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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The Virgin Mary's words of advice to the bride about how she should love her Son above all things, and about how every virtue and gift of grace is contained in the glorious Virgin.

Chapter Forty-two

    The Mother of God spoke: "I had three things by which I pleased my Son: First, humility in such a way that no created creature, whether angel or man, was more humble than I. Second, I had obedience, for I strove to obey my Son in all things. Third, I had a special charity.

    For this reason I am honored threefold by my Son: First, I have been made more honorable than angels and men, so that there is no virtue in God that does not shine in me, even though He is the source and beginning of all virtues and the Creator of all things; but I, however, am the creature to whom He has given more grace than all others.

    Second, for my obedience I received such power that there is no sinner so unclean that he will not receive forgiveness if he turns to me with a will and purpose of amendment and a contrite heart for his sins.

    Third, for my charity, God is so close to me that the one who sees God sees me, and the one who sees me can see the Divinity and the Manhood in me and me in God as though in a mirror. For the one who sees God, sees three persons in Him, and the one who sees me, sees, as it were, three persons. For the Divinity enclosed me in soul and body in Himself and filled me with every virtue, so that there is no virtue in God that does not shine and appear in me, although God Himself is the Father and giver of all virtues. For as it is with two bodies joined together, that whatever one body receives the other body also receives, so God has done with me.

    There is no sweetness that is not found in me. It is like someone who has a sweet nut and gives a part of it to another. My soul and body are clearer than the sun and purer than a mirror, and just as three persons would be seen in the mirror if they stood near it, so the Father and Son and Holy Ghost may also be seen in my purity since I once had my Son in my womb with His Divinity. He is now seen in me with His Divinity and Manhood as in a mirror, for I have been glorified with the honor and glory of the resurrection. Therefore may you, my Son's bride, strive to follow my humility and love nothing but my Son."

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Forty-two