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For the Restoration of Holy Mother Church, we are calling on our Angels for Help!
   The tax-exempt donations of these various levels below are critical to the success of SANCTUS. The Choirs are listed below: first in descending order in three columns and then detailed ascending order from the smallest donations to the higher echelons of charity. Choose what level in the Choir of Angels that your heart is moved to contribute for the Restoration of Holy Mother Church and keeping The Daily Catholic as a "light of armor" to all.

Descending order of the Choir of Angels:

Ascending order of the Choirs of Angels:

  • $120. to $299. Anyone donating $10. to $24. per month will be categorized on our list as Angels in the Lowest Hierarchy of Angels Benefactors. This is often the widow's mite and God will reward those who don't have much but want to do their part to save souls through their love offerings.

          The Angels are the lowest choir of the Celestial Hierarchies. Their name signifies their mission: messengers. They are more directly in contact with visible and earthly things than all the other Angels. This also means that by their nature and duties they are closer to man than any other celestial spirit. It is from this choir that the Guardian Angels are ordinarily, yet not exclusively taken, for the guidance and protection of individual souls during this earthly pilgrimage. The Angels are the third Choir of the Lower Hierarchy.

  • $300. to $499.Those donating $25. to $49. per month will be considered Archangels on the Lower Hierarchy of Angel Benefactors. These are those who can give alms on a regular basis but are not wealthy, but form the backbone of many readers.

             The Archangels are probably the best known of all the angels, with the exception of the Choir of Angels. From the ministry of the Archangels Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, and Saint Raphael, we are aware of their power, wisdom and holiness. The name of the Archangels implies that they are leaders among the Angels and are superior to the Choir of Angels. The name "Archangel" is predominantly given to St. Michael even though the Church attributes the same title to St. Gabriel and St. Raphael. The exalted position attributed to St. Michael can be explained by the fact that, even though he belongs to a relatively low order by nature, his outstanding zeal for the Glory of God and the salvation of his fellow Angels, at the time of Satan's rebellion, merited such glory and power as to equal and even excel through grace such celestial spirits that belong to a much higher choir by nature. Ancient apocryphal literature of the Old Testament contains several other names of Archangels in addition to the ones mentioned above. Names like Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, and Jeremiel are not found in the canonical books of Sacred Scripture, but are found in the apocryphal book of Enoch, fourth book of Esdras, and in rabbinical literature. The Catholic Church does not permit proper names of Angels that are not found in the canonical books. All such names that were taken from apocryphal writings were rejected under Pope Saint Zachary in 745. The Archangels are the second Choir of the Lower Hierarchy.

  • $500. to $1,199. Anyone donating $50. to $99. per month will be categorized on our list as Principalities in the highest level of the Lower Hierarchy of Angels Benefactors. Here, too, those donations will greatly help to continue regular publishing of The Daily Catholic.

             The name of the Principalities signifies their God-like prince-likeness and authoritativeness in an order which is holy and most fitting to the princely powers. They are formed, as far as creatures can, in the likeness of the Source of Principality and reveal Its transcendent order by the good order of the princely powers. The Principalities are the first Choir of the Lower Hierarchy.

  • $1,200. to $2,999. Anyone donating $100. to $299. per month will be listed among those in the middle order or the Middle Hierarchy of Angel Benefactors. Their regular contributions also assures continued publication of The Daily Catholic.

             The name of the Angelic Choir of Virtues signifies a certain powerful and unshakeable courage; never falling away from the divine life through its own weakness, but ascending unwaveringly to the Source of all Virtue. The lower Choirs receive the gift of virtue from this Choir. The Virtues are the second Choir of the Middle Hierarchy.

  • $3,000. to $5,199. For those donating $300. to $499. per month, they will be listed in the category of Powers in the Middle Hierarchy of Angel Benefactors. Their regular contributions will assure continuity for SANCTUS to carry out the reclamation of abandoned sacramentals.

             The name of the Powers is found in Sacred Scripture in the Apostle St. Paul's letters to the Ephesians, Chapter 1:21: "...far above every principality, authority, power and dominion,..." The name of the Powers signifies an orderly and unconfined order in the divine realm and the regulation of intellectual and supernatural power. This Choir leads those below it to the Supreme Source of Power. The Powers are the third and last Choir of the Middle Hierarchy.

  • $6,000. to $11,999. For those generous Catholics donating $500. or more per month, they will be remembered on our list of the highest Choir of the Middle Hierarchy of Angel Benefactors and will play a key role in helping reclaim sacred items and lay the foundation for SANCTUS' purpose.

             According to Dionysius the Areopagite, the Dominions enjoy a certain unbounded elevation and freedom from all that is terrestial, and from all inward inclination to the bondage of discord. They are true lords and wholly give themselves to the Source of Lordship. The Dominions are the first Choir of the Middle Hierarchy.

  • $12,000. to $29,999. For those very giving patrons committing $1000. or more per month ($12,000. to $29,999. a year), we are indebted to them and honor them in the third category of the highest Angelic Choir of Benefactors and help play an integral part of the restoration.

             Sacred Scripture does not reveal much about this Angelic Choir. They are referred to in Colossians Chapter 1:16: "In Him (the Word) were all things created in heaven and on earth, the visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions, or principalities, or powers; all things were created through Him and for Him." Being the third and lowest Choir of the first and highest Hierarchy, it is believed the Thrones share (with the Seraphim and Cherubim) the exalted dignity and glory of being closer to the throne of God than all the rest of the Angelic Choirs. Because of their close proximity to God, the light of the divine mysteries is brought to them before the rest of the Angelic Choirs. The Thrones are the third Choir of the Supreme Hierarchy of Angels.

  • $30,000. to $59,999. For those generous patrons or companies contributing $2,500. or more per month ($30,000. to $59,999. a year), they will be considered among the second highest of the Choirs of Angels Benefactors on our list and help make it possible to purchase confiscated churches.

             Sacred Scripture describes the Cherubim as Heavenly custodians and protectors of holy places and things. In Exodus, Chapter 25:18, the Lord commanded Moses to build two Cherubim of smoothened gold and place them on either side of the propitiatory. Thus the Cherubim are represented as custodian spirits. Another duty of the Cherubim is that of being the throne bearers of God. In Isaias Chapter 37:16 we find: "O Lord of hosts, God of Israel enthroned upon the Cherubim! You alone are God over all the kingdoms of the earth." The Cherubim are considered the spirits of heavenly wisdom. Saint Gregory the Great describes them as "the plenitude of knowledge". "These sublime hosts", he writes, "are called so, Cherubim, because they are filled with a knowledge which is most perfect since they are allowed to behold the Glory of God most closely." The Cherubim are the second Choir of the Supreme Hierarchy.

  • $24,000. and up For those most generous benefactors who have the means to contribute at least $5,000. per month ($60,000. or more a year) they will be honored in the highest category here: the highest Choir in the Supreme Hierarchy of Angel Benefactors. There are entrepeneurs who can afford this and make a big, big difference in reclaiming so many churches.

              The Seraphim is the first Choir of the Supreme Hierarchy of Angels. The name Seraphim is the plural of the word Seraph (which is taken from the Hebrew word saraph: to burn). The Seraphim are mentioned in Sacred Scripture in Chapter 6 of the book of Isaias. They are described as standing upon the throne where the Lord was sitting, having each six wings and singing constantly the hymn:"Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of hosts" - "Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabbaoth." The primary duty of the Seraphim is to love God and to sing without ceasing. Saint Jerome states that Seraphim, translated from the Greek, means the inflaming ones, or, the burning ones. Because of their name, they are regarded as the spirits of divine love. The Seraphim are the first Choir of the Supreme Hierarchy.

    •    Please choose which level you can honestly afford and give according to your heart and where your treasure is. Thank you and may God richly reward you for your generosity.

       This plea is to all. We have offered The Daily Catholic free to all for so many years, but those contributing have been only a few. We are always grateful to those loyal, generous benefactors, especially one family who single-handedly have made it possible for The Daily Catholic to stay on line. But is that fair that a few pay the freight while the rest get a free ride? Think about it and ask yourself what you think it is worth to give so others can know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith. We thank you in advance and remind you that the success of this "Choir of Angels Christmas Pledge Drive" will determine how often we publish in 2009.

       To preserve the True Faith is absolutely essential if we are to witness the miraculous intervention of our Blessed Mother to dethrone satan as foretold in Genesis 3: 15. In working toward this goal of Mary's Immaculate Heart triumphing, we can be reassured the True Roman Catholic Church will be restored and this will begin a golden, glorious age where all will respect the True Church as being the only true Faith. It will be an era more glorious than the Church has ever seen. But it won't happen soon if we do not all pitch in and work together NOW! Believe! Let your faith shine forth and become a true earthly angel, saving souls and contributing your treasure, your alms to work for this restoration, so that when God calls you home, the good Lord will reward you infinitely. We respectfully ask, if you can find it in your heart, to please help us to be able to continue this apostolate and help SANCTUS to recover what was lost.

    SANCTUS is the non-profit parent organization of The Daily Catholic.
    SANCTUS is an acronym for Save All Necessary Catholic Traditions in the United States.

      Throughout these past years we have endeavored to bring you the unmitigated Truths and Traditions of what Holy Mother Church truly teaches in sorting the wheat from the chaff that interferes so with souls and peace of mind. So many are confused because of the whole blind obedience issue that prompts the vast majority of Catholics to follow a false religion and a blasphemous rite, veering from what was professed for nearly two millennia. If you agree that The Daily Catholic is necessary to provide proof of this and help convert the lost, we would greatly appreciate any donation you can afford. While we are making a major push for SANCTUS to help restore the True Faith by reclaiming confiscated churches and sacramentals, please don't forget The Daily Catholic. If you do not want to use our secure server through PayPal, you may send your checks or money orders via mail to:

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    All donations to SANCTUS or The Daily Catholic are tax deductible. God bless you for your generosity and active role in saving more souls and helping be a guiding light to the lost.