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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The answer of the Virgin Mother and the angels, the prophets, the apostles, and the devils to God, in the presence of the bride, testifying about His many virtues and His perfection in creation, incarnation and redemption, and about how evil men nowadays contradict all these things, and about the severe judgment they receive.

Chapter Forty-five

    The Mother of God said: "Bride of my Son, clothe yourself and stand firm, for my Son is approaching you. His flesh was pressed as in a winepress. For since mankind sinned in all limbs, my Son made atonement in all His limbs. His hair was pulled out, His sinews extended, His joints were dislocated, His bones mangled, and His hands and feet were pierced through. His mind was saddened, His heart afflicted by sorrow, His intestines was forced in toward His back, for mankind had sinned in all limbs."

    Then the Son spoke, while the heavenly Host was present, and He said: "Although you know all things in Me, still I speak for the sake of My bride standing here. I ask you, angels: What is it that was without beginning and shall be without end? And what is it that created everything and was created by none? Proclaim it and give your testimony!"

    All the angels answered as with one voice and said: "Lord, it is You. We give testimony to You about three things: First, that You are our Creator and that You created all things in Heaven and on earth. Second, that You are without beginning and will be without end, and Your kingdom and power will stand for all eternity. Without You nothing has been created and without You nothing can be created. Third, we testify that we see all justice in You and all the things that have been and will be, and all things are present to You without beginning or end."

    Then He said to the prophets and patriarchs: "I ask you: Who brought you out of slavery into freedom? Who divided the waters for you? Who gave you the Law? Who gave you the prophetic spirit to speak about future things?"

    They answered Him, saying: "You, Lord. You brought us out of slavery. You gave us the Law. You moved our spirit to speak and prophesy about future things."

    Then He said to His Mother: "Give true testimony about what you know of Me."

    She answered: "Before the angel, whom You sent, came to me, I was alone in soul and body. But after the angel's words, Your body was within me with Divinity and Manhood, and I felt Your body in my body. I bore You without pain and suffering. I gave birth to You without anguish and travail. I wrapped You in poor clothes and I fed You with my milk. I was with You from Your birth until Your death."

    Thereafter He said to the apostles: "Say who it was that you saw, heard, and touched?"

    They answered: "We heard Your words and wrote them down. We heard and saw the great works that You did when You gave us the New Law. You commanded the demons with one word to leave humans and they obeyed You and went out, and with Your word you raised the dead and healed the sick. We saw You in a human body. We saw Your great power and divine glory with Your human nature. We saw You handed over to Your enemies and we saw You hanging on the cross. We saw You suffer the most bitter pain and we saw You be laid in the grave. We touched You when You were raised from the dead. We touched Your hair and Your face. We touched the place of Your wounds and Your limbs. You ate with us and You gave us Your eloquence. You are truly the Son of God and the Son of the Virgin. We also observed when You ascended with Your Manhood to the right hand of the Father where You now are and will be without end."

    Then God said to the unclean demon spirits: "Although you hide the truth in your conscience, still I now command you to say the truth about who it was that reduced your power."

    They answered Him: "Just like thieves do not tell the truth unless their feet are pressed in the hard wood, so we do not speak the truth unless we are forced by Your divine and formidable power. You are the one Who, with Your power, descended into hell. You reduced our power in the world. You took out from hell what was Yours by right, namely, Your friends."

    Then our Lord said: "Behold, all those who have a spirit and are not clothed in a body, bear witness to the truth for Me. But those who have a spirit and a body, namely humans, contradict Me. Some know the truth of Me but do not care about it. Others do not know it and, therefore, they do not care about it but say it is all false."

    He again said to the angels: "They say that your witness is false, that I am not the Creator of all things and that all things are not known in Me. Therefore, they love the created things more than Me, Who AM the Creator."

    He said to the prophets: "They contradict you and say that the Law is useless, that you can be saved through your own power and wisdom, that the spirit was false and that you spoke according to your own will."

    He said to His Mother: "Some say that you are not a Virgin and others, that I did not take a body from you. Others know it but do not care about it."

    He said to the apostles: "They contradict you, for they say that you are liars and that the New Law is irrational and useless. Others believe it to be true but do not care about it. I ask you now: Who will be their judge?"

    They all answered Him, saying: "You, God, Who are without beginning and without end. You, Jesus Christ, Who are with the Father, to You is all judgment given by the Father; You are their judge."

    Our Lord answered: "I Who grieved for them am now their Judge. But even though I know and can do all things, still, give Me your judgment over them."

    They answered Him: "Just as the whole world perished once at the beginning of the world in Noah's flood, so too now the world deserves to perish by fire, since the wickedness and injustice are much greater now than what it was then."

    Then our Lord answered: "Since I am just and merciful, I shall make no judgment without mercy nor mercy without justice, and therefore, I will once more send My mercy to the world for the sake of the prayers of My Mother and My saints. But if they do not want to listen, the most severe and harsh justice will follow and come to them."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Forty-five