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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The words of the Son to the bride about the three kinds of Christians that are symbolized by the Jews living in Egypt, and about how the things which have been revealed to the bride should be transmitted, published and preached to ignorant persons by the friends of God.

Chapter Sixty

    The Son of God spoke to the bride and said: "I AM the God of Israel and the One Who spoke with Moses. When Moses was sent to My people, he begged for a sign, saying: 'The people will not believe me otherwise.' But if the people to whom Moses was sent were the Lord's people, why did they not believe? You should know that this people consisted of three kinds of men: Some believed in God and Moses. Others believed in God but distrusted Moses, in that they thought that he, perhaps of his own invention and presumption, had presumed to say and do these things. The third were those who neither believed in God nor in Moses.

    In the same way, there are now three kinds of men among Christians who are symbolized by the Hebrew people: There are some who rightly believe in God and in My words. There are others who believe in God but distrust My words, because they cannot distinguish between the good and the evil spirit. The third are those who neither believe in Me nor in you to whom I have spoken My words. But, as I said, even though some of the Hebrews distrusted Moses, nevertheless they all went through the Red Sea with him and into the desert where those who had not believed worshipped idols and provoked God into wrath, which is why they also died in the most miserable of deaths. But only those who had an evil faith did so.

    Therefore, My friend shall carry My words to those who believe him, since the human soul is slow to believe. And these shall afterwards spread them to others who do not know how to distinguish between the good and the evil spirit. But if the hearers beg them for a sign, let them show those men the staff, just as Moses did, that is, let them explain My words to them. For just as the staff of Moses was straight and terrifying (for it was transformed into a snake), so are My words straight so that no falsehood can be found in them. They are terrifying, since they proclaim the righteous judgment. Let them also explain and testify that, by a word and sound of a single mouth, the devil yielded from the creature of God - he who could move mountains, if he were not restrained by My power. What kind of power belonged to him when, with God's permission, he was driven away by the sound of a single word?

    Therefore, just as those Hebrews, who neither believed in God nor in Moses, yet went out of Egypt for the promised land when they, as it were, were forced along together with the others, so too, many Christians go out unwillingly together with My chosen men since they do not trust in My power to heal them. They do not believe in My words and they have a false hope in My power. Nevertheless, My words shall be fulfilled without their will and shall be, as it were, forced along to fulfillment until they get to the place that pleases Me."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Sixty