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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book One

         The words of Christ to His bride about how there should be humility in the house of God, and about how such a house signifies purity of life, and about how buildings and alms should be donated only from goods that are righteously acquired, and about how to restore wrongly acquired goods.

Chapter Eighteen

   "In My house should all humility be, which now is completely rejected. There should be a strong wall between the men and the women, because even though I am able to defend everyone and hold them all without a wall, still, for the sake of precaution and because of the devil's cunning, I want that a wall should separate the two dwelling-houses. It should be strong, and not very high but moderate. The windows should be very simple and clear, and the roof moderately high, so that nothing can be seen there that does not belong to humility. For those who now build houses for Me are like master builders, who, when the lord or the master of the house enters into them, grab him by the hair and trample him under their feet; they raise the filth up high and trample the gold underfoot. This is what many do to Me now.

   They build up the filth, that is, they build up perishable and worldly things to the sky, but the souls that are more precious than all gold, they could not care any less about. If I want to go in to them through My preachers or through good thoughts, they grab Me by the hair and trample Me under their feet, that is, they insult Me and consider My deeds and My words to be as despicable as filth. They consider themselves to be much wiser. But if they wanted to build up things for Me and for My honor, they should first build up the souls to the kingdom of Heaven.

   The one who wants to build My house should, with the utmost precision, take care about not letting a penny that has not been properly and justly acquired, go to the building. There are indeed many who know full well that they have wrongly acquired goods and yet are not sorry for it nor have the will of making restitution or giving it back to the people they have cheated and plundered, although they could give it back and make restitution for the injustice if they wanted. But since they know and think to themselves that they cannot keep these things forever, they give a part of their wrongly acquired goods to the churches or monasteries, as if they wanted to appease Me by their gift. But the other goods that are properly acquired, they keep for their descendants. In truth, this does not please Me.

   The one who wants to please Me with his gifts should first have the will to better and correct himself and then do the good deeds he is able to do. He should also cry and mourn over the evil things and deeds he has done and then make restitution if he can; and if he cannot, he should have the will of making restitution for the deceitfully acquired goods. Thereafter, he should take great care to never again commit such things. But if it is not possible to find anyone to give back the unlawfully acquired goods to, then he could give it to Me, for I am able to pay back everyone what is theirs. If he cannot give it back but has the intention of humbling and improving himself before Me with a broken heart, then I am rich enough to give it back and I can restore the property of all those who have been cheated, either now in this world or in the next to come.

   I want to explain to you the meaning of the house that I want to build. This house is the life of purity, and I Myself, Who created all things and through whom all has been made and exists, am its foundation. There are four walls in this house. The first is My justice, by which I will judge those who are adversarial to this house. The second wall is the wisdom by which I will enlighten the builders of this house with My knowledge and understanding. The third wall is My power, by which I will strengthen them against the temptations of the devil. The fourth wall is My mercy, which receives everyone who prays for it. In this wall is the door of grace through which all, who pray for it, are accepted in. The roof of this house is the love with which I cover the sins of those who love Me so that they will not be judged for their sins. The window of the roof, whereby the sun enters, is the thought and consideration of My mercy, and through it the warmth of My Divinity is let in to the builders of the house. But that the wall should be strong and big means that no one is able to undermine my words or overthrow them. That the wall should be moderately high means that My wisdom can be understood and perceived in part, but never fully. The simple but clear windows mean that My words are simple, yet through them the light of divine knowledge is let into the world. The moderately high roof means that My words shall be revealed, not in an incomprehensible way, but in an understandable way that one may easily perceive and comprehend.

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Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book One: Chapter Eighteen