer to your question at this time.

   Before any further ado or bafflegab from you, I will now respectfully hand the floor over to Mr. Morella who has much wisdom and documentation to offer. His testimony will be in blue:

   This discouraging interview with Chicago's Cardinal George shows what happens when politics trumps Catholic teaching necessary for salvation. His political bias in favor of the "democratic party" is betrayed by his flippant comment "One can say, as I have, that the Democratic Party has lost its soul. One could also argue that the Republican Party never had a soul," which clearly implies that the former is the "lesser of two evils." The lesser of two evils is STILL evil. Cardinal George unwittingly let "cat out of the bag" with this comment showing the affinity for which many in the clergy still have for a democratic party whose leadership has long since sent itself to hell expedited by the work of prominent pseudo-Catholics. At least there are some in the Republican leadership who still fear the Lord enough to not want to mock Him in recognition of the truth that without life there are NO other issues! This is not to imply that much work needs to be done on the other side of the aisle. However problems must be recognized as such before they can be addressed. And no one in the Catholic Church seems to consider it a problem anymore that the world is not listening to Catholicism as a moral compass. But then again why should the world when Rome fiddles while the Church is burning?

   We have news for you, Cardinal George. If bishops like yourself gave some evidence of being Catholic by telling this country that a Catholic moral voice is mandatory in order to filter out the secular confusion of the devil, we would not be staring at a "soulless" nation regardless of party affiliation! If bishops like yourself uncompromisingly preached the "culture-of-ETERNAL-life" with emphasis on man's supernatural end given the REAL existence of hell instead of "peace and social justice issues" ad nauseam, which have nothing to do with a "Kingdom NOT of this world," the efforts of those God-fearing people in the political arena would be made clearer to the public as to the necessity of God's Law taking precedence over man's for our physical survival leading ultimately to our eternal spiritual survival in accord with the Natural Law, knowable from reason, showing the Truth of the Divine Law.

   George's "clarification of recent remarks" are disgraceful and antithetical to a traditional Catholic witness to the Church that Christ founded upon the Rock that is Peter. They are foreign to the Catholicity of the pre-Conciliar (Vatican II) popes to include a canonized Saint, and the dogmatic teaching of the councils rooted in Sacred Scripture making up the infallible Magisterium of the Church on Faith and morals. You do not see Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, Saint Pius X, Pius XI, and Pius XII encouraging "collegiality run amok", one of the rotten fruits of Vatican II, when it comes down to the "last things"- death, judgment, Heaven and hell. And it ALWAYS, repeat, ALWAYS, comes down to the "last things." At least that used to be the case when the institutional Church was recognizable as Catholic. Sadly, with the increasing apostasy in the clergy, as predicted by Our Lady of Fatima, that is no longer true. The REAL Catholic Church now exists in the catacombs where priests preach Christ crucified for salvation's sake instead of the "sacrament of self esteem" instituted by the devil, the ONLY sacrament in the modern church where sin no longer exists, as preached by a congenial clergy that hypocritically professes to "heal the enlightened modern Church" from those awful traditional dogmas that are no longer necessary since the world must be accommodated instead of contradicted.

   Cardinal George's "political" Church where bishops are afraid to give evidence that they are Catholic in favor of a "democratic approval rating" is the church of the lukewarm of Laodocia, the worst of the seven churches, which God vomited out of His mouth in the Book of the Apocalypse (cf. Apoc. 3: 16).

   How can it be said that pseudo-Catholic politicians like John Kerry & Co. do not incur excommunication under Canon law 1329 when they are the principal enablers of baby killing by their blatant support of the agenda of the devil in being advocates for the totality of the "culture-of-eternal-death" to include contraception, abortion, homosexuality and euthanasia? They most certainly do. You do not have to be handling the forceps that crush babys' skulls when you are the political instrument for making such barbaric acts "legal", which is blasphemy to the Catholic Faith. The sorry fact that our bishops do not own up to this fact is evidence that they are NOT CATHOLIC! [Canon Law 1329 Catholics who are accomplices in enabling and permitting the crime of abortion to occur, who without their assistance the crime would not have been committed, incur the same penalty.]

   Kerry could not even bring himself to vote for a recent bill that would have made it illegal to kill an innocent in the womb if the mother WANTED the baby. The bill made it perfectly OK to kill the baby if the mother DID NOT WANT IT, as its promoters went to pains to tell the professional baby killing lobby that it would have no effect on the Roe v. Wade decision in order to garner the approval of the disciples of the devil. Kerry was so moved by this attempt at appeasement to the radical left that he made a special effort to vote AGAINST this bill so that his core support in NOW and NARAL would not be endangered, support that applauded every filthy non-Catholic vote he made to kill babies in what should be their safest place of refuge - their mothers' wombs to particularly include his heinous shameless support of partial birth infanticide.

   Bottom line - this bill was so flawed that baby killing was a function of the mother's choice. If we HAD Catholic bishops witnessing to the Faith instead of being embarrassed by it this country would never have descended to the moral abyss in which it now finds itself where such flawed bills are deemed major victories. Sed contra, it would be under the influence of Catholic Truth for its salvation, which was God's command in the last paragraph of the Gospel of Matthew.

   Moreover, how can bishops like George ignore Canon Law 915? [Canon Law 915 (an exception to receiving Holy Communion) Others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.]

   How can it be said that Kerry & Co. are not "obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin?" The tortured explanations otherwise will not suffice as they are illogical.

   Would the saints, which we are all called to be, have shirked from correcting Catholic "wrong", begging to ask permission to do so from others before doing what is "right" for the sake of the immortal souls of all concerned? The mere suggestion is ridiculous; it is not Catholic, but rather a disgrace to the Faith and making a mockery of the blood of the martyrs.

   THE crisis in the Catholic Church is due to the fact that we have SPINELESS bishops, whose skulls, in the words of the great Eastern father, Saint John Chrysostom, "pave the road to hell!" They have blasphemously in the name of Catholicism encouraged dissent from all aspects of Magisterial teaching, which spawned a sodomite subculture in the priesthood. Misery loves company as the current crop of bishops, by their reluctance to formally excommunicate individuals like Kerry, who have repeatedly caused public scandal to the Faith, show that they could care less whether or not those entrusted to their care are at extreme risk of going to hell. God help us all!

   Catholics today have to educate themselves in the Faith more than ever because they are receiving a steady diet of lies spewing forth from the post-Conciliar Church in the name of the "spirit of Vatican II", which is not the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Ghost but something diabolic. Catholics should immediately recognize these lies when they see things that the Church has traditionally believed since its founding, one of the tests of an infallible Magisterial teaching, that are defined away as no longer relevant, e.g., conversion is not necessary to the Faith which repudiates the ultimate Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary and the blood of the martyrs witnessing to the necessity of the Catholic Church for man's salvation, the Jews can still wait for the Messiah, and the Words of Consecration necessary for transubstantiation to occur at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the institution of the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist, which is the centerpiece of Catholicism, i.e., that which uniquely defines it, which was the INTENTION of Our Lord in HIS VERY WORDS at the Last Supper, are profanely referred to as nothing more than "a medieval theology of magic words" which can be replaced with the Mass still being valid! THESE ARE ABOMINABLE LIES! THEY ARE NOT THE STATEMENTS OF CATHOLICS! Denzinger's The Source of Catholic Dogma is an excellent reference in this regard.

   Catholics must never forget that the individual doing the redefining exists. His creed is "non-serviam" to his Creator in open defiance of Jesus Christ, the God-Man being his superior, and his smoke has entered the last bastion of Truth for the world, the Church itself. We must pray for the Church that, with the help of Jesus Christ, through the intercession of His Blessed Mother Mary, His Foster Father, Saint Joseph, and all of the Archangels, Angels, and Saints, the Church Triumphant in Heaven, in union with the Church Suffering in Purgatory who will see the Beatific Vision of the Blessed Trinity in all of its radiant glory, the Church Militant on Earth will find the courage through the sanctifying Grace of the Sacraments, in particular the Sacrament of Confirmation whereby young Catholics become soldiers of Christ, and frequent reception of the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist, to uncompromisingly witness to the Faith as part of the Mystical Body of Christ for man's eternal salvation.

   I would say that is pretty definitive, your Eminence. Yet, despite this overwhelming evidence you still say: "No, not yet." I ask again, what are you waiting for? The more you wait, the more souls are lost and the more the enemy gains hold. Do you not realize the grave consequences of that and what you will have to account for at your final judgment? To refresh your memory to what Gary pointed out earlier, it all comes down to the "Last Four Things": Death, Heaven, Purgatory and hell. Yes, your Eminence, there is a hell! This has clearly been confirmed by Sacred Scripture and by Pope Leo XIII who composed lengthy but necessary Prayer to St. Michael which is available in full at www.refugeofsinners.com. Do you think, your Eminence, that it is time to finally stand up and honor your vows as a faithful shepherd of your flock? I know for a fact you were taught well and given the solid pre-Vatican II foundations by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. My question is: what happened to you? Have you been so consumed by power and prestige and man's plaudits that you have forgotten your goal and your humble beginnings? Have you been so blinded by the schmoozing with politicians and men of the world that you have lost sight of the narrow path? Is this what has happened to your fellow bishops as well who shy away from their responsibilities before God? It seems all we get is your double-speak, skimble-skamble delaying tactics and more of "No, not yet!"

   With your constant shuffling and procrastination, the anathematic defibrillator is waffling all over the place. Therefore, we have seen enough. You may lift your fingers for you have convicted yourself of anathema, Cardinal Francis George. You are no servant of Christ for you seek to persuade men, not God.

    I pray you will go forth, along with your fellow cohort bishops, and learn from this exam or, as we already have told your peer Archbishop Sean O'Malley that when it comes to your Final Exam before the Eternal Judge your actions and inactions will flunk you forever. Go now and study Canon Law if you must take more time. We would recommend Mrs. Kralis' excellent article Primer on Canon 915 and also review our Herod's Heroes and realize you are only enabling satan and his minions. It is time to say with Saint Paul his words in Galatians 1: 6, "I wonder that you are so soon removed, from him who called you to the grace of Christ, to another gospel: which is not another, only there are some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ." Do you realize you are doing that, your Eminence? It is time then that you do the right thing, or else get out of the way and let a good and holy bishop take care of the people of Chicago. After so many years of bad shepherds, they need a good shepherd to remind them of what is truly Catholic. Like St. Ambrose stood up to the Roman Emperor in upholding right, so also we will stand up against you and all other bishops who conceal the Catholic Truths and Traditions of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith from the faithful.

Michael Cain, editor, The Daily Catholic

    Note to Authentic Catholics everywhere: If you know of other error-filled statements made by other prelates, please let us know and we will gladly give them the GATE as well in future installments.

Fingerprints of Anathema?
April 22, 2004
Volume 15, no. 113