November 2003
vol 14, no. 39

Fatima foiled?
Not a chance!

Brief Editorial on
Why the Jihad against Fatima and the True Faith will fail!
    "In Portugal, the dogma of faith will always be preserved."
   First the Pact of Metz, then Assisi, then Balamand followed by the Lutheran accord, the diluting of the Rosary, and now Fatima? We could see it coming. Oh, could we! Now there have been hoaxes posited on most of us before, but they are usually exposed within a week. It has now been over a week since an article first surfaced in Portugal portending that the Shrine of Fatima is destined to become a center of ecumenism. Sadly, a week has passed and there has been no denial from Rome. Therefore, it would seem it is not a hoax but all part of the destructive agenda of the ecumaniacs, the very ones who were the architects of the new religion in the sixties which fashioned the VaticantwoArian heresy.

    We, along with so many in the Traditional Catholic Resistance to the New Order, have long asked: What will it take to wake up neo-Catholics to the "abomination of desolation" (Mt 24: 15) that has ravaged millions and millions and millions of souls by masquerading as the Roman Catholic Church? Maybe this last bold coup to transform the last great Marian shrine into a pagan trough where pigs of every belief can slop around in giving credence to their own false gods will alert the ostpolitik ostriches of the Vatican II church that all they'll wind up with is mud, lots of useless, mud good only for packing the perestroika-paneled walls of hell.

    Since this story out of Portugal was first published and quickly made the rounds on the internet, we've received a lot of e-mails - many from several whom we have not heard from since they abandoned us two years ago when we fully transformed The Daily Catholic into a Traditional Catholic site. Now, as predicted, they are more lost than ever, and, as their faith is being tossed violently in the unstable, swirling, typhoon-like waters of 'Catholic-lite,' they are desperately searching for rescue and turning to the beacons of truth that shine brighter than ever: those traditional sites who refused to compromise, who have remained loyal to the Traditions and Tenets held so sacrosanct from Peter to Pius XII.

    Dear fooled friends who have bought into the lie for so many years, do you see now why we - when realizing the truth and what the Roman Catholic Faith truly teaches - could no longer follow the pied piper of pantheistic pabulum - John Paul II and the very Vatican II agenda he played a major part in forging, fomenting and furthering with the appointment of so many wolves in shepherds' clothing? If you cannot see that by now, then God help you. You are blinder than the blind man of the gospels. I ask how will those defenders of novelty and innovation like EWTN and The Wanderer and the neo-Catholic-lite puff pub Catholic Exchange handle this? They've got to be churning in their own curdled butter of banality.

    For three excellent commentaries on this, I urge you to read Novus Ordo Watch, Fr. Moderator's comments for November 10th New Order Fatima Cult Exposed, and Father Louis Campbell's sermon "Terrible is this place". They all hit the mark right on. There will, of course, be more forthcoming from such beacons as Catholic Family News, Tradition in Action, The Remnant, and of course, Stay tuned. As of yet, ZENIT and Catholic World News have been conspicuous in their silence - obvious collaborators of the cover-up. Maybe they have failed to carry this story because the Vatican itself hasn't had time to put the kind of spin they want on this shocking revelation of their ultimate plans. After all, puppets can do nothing without someone pulling the strings.

    For the article from The Portugal News , promoted as 'Portugal's weekend newspaper in English' and published on All Saints Day, see Fatima to become interfaith shrine. You won't belief the insane and blasphemous reasoning for the need to "revamp religious shrines every 25 years." After reading this shocking news, we urge you to read Pope Pius XI definitive encyclical Mortalium Animos for that is the true stance of Holy Mother Church. We welcome other religions to return to the true fold through conversion to the True Faith, never, ever compromise!

    Yet, the subterfuge already revealed by the rector of the Fatima Shrine - Monsignor Luciano Guerra, begins in earnest this month on November 20-22 when he will preside over the International Congress for Organ and Liturgy at the Fatima Shrine. The audience the 'experts' will be addressing are, as the official Fatima site states: "Liturgists, Organists, Organ-makers, musicologists, Composers of Liturgical Music, Diocesan Directors of Sacred Music, Agents of Liturgical Music during the Celebrations, Professors of music, Architects of new Churches, etc."

    Why, of course, those at the parish and chancery levels need to be dumbed down further. And so it begins...or should I say continues. No wonder we all pray so fervently that Blessed Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph soon as she promised at Fatima. She is the organ to obtaining peace through her Divine Son. Yet, the instrumental organ is the emphasis in this charade of a conference. My question: When was the last time the organ was the accepted instrument of the NO Messes? Especially in the US where sacred polyphony has been abandoned. Yet, one of the experts, besides the President of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music (thus meaning modern Rome has put their stamp on it), is a professor named Marie Rubis Bauer from Lawrence, Kansas. Come again? Now Kansas has a few beautiful churches that still retain the characteristics of a Roman Catholic Church such as the Society's St. Mary's or the magnificent old Cathedral of the Plains just off I-70 in the middle of nowhere smack dab in the center of the state. But Lawrence? It's nothing but a hotbed of liberalism for it is a university town with "rockchalk, Jayhawk" taking on much more reverence and importance than the Missae Cantate or Ad altare Dei. Can anyone tell me of a conservative community where there is a secular college? No, I didn't think so.

    But the charade continues in one of the holiest shrines, the last international bastion of the Catholic connection between Heaven and the True Church of two millennia. Today that connection seems to be leaning more toward hedonism and universalism perpetrated by a false church as even the testimony of the last living visionary is twisted and altered to serve the schismatic church's claim that the Third Secret of Fatima has been fulfilled. The perpetrators have gone so far as to implicate that the Blessed Mother of God was lying. Enough is enough as is documented in our series The Fatima File.

    But despite their ambition to fashion a one world religion - the Novus Ordo Seclorum of the Masonic Zionist creed - Our Lady herself has assured it will not happen at Fatima. For she, authorized by the Almighty Father, her Divine Son, and her Divine Spouse the Sanctifier, conveyed quite clearly to Sister Lucia,

    "In Portugal, the dogma of faith will always be preserved."

    Well, if Fatima were to be converted into an interfaith shrine then the dogma of faith would not be preserved. That would mean Our Lady was deceiving us. That would mean that Fatima is not of God. That conjecture is highly unlikely, especially when you consider the scrutiny the apparitions underwent by Holy Mother Church in pre-Vatican II times, her strict advocatus diaboli system of making sure there were no doubts before declaring this wondrous Marian shrine and devotion worthy of belief.

    Maybe, just maybe, and hopefully, prayerfully, this will be the straw that breaks the apostate camel's back and at last the Blue Army and Father Robert Fox will join the clamor that Russia be consecrated exclusively to Mary's Immaculate Heart for they will finally realize that the much-maligned Father Nicholas Gruner has been right all along!

Michael Cain, editor

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      vol 14, no. 39
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