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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The Mother's most lovely question to the bride, the humble answer of the bride to the Mother, and the Mother's useful answer to the bride, and about the improvement of good people among the evil.

Chapter Twenty-two

    The Mother of God spoke to her Son's bride, saying: "You are my Son's bride. Tell me what is on your mind and what you are praying for."

   The bride answered: "My Lady, you know it very well, for you know all things."

   Then the Holy Virgin said: "Even though I know all things, I would still like to hear you tell me while those standing here present are listening."

   The bride said: "My Lady, I fear two things: First, for my sins, for which I do not cry and make amends for as I would like. Second, I am sad because your Son's enemies are so many."

   Then the Virgin Mary answered: "In regard to the first one, I give you three cures: First, think about how all things that have spirit, such as frogs and other animals, have troubles sometimes, and yet their spirits do not live eternally but die with the body. But your soul and every human soul does live forever.

   Second, think about the mercy of God, because there is no man who is so sinful that his sin is not immediately forgiven, if he only prays for God's forgiveness with an intention to better himself and with true repentance for his former sins.

   Third, think and visualize about how great the glory of the soul is when she lives forever with God and in God.

   And regarding the second, namely, that the enemies of God are so many, I give you three cures also: First, consider that your God and your Creator and theirs is judge over them, and they will never judge Him again, even though He patiently bears their malice for a time.

   Second, consider that they are the sons of damnation and how heavy and intolerable it will be for them to burn for all eternity in hell. They are like the most wicked servants who will lose the inheritance of the kingdom of Heaven, while the sons will partake of the inheritance. But now maybe you will say: 'Should not one preach to them?' Yes, of course one should preach to them! Consider how good people are often found among the evil, and that the sons of evil sometimes turn away from the good, just like the prodigal son who demanded his inheritance from his father and went away to a faraway kingdom and lived an evil life. But sometimes they are seized by remorse through the preaching and return to the Father, and they are more welcome to Him then as if they had never been sinful before. Therefore, one should preach especially to them, because, even though the preacher almost only sees evil people, he, nonetheless, thinks to himself: 'Perhaps there are some among them who will become the sons of my Lord; I will therefore preach to them.' This kind of preacher will receive the greatest reward.

   Third, consider that the wicked are allowed to live as a trial for the good, so that, if they are sorrowful for the behavior of the wicked, they might be rewarded with the fruit of patience, as you will understand better by the following parable.

   The rose smells sweet, is beautiful to look upon, is soft to the touch, and yet it only grows among thorns that are sharp to the touch, hideous to look upon, and do not have a pleasant scent. Similarly, good and righteous men, even though they are soft in their patience, beautiful in their virtues, and sweet smelling in their good example, still cannot become perfected or be put to the test except among the evil. Sometimes the thorn also protects the rose so that it will not be picked before it has bloomed; likewise, the evil give the good an occasion and a reason not to fall into sin, and sometimes the good are restrained by their malice so that they do not fall into immoderate cheerfulness or lust or any other sin.

   A wine will never become good unless it is stored in the dreg, and neither can the good and righteous remain and improve in virtues if they are not tested through afflictions and persecutions by the unrighteous. So tolerate willingly the enemies of my Son, and remember that He is their judge, and that He, if justice demanded to destroy them all, could easily exterminate them in a moment. Therefore, may you tolerate them as long as He tolerates them."

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Twenty-two