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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The words of Christ to His bride on how Christ is likened to Moses, in a figurative way, leading the people out of Egypt; and about how the damnable priests, whom He chose in the place of the prophets as His most beloved friends, now cry: "Depart from us!"

Chapter Forty-nine

    The Son of God spoke: "Earlier, I likened Myself to Moses in a figurative way. When he led the people out, the water stood like a wall to the right and to the left. I am in truth this Moses, figuratively speaking, who led My Christian people out, that is, I opened Heaven for them and showed them the way. But now I have chosen other friends for Myself more loved and intimate than the prophets, namely, My priests, who not only hear My words and see, when they see Me Myself, but also touch Me with their hands, which none of the prophets or angels could do.

    These priests, whom I have chosen in place of the prophets as My friends, cry out to mMe, but not with such desire and love as the prophets did, no, the priests and the prophets cry out with two opposing voices. For the priests do not cry out as the prophets did: 'Come, Lord, for You are sweet,' but they cry out: 'Depart from us, for Your words are bitter and Your deeds heavy and they make us ashamed!' Hear what these accursed priests say! I stand before them like the most meek and gentle sheep from which they get wool for their clothing and milk for their food, and yet they despise Me for such a great love. I stand before them like a guest saying: 'Friend, give Me the necessities of life for My body, for I need it, and you will receive the greatest reward from God in return!'

    But even though I appeared with the simplicity of a sheep, they drive Me away as a wolf lying in wait for the master's sheep. They do not want to show Me any hospitality and refuse to take Me into their house, but instead, they affront Me like a traitor unworthy of receiving hospitality from them. But what will the guest do when he has been rejected? Should he not bring out arms against the master of the house who drove him away? By no means, for this would not be just since the owner can deny or give his belongings to whomever he wants. But what shall then the guest do? He should indeed say to the one who drove him away: 'My friend, since you do not want to take me into your house, I will go to another who will show mercy to me.' And when he comes to another, he hears him saying: 'You are welcome, my Lord, all that I have is yours. You shall now be the Lord, and I want to be your servant and guest.' Those are the kind of lodgings I am pleased to stay in, where I hear such a voice.

    I am indeed like a guest driven away by men. But even though I can enter any place by My power, still, on account of justice I do not, but I only enter to those who receive mMe with a good will as their true Lord, not as a guest, and entrust all their will into My hands."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Forty-nine