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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The Bridegroom's words to His bride found in the most delightful parable about a sorcerer by which the devil is ingeniously signified and described.

Chapter Twenty-one

    The Bridegroom of the kingdom of Heaven, Jesus, spoke to His bride in a parable presenting the example of a frog and said: "Once there was a sorcerer who had the most shining gold. A simple and mild man came to him and wanted to buy this gold from him. The sorcerer said to the simple man: 'You will not receive this gold, unless you give me better gold and in larger quantity.' The man said: 'I have such a great desire for your gold that I will give you what you want rather than losing it.' He then gave the sorcerer better gold and in larger quantity and received the shining gold from him and put it in a casket, thinking of making himself a ring from it for his finger.

   After a short time, the sorcerer approached that simple man and said: 'The gold you bought from me and laid in your casket is not gold, as you thought, but the most ugly frog. It has been fostered in my chest and fed with my food. And in order for you to test and know that this is true, you may open the casket and you will see how the frog will jump to my chest where it was fostered.' When the man wanted to open it and find out if it was true, the frog appeared in the casket. The cover of the casket was hanging on four hinges that were about to break and fall off soon. Immediately when the cover of the casket was opened, the frog saw the sorcerer and jumped into his chest.

   When the servants and friends of the simple man saw this, they said to him: 'Lord, this most fine gold is in the frog, and if you want, you can easily get the gold.' The man said: 'How can I get it?' They replied: 'If someone took a sharp and heated spear and thrust it into the hollow part of the frog's back, he would quickly get the gold out. But if he cannot find any hollow in the frog, he should then, with the greatest force and effort, thrust his spear into it, and this is how you will get back the gold you bought.'

   Who is this sorcerer if not the devil, inciting and counseling mankind to fleshly lusts and honor, which are nothing else but vanity and destruction? He promises that what is false is true and makes what is true seem to be false. He possesses this most precious gold, namely, the soul, who I, through My divine power, created more precious than all the stars and planets. I created it immortal and imperishable and more pleasing to Me than everything else and I prepared for her an eternal resting place with Me. I bought her from the violence of the devil with better and more valuable gold when I gave My Own flesh for her, spotless from every sin, and suffered such a bitter torment that none of My limbs were without wounds or pain. I placed the redeemed soul in the body as in a casket, until the time when I would place her in the presence of My divine honor and glory in the kingdom of Heaven. But now, the redeemed soul of man has become like the most ugly and shameless frog, jumping in its arrogance and living in filth through its sensuality. She has taken My gold away from Me, that is, all My justice.

   That is why the devil rightly can say to Me: 'The gold you bought is not gold but a frog, fostered in the chest of my lust. Separate therefore the body from the soul and you shall see that she will jump directly to the chest of my lust where it was fostered.'

   My answer is this: 'Since the frog is hideous to look at, frightful to hear, and poisonous to touch, and does not bring Me any good nor any pleasure or comfort but only does so for you, in whose chest she was fostered, you can have it, since she is yours by right. And when the door is opened, that is, when the soul is separated from the body, she will fly directly to you to remain with you for all eternity.'

   Such is the soul of the man I am talking about to you. She is namely like the most vile frog, full of filthiness and lust, fostered in the chest of the devil. To the casket, that is, to his body, I am now coming closer through his coming death. The casket is hanging by four hinges that are about to fall off, for his body is supported by four things: namely, strength, beauty, wisdom, and sight, which are all now beginning to perish and fade for him. When his soul begins to separate from the body, she flies straightaway to the devil on whose milk it was fostered, that is, his lust, since she has forgotten My love with which I took upon Myself the suffering and pain she deserved. She does not repay My love with love, and deprives Me of My rightful possession, because she should love Me more than anyone else since I redeemed her. But she finds a greater pleasure in the devil. The voice of her prayer is like the voice of the frog, and her appearance is abominable and hideous in My sight. Her ears will never hear My joy, and her poisoned senses will never feel My Divinity.

   But, I am still merciful, and if anyone were to touch his soul, even though she is unclean, and examine her to see if there is any remorse or good will in it, and thrust a sharp and burning spear into his mind, which means the fear of My severe judgment, then he could still find My mercy, if he only would obey Me. And if there is no remorse and love in him, still there is hope, if someone were to pierce him with a sharp and bitter correction and rebuked him strictly. For as long as the soul lives with the body, My mercy is open and ready for everyone.

   Consider therefore how I died because of My love, and yet nobody repays Me with love, but they even take from Me what is Mine by right; for it would be true justice if men improved their lives in proportion to the pain and suffering of their redemption. But now they want to live all the worse in proportion to the bitter pain and death I suffered when redeeming them; and the more I show them the hatefulness and ugliness of sin, the more boldly they want to sin. Behold, therefore, and consider that I do not get angry without cause, for they have changed My mercy into wrath. I redeemed them from sin, and they entangle themselves even more in sin.

   But you, My bride, give Me what you are obliged to give Me, that is, may you keep your soul pure for Me, because I died for you in order that you might keep her pure for Me."

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Twenty-one