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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          Our Lord's words to His bride about the contempt of the New Law, and about how that same Law is now rejected and despised by the world, and about how bad priests are not God's priests but God's betrayers, and about the punishment and damnation they receive.

Chapter Forty-seven

    "I AM the God who in ancient days was called the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. I AM the God Who gave the Law to Moses. This law was like clothing. For as a mother with her child in the womb prepares her infant's clothing, so too I, God, prepared the New Law, for the Old Law was nothing but the clothing and shadow and sign of future things to come. I clothed and wrapped Myself in the clothing of this Law. And then when a boy grows up somewhat, his old clothes are laid down and new clothes are taken up. In this way, I fulfilled the Old Law when I put aside the used clothing of the Old Law, and assumed the new clothing, that is, the New Law, and I gave this clothing and Myself to everyone who wanted to have it. This clothing is not very tight nor difficult to wear but is well suited everywhere. For My Law does not order people to fast or work too much nor to kill themselves or to do anything beyond the limits of possibility, but it is beneficial for the soul and conducive to the restraining, mortification, and chastisement of the body. For when the body gets too attached to sin, then sin consumes the body.

    Two things are found in the New Law: First, a prudent temperance in soul and body and the right use of all things. Second, a readiness for heeding and keeping the Law; for the person who cannot endure to stay in one thing can stand in another. Hereby follows that a person who cannot endure to be a virgin can live in an honorable marriage, and he who falls into sin may get up again and better himself.

    But this Law is now rejected and despised by the world. For they say that the Law is narrow, heavy, and ugly. They say it is narrow, for the Law orders one to be satisfied with the necessary and to flee the superfluous. But they want to have all things without reason like senseless cattle and above the necessity of the body, and that is why the Law is too narrow for them.

    Second, they say it is heavy, because the Law says that one should have enjoyment with reasonable temperance and at established times. But they want to fulfill their lust more than what is good and more than what is established.

    Third, they say it is unsightly, because the Law bids them to love humility and to accredit every good to God. But they want to be proud and exalt themselves for the good things that God has given them, and that is why the Law seems ugly and vain to them.

    See how despised and maltreated My clothes are. I fulfilled everything in the Old Law before I began the New Law. For the Old Law was too difficult, and My intention was that the New Law should remain until I came in judgment. But they shamefully threw away the clothing with which I covered the soul, that is, the right faith. And above this, they add sin to sin, since they also want to betray Me. Does not David say in the psalm: 'He who ate my bread thought treason against me'? In these words I want you to note two things. First, he does not say "thinks" but "thought", as if it had already happened. Second, he denotes one man as a betrayer. But I say that it is those who are now present who betray Me, not those who have been or who will come, but those who are now alive. I also say that it is not only one man but many.

    But now you may ask Me: 'Are there not two kinds of bread, one invisible and spiritual, of which angels and saints live, and the other earthly, by which men are fed? But angels and saints do not want anything other than that which is according to Your will, and men can do nothing other than that which pleases You. How, then, can they betray You?'

    I will answer you in the presence of My heavenly Host who knows and sees all things in Me, but I say this for your sake so that you may understand: There are indeed two kinds of bread.

    One is that of the angels who eat My bread in My kingdom so that they may be filled with My indescribable joy. They do not betray Me, since they want nothing other than what I want. But those who betray Me are the ones who eat My bread at the altar. I truly AM that bread.

    This bread has three characteristics: form, flavor, and roundness. I am indeed the Bread. And, like the bread, I have three things in Me: flavor, form, and roundness.

    I have flavor, for just as all food is tasteless without bread and gives no strength, so without Me, everything that exists is tasteless, powerless, and vain.

    I have also the form of the bread, since I am of the earth. I was born of the Virgin Mother, and My Mother is of Adam, and Adam is of the earth.

    I have also roundness wherein there is no end or beginning, since I am without beginning and without end. And no one is able to see or find an end or beginning in My wisdom, power, or charity. I am in all things, over all things, and outside of all things. Even if someone were to fly like the fastest arrow perpetually without end, he would still never find an end or a limit to My power and virtue on account of these three things: namely, flavor, form, and roundness.

    I am that bread that is seen and touched on the altar and is transformed into My body that was crucified. For just as a dry and easily inflammable piece of wood is quickly consumed if it is placed on the fire, and nothing remains of the wood but all of it is fire, so when these words are said, 'This is My body,' that which before was bread instantly becomes My body, but is not inflamed by fire like wood but by My Divinity.

    That is why those who eat My bread betray Me. What murder could be more unmanly and abhorrent than when someone kills himself? And what betrayal is worse than when two are joined by an indissoluble bond, and one betrays the other, as is the case of married people? But what does the man do in order to betray his wife? Indeed, he insincerely says to her: 'Let us go to such and such a place so I can fulfill my will with you.' She goes with him in true simplicity, ready for her husband's every wish. But when he finds the proper time and place, he brings against her three means of betrayal: Either something so heavy that it kills her with one blow, or something so sharp that it cuts right through her intestines, or something to smother the spirit of life in her directly. Then, when she is dead, the betrayer thinks to himself: 'Now I have done wrong. If my crime becomes known publicly, I will be judged to death.' Therefore, he goes and lays his dead wife's body in some hidden place, so that his sin may not be revealed.

    This is what the priests who are My betrayers do to Me. For they and I are joined together by a single bond when they take the bread and pronounce the words that change it into My true body, which I assumed from the Virgin. No angel could do this, for I gave this dignity to priests alone and elected them for the highest office. But now they act towards Me like betrayers, for they show Me a happy and kind face and lead Me to a hidden place to betray Me. These priests show Me a happy face when they appear to be good and simple, and they treacherously lead Me to a hidden place when they approach the altar. There I am ready like a bride or bridegroom to do all of their will, but they betray Me.

    First they lay something heavy over Me when the divine office, which they say for Me, is heavy and burdensome to them. They would rather speak a hundred words for the honor of the world than one for My honor. They would rather give a hundred coins of gold for the glory of the world than one penny for My sake. They would rather work a hundred times for their own benefit and that of the world than once for My honor. They press Me down with this heavy burden, so that it is as though I am dead in their hearts. Second, they pierce Me with a sharp blade that penetrates the intestines whenever the priest goes to the altar with the knowledge that he has sinned and repented, but yet is firmly resolved to sin again when his office is done, thinking thus to himself: 'I truly repent of my sin, but I will not give up the woman with whom I have sinned so that I may not be able to sin any longer with her.' These priests pierce Me with the sharpest blade. Third, they smother the spirit when they think inwardly to themselves in this way: 'It is good and delightful to be with the world and good to live in lust and I cannot restrain myself. I will do my will in my youth; when I grow old, I will become restrained and better myself.' And by this wretched thought the spirit of life is smothered.

    But now you may ask how their hearts becomes so cold and tepid toward Me and everything good so that they can never be warmed or rise again to My love. Just as ice cannot catch fire even if it is laid on the fire, but only melts into water, so too, even if I give them My grace and they hear My words of admonishment, they cannot rise up to the warmth of life, but wither and fade away from everything good.

    See how they betray Me in that they show themselves to be simple without being so, and are burdened and depressed of My honor, which they instead should delight and rejoice in, and also in that their will is to sin and to continue in sin until the end. They conceal Me and place Me in a hidden place, when they think to themselves: 'I know I have sinned greatly, but if I refrain from my office, everyone will reproach and condemn me as evil.' And so they shamelessly go up to the altar and place Me before them and touch Me, Who AM true God and true man. I am as it were in a hidden place with them, since no one knows or sees how evil and abominable they are. I, true God and man, lie there as in a hidden place, for even if the worst priest said the words "This is My body," he still consecrates My true body, and I, true God and true man, would lie there before him. But when he puts My body to his mouth, then I am no longer present to him through the grace of My Divinity and Manhood; only the form and flavor of bread remain for him, but not because I am not truly present for the evil as with the good due to the office of the sacrament, but because the evil and good do not gain the same benefit or perfection from My body. Behold how these priests are not My priests but true betrayers, since they sell and betray Me like Judas. I observe the pagans and the Jews, but I do not see anyone worse than these priests, for they are in the same sin that made Lucifer fall from Heaven.

    But now I will also tell you their judgment and whom they are like. Their judgment is damnation. David condemned those who were disobedient to God, and because he was a righteous prophet and king, he did not condemn out of wrath or bad will or impatience, but out of divine justice. So do I too, Who am better than David, condemn those who are now priests, not out of wrath or bad will but out of justice.

    Accursed be therefore everything of what they take from the earth for their own benefit, for they do not praise their God and Creator Who has given them this. Accursed be their food and drink that enters their mouths and nourishes their bodies to become food for worms and destines their souls for hell. Accursed be their bodies that will rise again in hell to suffer and burn for all eternity. Accursed be the years in which they lived uselessly. Accursed be the moment that begins hell for them and that never will end. Accursed be their eyes with which they saw the light of Heaven. Accursed be their ears with which they heard My words and did not care. Accursed be their taste with which they tasted My gifts. Accursed be their touch with which they touched Me. Accursed be their smell with which they smelled the delightful things of the world and forgot Me, the most delightful of all.

    But now you may ask: How will they be accursed spiritually? Well, their sight will be accursed, because they shall not see the vision of God in himself but only the darkness and sufferings of hell. Their ears will be accursed, because they shall not hear My words but only the screams and horrors of hell. Their taste will be accursed, because they shall not taste My eternal goods and joy but only eternal bitterness. Their touch will be accursed, because they shall not touch Me but only eternal fire in hell. Their smell will be accursed, because they shall not smell the sweet smell of My kingdom that surpasses all sweet scents, but only have the foul stench of hell which is more bitter than bile and worse than sulphur. They shall be accursed by Heaven and earth and all brute creatures, for these obey God and glorify Him, whereas they reject Him.

    Therefore, I Who AM the Truth, swear in My truth, that if they die like this and in such a disposition that they are in now, neither My love nor My virtue will ever encompass them, but instead, they will be damned for all eternity, and not only priests, but also everyone who rejects the commandments of God!

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Forty-seven