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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The most pleasant conversation of God the Father with the Son, and about how the Father gave the new bride to the Son, and how the Son received her with pleasure to Himself, and about how the bridegroom teaches the bride about patience, obedience and simplicity through an example.

Chapter Thirty-eight

    The Father spoke to the Son, saying: "I came with love to the Virgin and took Your true body from her. You are therefore in Me and I in You. Just as fire and heat are never separated, so it is impossible to separate the Divinity from the Manhood."

    The Son answered: "May all glory and honor be to You Father; may Your will be done in Me and Mine in You."

    The Father answered Him again: "Behold, My Son, I am entrusting this new bride to You like a sheep to be guided and educated. As the owner of the sheep, You will get from her cheese to eat and milk to drink and wool to clothe yourself with. But you, bride, should obey Him. You have three things you must do: you have to be patient, obedient and willing to do what is good."

    Then the Son said to the Father: "Your will with power, power with humility, humility with wisdom, wisdom with mercy; may Your will be done, which is and always will be without beginning or end in Me. I take her to Myself into My love, into Your power and into the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which are not three gods but one God."

    Then the Son said to His bride: "You have heard how the Father entrusted you to Me like a sheep. You must therefore be simpleminded and patient like a sheep and fruitful in producing food and clothing.

    Three people are in the world. The first is completely naked, the second is thirsty, and the third is hungry. The first signifies the faith of My Church, and it is naked because everyone is ashamed and afraid to speak of the true faith and of My commandments. And if some people do speak or teach about such things, they are despised and accused of being liars. Therefore, My words which proceed from My mouth, should clothe this faith like wool. For just as wool grows on the body of a sheep by the heat, so too My words proceed from the heat of My Divinity and Manhood to your heart. They will clothe My holy faith with the testimony of truth and wisdom and prove that the faith which is now regarded as vain is true, so that the ones who, up to now, have been lazy in clothing their faith in deeds of love after hearing My words of love, will be converted and enkindled again in order to speak with certitude of faith and act with power.

    The second one signifies My friends who have a thirsting desire to make My honor perfect and are saddened at My dishonor. They shall be filled with the sweetness that they heard in My words, and enkindled with a greater love for Me, and along with them, others who are now dead in sin, will also be enkindled in My love, when they hear of the mercy I have done with sinners.

    The third one signifies those who think thus in their hearts: 'If only we knew the will of God and how we should live, and if anyone taught us about the good way, we would gladly do what we could for the honor of God.' These are hungry to get to know My way and will, but no one feeds them, since no one shows them completely what they should do, and if they are shown or taught what to do, no one lives according to the words with their deeds. And for this reason, the words seem as dead to them. Therefore, I Myself shall show and teach them what they should do and I will fill them with My sweetness.

    For worldly things, which are seen and desired now almost by everyone, cannot fill mankind but only arouse his desire and greed of the world to win more and more things. But My words and My love will feed men and fill them with an overflowing consolation. Therefore, My bride, who are My sheep, you must take great care to keep your patience and obedience. You are all Mine by right and should therefore follow My will.

    The one who wants to follow the will of another should have three things: First, he should have the same will and opinion as the other; second, have similar deeds; third, he should move away from his enemies. But who are My enemies if not pride and every sin? You should therefore move away from them, if you desire to follow My will."

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Thirty-eight