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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The words of our Lord to His bride about how He is loathsome and despicable food for the souls of Christians, and how the world, instead, is loved and found to be delightful by them, and about the terrifying judgment that is executed over such people.

Chapter Fifty-seven

    The Son of God spoke to His bride: "Christians are now acting towards Me as the Jews acted towards Me. The Jews drove Me out of the temple and had a complete will to kill Me, but since My hour had not yet come, I escaped from their hands. Christians act towards Me in the same way now. They drive Me out of their temple (that is, out of their soul, which should be My temple) and they would gladly want to kill Me if they could. I am like rotten and stinking flesh in their mouths. I seem, to them, to be like a man who utters lies, and they do not care about Me at all. They turn their backs to Me, but I will turn My neck to them, since there is nothing but craving in their mouths and irrational beastly lust in their flesh.

Only pride is delightful in their ears, only the lust of the world delights their eyes. My suffering and My love are detestable to them and My life heavy and burdensome. Therefore, I shall do as the animal which had many dens: when hunters pursued and drove it from one den, it escaped into another. This is what I will do, because Christians are chasing Me away with their bad deeds and driving Me out of the den of their hearts.

    Therefore, I want to go to the heathens in whose mouths I am now bitter and distasteful, but I will become sweeter than honey in their mouths. Nevertheless, I am still so merciful that I will happily receive each and everyone who begs for My forgiveness and says: 'Lord, I know that I have sinned severely and I gladly want to better myself through Your grace. Have mercy on me for the sake of Your bitter suffering.'

    But to those who harden themselves in their evil, I shall come like a warrior that has three characteristics: namely, dreadfulness, strength, and severity.

    I shall come and be so terrifying to the Christians that they will not dare to move the least finger against Me.

    I shall also come to them with such strength that they will be like mosquitoes before Me.

    Third, I shall come to them with such severity that they will feel a woe in this world and a woe without end."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Fifty-seven