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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

         The words of the Virgin to the daughter about two wives, one of whom is called Pride and the other Humility (the latter signifying the most sweet Virgin Mary), and about how the Virgin Mary comes to meet those who love her at the moment of their death.

Chapter Twenty-nine

   The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God spoke to the Son's bride and said: "There are two wives. One of them has no special name, because she is too unworthy to have a name. The other wife is Humility, and she is called Mary. The devil himself is lord over the first wife because he has control over her. This wife's knight said to her: 'O my wife, I am ready to do anything I can for you, if only I can satisfy my sexual lust with you just once. I am mighty and strong and brave of heart, I fear nothing and am ready to go to my death for you.'

   She answered him: 'My servant, your love for me is great. But I am seated on a high throne, and I have only this one throne, and there are three gates between us.

   The first gate is so narrow that all that a man is wearing on his body gets pulled off and torn to pieces if he enters by this gate.

   The second one is so sharp that it cuts through even to the very sinews of the man.

   The third gate is burning with such a fire that there is no escape or rest for him from its heat but, instead, anyone entering through this gate is immediately melted down like copper. In addition, I am seated so high up on my throne that anyone who wants to sit next to me - for I have only one throne - will fall down into the greatest depth under me.'

   The knight answered her: 'I will give my life for you and the fall does not bother me.'

   This wife is Pride and the one who wants to come to her must go, as it were, through three gates.

   Through the first gate enters the one who gives all he has for human praise and for the sake of pride. And if he does not own anything, he uses all of his will to have a reason to be proud and win praise of men.

    Through the second gate enters the one who sacrifices all his work and everything he does, all his time and all his thoughts and all his strength so that he may fulfill his pride. And even if he could give his own flesh over to be wounded for the sake of pride and honor and riches, he would do so willingly.

   Through the third gate enters the one who never rests or has peace but entirely burns like fire with the thought of how he may attain some honor or something he may feel worldly pride over. But when he attains his desire, he cannot stay in the same state but falls painfully and miserably; however, pride still remains in the world."

   "But I," Mary said, "am the one who is most humble. I am seated on a spacious throne and above me there is neither sun nor moon nor stars nor even a sky, but a wonderful and unimaginable clear light proceeding from the beauty of God's majesty. Below me there is neither earth nor stone but only an incomparable sweet rest in God's virtue. Around me there is neither barrier nor wall but only the glorious host of angels and holy souls. And although I am seated so high, I still hear my friends who are in the world, daily pouring out their sighs and tears to me. I view their work and their perfection to be greater than that of those who fight for their wife Pride.

   I shall therefore visit them with my mercy and help and place them near me on my throne, for it is very spacious and can house everyone. But they cannot come to me or sit with me yet, for there are still two walls between us which I shall lead them securely over so that they may come to my throne.

   The first wall is the world, and it is narrow. Therefore, my servants in the world shall be consoled by me.

    The second wall is death. Therefore, I, their most dear Lady and Mother, shall come to meet them and run to them at their death, so that even in death they will feel encouraged and consoled! I will place them together with me on the throne of heavenly joy, so that they, in limitless joy, may rest eternally in the delight of God and in His sweet arms and love of eternal glory and unimaginable joy."

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Twenty-nine