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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

          The words of our God and Creator to His bride about the splendor of His power, wisdom, and virtue, and about how those who are now called powerful and wise, sin the most against Him.

Chapter Nineteen

    "I am the Creator of the heavens and the earth. I have three qualities: I am most mighty, most wise, and most virtuous. I am namely so mighty that all the angels in Heaven honor Me, the demons in hell dare not look upon Me, and all the elements obey My command. I am also so wise that no one can fathom or understand My wisdom, and I have so great insight that I know all that has been and will come to be. I am thereto so rational that not the least little worm or any other animal, no matter how ugly it may seem, has been made without a cause. I am also so virtuous that all good flows from Me as from a good spring, and all sweetness emanates from Me as from a good wine. Therefore, no one can be mighty, wise, or virtuous without Me.

   And therefore do the mighty men of the world sin against Me very much, for I gave them strength and power so they could honor and glorify me; but they awarded the honor to themselves, as if they had it from themselves. These miserable wretches do not realize their own powerlessness: for if I were to send them the least sickness, they would immediately wither away and everything would become worthless to them.

   How then could they be able to withstand My strength and power or the eternal torments? But even more do those, who are now said to be wiser than others, sin against Me. For I gave them mental powers, understanding, and wisdom so they would love Me, but they do not want to understand anything other than that which is to their own temporal benefit and greed. They have their eyes in the back of their head and look only to their own lusts and pleasures, and they are so blind in serving Me that they do not give thanks to Me, Who gave them everything. For no one, neither good nor bad, could feel and understand anything without Me, although I allow the wicked to turn their will to their desires. Moreover, no one can be virtuous without Me.

   Therefore, I could now use the words of the proverb that everyone commonly cites: 'The patient man is despised by everyone.' So am I now considered by mankind to be utterly foolish for My patience, and that is why I am despised by everyone. But woe to them, when My time of patience is over and they will come to know My judgment! They will then be like mud before Me that falls down to the deepest depths and does not stop until it comes down to the lowest part of hell.

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Nineteen