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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The words in which God explains the nearest preceding chapter, and about the judgment that He makes against such people, and how God, for a while at least, endures the evil for the sake of the good.

Chapter Fifty-six

    Our Lord Jesus Christ continued on His discourse of the judges, defenders, and workers: "I told you before that the sword of My Church is thrown away and that a sack of money has been put in its place, which is open at one end. The other end is so deep, that whatever one puts into it never reaches the bottom, and so the sack never gets filled. This sack is greed, which exceeds all measures and now has become so powerful that the Lord is scorned and nothing is desired but money and the selfish will of man. But I am like a lord who is both father and judge. When he shall go forth and judge, the bystanders say to him: 'Lord, proceed quickly and make your judgment!' The lord answers them: 'Wait a little until tomorrow, because perhaps my son will still amend himself in the meantime.'

    When He comes back the next day, the people say to him: 'Proceed, lord, and make your judgment! Why are you postponing the judgment for so long and do not judge the guilty?'

    The lord answers them: 'Wait a little while longer, to see if my son betters himself, and if he then does not repent, I shall make a just judgment over him.' In this way I patiently endure mankind even until the last moment, since I am both Father and Judge. But My justice is unchangeable, and even though it sometimes is postponed a long time, I will still either punish sinners who do not better themselves or show them mercy if they amend themselves.

    I also told you before that I divided the people into three groups: namely, judges, defenders, and workers.

    What do these judges signify if not the priests who have turned the divine wisdom into an evil and useless wisdom? Like clerks who take many words and assemble them into a few words, which say the same thing as the many did, so too have these present-day clerics taken My ten commandments and assembled them into a single one. And what is this single word if not: 'Reach out your hand and give us money!' This is their wisdom, to speak beautifully, to act badly and to pretend to be My servants while yet acting maliciously against Me. For the sake of gifts, they gladly put up with sinners in their sins and bring about the downfall of simpleminded people through their bad example. Furthermore, they hate those who walk on My way.

    Second, the defenders of the Church, that is, the knights, are unfaithful, since they have broken their promise and their oath and gladly endure those who sin against the faith and law of My Holy Church.

    Third, the workers, that is, the whole people, are like untamed bulls which have three things: First, they dig the earth with their feet; second, they fill themselves to satiety; third, they fulfill their own lusts according to their own desire. Likewise does now the whole people crave after temporal goods with all of their desire, filling itself with immoderate gluttony and worldly vanity and practicing its carnal lust and delight without reason.

    But even though My enemies are many, I still have many friends among them, although hidden. As it was said to Elijah, who thought none of My friends were left in the world but himself: "I have seven thousand men who have not bowed their knees to Baal." So, even though My enemies are many, I still have some friends hidden among them who cry daily because My enemies are superior and because My name is despised. Therefore, for the sake of their prayers, I shall do like a charitable and good king who knows the evil deeds of the city but patiently endures its residents and sends letters to his friends to forewarn them of their danger. In this way I send My words to My friends; and they are not so obscure as the words in the Apocalypse which I revealed to John in an obscure way in order that they would be interpreted by My Spirit at the time that pleased Me. Nor are they so hidden that they cannot be proclaimed - as when Paul saw many of My hidden secrets that he was not allowed to speak about - but they are so plain, that all, both small and big, can understand them, and so easy, that all who want to, can grasp and understand them.

    Therefore, let My friends see to it that My words reach My enemies, so that they, perhaps, convert themselves and feel sorrow and remorse for their sins, when their peril and My judgment are made known to them. Otherwise, the city will be judged so severely that, just as a wall is torn down without leaving stone upon stone, so that not even two stones join to each other in the foundation, so shall it be with the city, that is, with the world.

    The judges shall burn in the hottest fire. There is no fire hotter than the one that is fed with some fat. These judges were fat, since they had more opportunities of fulfilling their lust and will than others; they surpassed others in honor and temporal abundance, and abounded more in malice and unrighteousness. Therefore, they will burn in the hottest pan, that is, in the torments of hell!

    The defenders shall be hanged on the highest gallows. A gallows consists of two vertical timber beams with a third placed above the others horizontally. This gallows with two wooden beams signifies their cruel and severe torment, which is, so to speak, made from two pieces of wood.

    The first beam signifies that they did not hope for My eternal reward nor worked for it with their good deeds.

    The second beam signifies that they did not trust in My power and goodness, when they thought I was not able to do all things or did not want to provide for them sufficiently.

    The wooden crossbeam signifies their evil conscience, for they understood very well what they should do but, instead, did evil and felt no shame about acting against their conscience.

    The rope of the gallows signifies the everlasting fire which can neither be extinguished by water nor cut by scissors nor be destroyed and broken by old age. On this gallows of the most cruel torment and inextinguishable fire, they will hang and feel shame and distress like unhappy traitors, since they were disloyal. They will hear insults, since My words displeased them. A woe shall be in their mouths, since their own honor and praise delighted them. They shall be mangled on this gallows by living crows, that is, by devils who can never get their fill, and even though they be wounded, they shall never be consumed, but they shall live in torment without end and their torturers shall also live without end. There shall be a woe that will never end and a misery that will never be mitigated. Woe unto them, that they were ever born! Woe unto them, that their life was so long!

    And lastly concerning the workers, their just sentence will be the same as for bulls. For the bulls have very hard flesh and skin. Therefore, their judgment shall be the sharpest steel. This most sharp steel is the death of hell that will torment those who scorned Me and loved their own will instead of My commandments.

    The letter, that is, My words, are now written. May My friends work wisely and reasonably so that it comes to My enemies, for perhaps they will want to hear them and repent from their wickedness. But if some, after having heard My words, should say: 'Let us wait a little moment, the judgment is not yet coming, it is not yet his time,' then I swear by My Divinity which cast out Adam from paradise and sent ten plagues over Pharaoh, that I will come to them faster than they think.

    I swear by My Manhood, which I assumed without sin from the Virgin for the salvation of mankind, and in which I endured sorrow in My heart and suffered bodily torment and death for the eternal life of men, and in which I rose again from the dead and ascended into Heaven and am seated at the right hand of the Father, true God and true Man in one person, that I shall fulfill My words.

    I swear by My Spirit, which descended over the apostles on the day of Pentecost and inflamed them so that they spoke in the language of all peoples, that unless they better themselves and return to Me like weak servants, I shall execute vengeance over them in My wrath. Then there shall be a woe in soul and body! Woe unto them that they came alive into the world and lived in the world! Woe unto them, for their lust was small and vain but their torment shall be everlasting! Then they shall perceive what they now scorn to believe, namely, that My words were words of love. Then they shall understand that I admonished them like a father, even though they did not want to hear Me. In truth, if they do not want to believe in My words of goodwill, they will have to believe in the deeds when they come.

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Fifty-six