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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The Virgin Mother's and the Son's pleasant dialogue with each other and with the bride, and about how the bride should prepare herself for the wedding.

Chapter Twenty

    The Mother of God, the Virgin Mary appeared saying to her Son: "O my Son, You are the King of glory. You are Lord over all lords. You created Heaven and earth and all the things in them. Therefore, may Your every desire be done, may all Your will be done!"

   The Son answered: "It is an ancient proverb that says that what a youth learns in his youth, he preserves in his old age. So have also you, My dear Mother, from your youth learned to follow My will and to surrender all your will for My sake. Therefore you did well to say: 'May Your will be done.' You are like precious gold that is laid on a hard anvil and hammered, for you were hammered with every kind of tribulation, and through My suffering you endured more pain than anyone before. For when My heart burst from the violent pain and bitterness on the cross, your heart was also wounded as if by the sharpest steel, and you would have willingly let it be cut into pieces, had that been My will. But even if you had been able to stop My suffering and wished for My life, still you did not want to if it was not My will. Therefore you did well to say: 'Your will be done.'"

   Thereafter, the Virgin Mary said to the bride of God: "My Son's bride, love my Son, for He loves you, and honor His saints who stand in His presence, for they are like countless stars whose light and brilliance cannot be compared to any worldly light. Just like the light of the world differs from darkness, yet even more does the light of the saints differ from the light of this world. In truth, I tell you that if the saints were seen in their brightness as they really are, no human eye could set eyes on them or endure it without losing their sight and life."

   Thereafter, the Son of God spoke to His bride and said: "My bride, you should have four qualities: First, you should be ready for the wedding of My Divinity wherein no fleshly lusts are found, but only the most sweet spiritual desire, the one that is becoming for God to have with a chaste soul. The love for your children, your friends, or your temporal belongings should not draw you away from My love. May it not happen to you what happened to those foolish virgins who were not ready when the Lord wanted to call them to the wedding and were therefore excluded.

   Second, you should believe My words, for I am the Truth, and from My mouth has never anything come but truth, and nobody can find anything other than truth in My words. Sometimes I have a spiritual meaning with what I am saying, and sometimes I expressly mean what the words say, and My words should then be understood as they are, without any interpretation. Therefore, no one can justly accuse Me of lying.

   Third, you should be obedient in order for you to do righteous penance and reparation in all the limbs with which you sinned; for even though I am merciful, I do not forego justice. Therefore, obey with humility and gladness those whom you are charged to obey, so that you do not do even the things which seem beneficial and reasonable to you if it goes against obedience. For it is better to surrender your own will for the sake of obedience, even if it is good, and to follow the will of your superior, as long as it does not go against the salvation of the soul or is unreasonable in any other way.

   Fourth, you should be humble, for you are united in a spiritual marriage. Thus, you should be humble and modest at the arrival of your bridegroom. Your handmaid should be sober and restrained, which means that your body should be abstinent from all superfluous things and well disciplined. For you will become fruitful with spiritual offspring for the benefit and good of many, just as a shoot is grafted onto a dry stem and makes the stem begin to blossom; so through my grace you shall bear fruit and blossom. My grace will gladden and intoxicate you, and the whole host of Heaven will rejoice because of the sweet wine I will give you. You must not lack trust in My goodness.

   I assure you that just as Zechariah and Elizabeth rejoiced in their souls with an unspeakable joy over the promise of a future child, you too, shall rejoice over My grace that I want to give you, and thereto, others will rejoice through you. With these two, Zechariah and Elizabeth, an angel spoke; but I, the God and Creator of the angels, want to speak to you. These two, Zechariah and Elizabeth, gave birth to My most dear friend John, but I want many sons to be born to Me through you, not of the flesh but of the spirit. In truth, I tell you, John was like a tube or flower full of sweetness and honey, for never did anything unclean or superfluous enter his mouth, and he never received the necessities of life over the limits of what he needed. And semen never went out of his body and that is why he can rightly be called an angel and a virgin for the divine life that he lived."

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Twenty