The Colors of the World are Changing Day by Day


Cyndi Cain

    As satan's fire singes and spins the world out of control, look to the Light and count not how much you give, but how much you've been given by God

    To borrow a line from the musical Les Miserables we are living in a world whose colors are changing day by day.

    It isn't something readily seen. After all, the sun still rises in the east, sets in the west, and seasons change. There is the color of cold, and of warmth.

    What we do not see, what we, perhaps, refuse to see, is the color of the darkness that is spreading rapidly, as we go about our busy lives, trying to make ends meet, worried how we will shelter our family, feed them, clothe them, educate them in the truth, and shelter them from the storms of life.

    While we are preoccupied with these things, we miss the changing color of the world; it is black, and the ebony night of God's Almighty Justice is approaching. He alone knows the time, the date, and the details. That should be sufficient for us, but it isn't. We want to know those details. We're distracted by them, we want a blueprint so we can be prepared, as well as possible in this mortal life, to defend ourselves, and our loved ones, from the creeping, seeping blackness of Satan's lies that spread everywhere, while we, who profess our faith in Jesus Christ, in the One True Faith, are content that we have this faith, and why try to convert anybody…it's too late.

    That attitude is why we cannot see the changing colors of the world. God does not desire or want us to wallow in this evil darkness, this immoral world, the world that curses God and upholds every pagan heresy that every existed. Oh, Satan laughs heartily at our stupidity. We've been told by Our Lord in Sacred Scripture what to expect, and yet we ignore it, or try to interpret it to fit our hectic schedule. Shame on all of us.

    You see, we are supposed to be the color of the world. We are to change the color of the world day by day by our Faith, our utter Trust in Our Lord, in His Holy Church, and in our eternal salvation.

    By our prayers, our sacrifices, our sufferings endured for love of Him Who is Perfect Love, we change the color of the world to gold. Yes, gold. We drive the darkness of Satan back into Hell where it belongs, and instead allow the glorious graces of Almighty God to flow forth from Heaven for us, for those for whom we pray. For the world! Do we do this? Perhaps some of us do, others are either too busy, too preoccupied, or just too indifferent to pray for the world, for the just on earth, for the sinners approaching the abyss. Is it not our duty all year long to pray, suffer, sacrifice, and Trust in the Providence of God to see us to our eternal home?

    If we really want to see the color of the world change, if we want to effect this change from black to gold, then we need to start caring about all peoples, all races, and those trapped in false religions, for there is only One True Faith, and God does not want us to sit idly by, attending Mass, receiving the Sacraments, and then going about the responsibilities of the day, without a thought for the salvation of a single soul other than our own, and those of our family. There is a revolution happening every day, but we close our eyes to it, shut it from our eyes, our mind, and our knowledge. We are satisfied if things are going well enough for us that we meet our obligations to ourselves, our immediate family, and if we have extended family, for them as well.

    Oh, the color of the world changes. One second the light of Christ shines through and golden light descends from the heavens. Next second, we succumb to lethargy or apathy, and Satan's blackness creeps into our lives even more, darkening the sky, enveloping us in an immoral, filthy world that is agog at technology that has done nothing but destroy the unity of the family, and the One True Faith.

    Yes, if we do not do our part, the color of the world will steadily become ebony, so much so that we will be caught unprepared when God's Justice befalls mankind. And it will come. He has said it. That is sufficient.

    I am personally horrified at this world, and in that respect I want no part of it. I want to be pure of body and soul. I desire with all my poor will to love God with a perfect love, for that is Who He is…Perfect Love. How can we desire anything else? We may not have the privilege of being on our knees in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament every day, praying, seeking Wisdom, God's Perfect Will for us, and for our fellow men. We still have to make an effort, no matter our circumstances to remember that we belong to Christ, Who is the Light of the World.

    The revolution has gone on for decades, and we've become deadened, hardened to it. We say, so what? The conciliar church will eventually crumble. We'll just have to wait for that. We can't be bothered to take on such a daunting task as the Novus Ordo, nor can we believe that Christ will give us the right words to speak when we talk to our neighbor and seek his conversion.

    Because we do not trust God sufficiently to care for us in all things, we have allowed the color of the world to become so filthy, so immoral, so hellish, that I am surprised that people are still asleep in their comfort zones, sending their children to schools that are nothing more than propaganda mills, brainwashing institutions that cripple us and our children with debt, and a degree that means nil. What do a few letters behind your name mean to God? Nothing if you are not using it for Him.

    So, my dear friends, what shall it be? Shall we allow Satan to win, to blacken the world, and every single soul in it? Or will we stand firm in the Light, and allow that Light to banish the black void that Satan brings forth as a welcome thing, for he disguises it as a brilliant invention, a wondrous thing…these technological advances that have destroyed society, and allow Satan's army to overwhelm us day by day. Oh, that we will be part of the revolution of Good, of God. Oh, that we will amend our lives, willingly suffer for our own sins, and those of others, and in doing so change the color of the world to Gold...which is God.

    The decision rests with each one of us. God knows our hearts. As satan's darkness increases, those few who, forsaking the world and all of its promises for Love of God, are dwindling, some even having to decide whether to eat, pay rent, or obtain necessary medications. But what is that compared to an eternity of Joy in God's presence? For us at The DailyCatholic, our circumstances turned most dire several weeks ago when our computer, which contained over 15 years of work, imploded, as if a nuclear explosion had taken place. Thus, we are faced with having had to buy a new computer, and now we must replace all the software programs Mike uses to bring you The DailyCatholic as he has so joyously done for all these years. We've had to put these things on a credit card that will come due before Christmas.

    What more can we say or do to ask those of you who do come to The DailyCatholic each day, or even once in a while, to help with donations? It's hard for us to have to ask. The world's economy fell off the planet some years ago, and we all know it isn't going to get better, only worse. So, from the bottom of the hearts of our souls, we beseech you in Christ's name to give whatever you can. The widow's mite or more will be a tremendous gift for all of us to lay at the foot of Christ's humble manger. Let us place ourselves in our mind's eye at the place of Christ's birth, and give because we love Him Who is Perfect Love. Are we not working for Heaven? We must trust Him to help each of us, and in so doing, we practice all the Beatitudes, and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, releasing souls from Purgatory, while helping to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth, as Christ commanded His Apostles.

    How low the world has sunk since those days. Let us raise our hands and hearts in praise of Him Who became Man for our sake, and think only of Heaven so that in giving we do not count the cost, but only how much it pleases Him. Be generous in giving; be generous in suffering, in sacrifice, and in penance. Do not count what you are giving, but remember what you have been given...the grace for life eternal if you obey God in the One True Faith He established. Won't you please help by clicking the button immediately below or sending a check of your choosing to SANCTUS/The DailyCatholic, 4815 Calle Neil #2, San Diego, CA 92117?

    Be in the world, not of it. And in doing so, let us join our prayers together that we, small army that we are, will change the color of the world...and miracles will happen.

    Remember this Advent to say the Novena Prayer for the Season approaching Christmas: "Hail and Blessed be the Hour and Moment in which the Son of God was born of the Most Pure Blessed Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold. In that hour, vouchsafe, o my God, to hear our prayers and grant our petitions, through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

    Here's to a world of Golden Light that will save souls, and lead us to our heavenly home.