From January 3, 2014
for Anniversary of Cyndi's death on April 8, 2014
Easter Week Edition
vol. 26, no. 99

Cyndi's Final Lesson - a revelation of her heart and soul

Following is the very last thing Cyndi wrote. It was on January 3, 2014. From that point on she could no longer hold a pen, let alone sit at a computer. Recently, in clearing out some files, I found a notebook where she had kept a diary up until the 3rd when she wrote what you shall find below. I have prayed on whether Cyndi would have wanted it published, and have discerned that God would like it published for it is the essence of who Cyndi was and will better illustrate the child-like love she always held for the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother, and why she was graced with special gifts such as locutions and even visions for, as we know from Church history, God chooses the most feeble of vessels to manifest His message to mankind. Cyndi never felt she was special and reluctantly accepted the limelight when it was for the welfare of souls, but often would recede back into the background afterwards for she was a contemplative person who preferred being a solitary soul. All her life she focused on loving God above all things by being a loving wife, devoted mother and devout Catholic. Truly, her goal was "to be a saint." I truly believe she has reached that goal. Here then are her final brief words:

        I can't believe I have passed my 65th birthday four months now - the child who should never have been born, the child who should never have lived - a child offered a great grace from God the Fahter when she was only three years old.

        The little skinny child - me - was given a spiritual "completeness" whereby she could always run into the outstretched arms of God where she could rest from the insanity of the world what very little she knew of it at so tender an age, to find peace which could not be shattered by anyone or anything.

        Caressed in God's most pure Love this little child grew to understand what Christ meant when He said to His Apostles and followers "Unless you become as a little child you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

        From this very early age, little Cynthia Adele knew how to live a spiritual life interiorly, while also living a normal external life. For this was God's offer to the little girl that I was at three. She would learn the secrets of an internal life while applying the hidden lessons to a world, to her family every day.

        At the age of five, Cynthia watched in awe as her older sister Kathleen made her first Communion. She loved the beautiful silk and lace dress of spotless white material, and sat silently away from extended family, to read the prayer book Kathleen had received on this day. Cynthia could not take her eyes from a two-foot statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Our Lady of Grace - also a gift received on a day when it seemed the interior life I lived melded with the eternal ones.

        Approximately two weeks later on a hot June morning I was learning to make my bed just as Kathleen was, all supervised by our mother Dolores. For some reason, as we persevered at bed-making, our mother asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. My sister Kathleen answered first, "I want to be a mother and have thirteen children." Then it was my turn. I answered at once, "I want to be a saint."

        Both my mother and sister were shocked by my answer, and there was anger in my mother's voicee when she asked, "Who told you to say that?"

        I replied willingly with a lilt to my voice, "The Holy Ghost."

        At once I knew I had, in my mother's opinion, not only lied but in doing so had made a fool of myself. I was ordered never to say this to anyone ...ever.

        It was shortly aftaer that on a hot summer night when I awoke from sleep. I had no idea of the time, only that my parents were still up.

        A Beautiful Lady was standing there. She was smiling at me so I had no fear. I glanced at the dresser where Kathleen kept the statue of the Blessed Mother. The statue was gone! It was then that I received the grace to know that the Beautiful Lady was the Blessed Mother.

        All this time I was moving toward here and I felt such love and peace and joy. I wanted to share it with everyone. I called loudly for my parents and sister Kathleen. In doing so, I turned back just in time to see the Blessed Mother leave and the statue was back on top of the dresser.

        I tried to explain everything to my parents. Sadly, they didn't believe me. They dared not to believe me. From that moment on I never again spoke aloud anything of my spiritual life.

        I so hope that little girl, now in her mid sixties, will someday be with the Blessed Mother again. That time might be sooner. Oh, my pain level is above 10, but I offer all to Jesus through Mary. Come, Lord Jesus. Protect me from the snares of the devil. I love You.

    Your obedient little child Cynthia "Cyndi" Adele.

          Note: The photos above are of Cyndi at three at the top, then in copy Cyndi admiring her older sister's First Holy Communion, and the lower B& W is of Cyndi's First Holy Communion with her sister Kathleen to her right.

Cyndi Cain's last writing
from January 3, 2014
Published on the First Anniversary of her death
April 8, 2015, vol. 26, no. 99