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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The words of the Mother to the bride about how sweet the Mother and the Son are to each other. How Christ is bitter, bitterer, and most bitter for the evil, and how He is sweet, sweeter, and most sweet for the good.

Chapter Fifty-eight

    The Mother of God said to the bride: "Consider, new bride of my Son, the suffering of my Son, which surpassed in bitterness the suffering of all the saints. Just as a mother would feel the most bitter sorrow and anguish if she saw her son being cut to pieces alive, so, too, was I grieving at the torments of my Son when I saw His bitter sufferings."

    Then she spoke to her Son, saying: "Blessed be You, my Son, for You are holy, as it is sung: 'Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Sabaoth. Blessed be you, for you are sweet, sweeter, and most sweet! You were holy before you assumed Manhood, holy in my womb, and holy after you assumed Manhood. You were sweet before the creation of the world, sweeter to the angels, and most sweet to me when You assumed Manhood from me."

    The her divine Son answered: "Blessed be you, My beloved Mother, above all the angels. Just as I, in a threefold way, was most sweet for you, as you were saying now, so I am bitter, bitterer, and most bitter for the wicked. I am bitter for those who say I have created many things without a reason and who scornfully say I have created mankind for death and not for life. What a miserable and foolish thought! Did I, Who AM the most righteous and virtuous, create the angels without

a reason? Would I have enriched mankind with so many good things if I had created him for damnation? By no means! I created all things well and gave every good to mankind out of My love. But he, however, turned all good things into evil for himself. It is not because I created anything evil, but mankind moves his will in another way than he should, and not according to God's law, and this is evil.

    But I am bitterer for those who say that I have given them a free will to sin and not to do good, who say I am unjust since I condemn some and justify others, and who blame Me for their own wickedness because I withhold My grace from them. I am most bitter for those who say that My law and commandments are exceedingly harsh and difficult and that no one is able to keep them, who say My suffering is worth nothing for them, and who therefore count it for nothing.

    Therefore, I swear by My life, as once I swore through the prophets, that I shall justify Myself before the angels and all My saints. Those for whom I am bitter shall understand that I created all things reasonably and well for the use and education of mankind, and that not the smallest worm exists without a reason. Those for whom I am bitterer shall understand that I wisely gave men a free will for their own good. They will also know that I am just, giving the eternal kingdom to good men, but everlasting torment to the wicked. For it would not be proper for the devil, who was created good by Me but who fell through his own malice, to have fellowship with the good.

    The wicked will also understand that it is not My fault that they are evil, but their own fault. For if it were possible, I would gladly take upon Myself the same torment for each and every man that I once suffered on the cross for all, if thereby they could return to their promised inheritance. But the will of mankind is always opposed to Mine. I gave him liberty to serve Me, if he would, and to gain the eternal reward; but if he does not want to, he should be tormented together with the devil and his followers, for whose malice, hell was justly created.

    But because I am full of charity, I do not want mankind to serve Me out of fear or be forced to do so like an irrational animal but out of love for God, for no one who serves Me unwillingly or out of fear of torment can see My face. But those for whom I am most bitter will understand in their consciences that My law was most easy and My yoke most sweet. They will feel inconsolable sadness that they despised My law and instead loved the world, whose yoke is heavier and much more difficult than My yoke."

    Then the Mother of God answered: "Blessed be You, my Son, my God, and my Lord! Since You were most sweet for me, I beg of You that others may be made partakers of my sweetness!"

    The Son answered: "Blessed be you, My most dear Mother! Your words are sweet and full of love. Therefore shall each and everyone who takes your sweetness into his mouth and keeps it perfectly be benefited thereby. But the one who takes it and spits it out again will be tormented all the more bitterly."

    Then the Virgin answered: "Blessed be You, my Son, for all Your mercy and love!"

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Fifty-eight