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  • Faithful to Tradition
    In commemoration of the observance of Church Unity Octave, John Gregory presents a feature that should tweak the consciences and comfort zones of every Catholic in recognizing that platitudes are all fine and nice, but they don't address what Traditional Catholics must do in order to truly work toward true Church Unity and that is exactly what St. Paul directed in 2 Thessalonians 2: 15, "stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned whether by word, or by our epistle." These traditions have been sacked and obliterated by the false prophets of the conciliar church and proven heresy resonates from these VulgArians. John addresses twelve weak points launched by those not willing to admit that a heretic cannot possibly be a Pope, let alone a Catholic. He points out that these flimsy refutations to the accepted Church doctrine of sedevacantism are smokescreens to cover up the sedeplenists' own inaccuracies and unwillingness to truthfully face the facts and follows the excellent piece by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey "Displaced Anger" on this very subject. It takes a humble heart to recognize when one is wrong and be willing to pray and realize one cannot have it both ways. If Benedict XVI is pope, then all who preceded him up through Pope Pius XII were not and they were wrong, or else Benedict and before him John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II were not only wrong but have apostasized from the True Faith and therefore cannot possibly be Catholic Popes. St. Paul made that abundantly clear in Galatians 1: 8-10. John Gregory explains in his column, The Key to Church Unity

    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica files a column for the ignominious anniversary of Roe vs. Wade in which he explains the difference between true motherhood and "otherhood." The latter is the agenda of those posing as "good mothers" where in truth they use it to promote killing children in the womb. To compound the problem, Washington D.C.'s chief potentate of that archdiocese believes not only in the separation of Church and State, but believes in separating truth from dogmatic teaching. It's also called heresy of the highest degree. But it wouldn't be politically expedient to this pompous protector of politicians. This apostate rummy has no clue what a true Catholic shepherd is, nor does Nancy Pelosi have a clue what a Catholic is or what a mother is. She represents neither in her hypocritical well-planned lying crusade to dupe the elect. No matter that only a fraction elected her, she now intends to establish satan as the prince of this land. She and her counterpart with aims on the White House Hillary may have fooled the imposters posing as Catholic Bishops (can you say all members of the USCCB?), but they dare not dupe the Catholic faithful. Yet, unless they turn to the true ideal of motherhood and life, the Blessed Mother of God, they'll be deceived just as they have been with Vatican II and all the Modernistic heresies so rampant today. Gabriel explains in his column Mothers Beware!
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Recently a vicious attack was launched against several Traditional Catholic organizations and individuals, which, in effect is an attack on all Traditional Catholics loyal to the Truths and Traditions of holy Mother Church. While it is the Christian custom to turn the other cheek, to do good to our enemies, to allow such slander and calumny against us is akin to surrender and to deny Christ. That we will not do. Thus, Michael Cain, editor of The Daily Catholic alerts all that it is time to defend our ground not by retreating but by launching our own counter-attack in exposing the corrupt charlatan Morris Seligman Dees, Jr. who has authorized the vile hate campaign against true Catholics. Personally familiar with many on the list which hit-woman Heidi Beirich dubbed "The Dirty Dozen", Cain turns the tables to show the Nazi-like tactics of "tolerance" and "diversity" that has brainwashed so many while the enemy infiltrates and destroys. Enough with the verbal engineering, it's time for facts and time to unite and pray for divided we are all prey. In his editorial, he fires back and lays out what we must all do to expose SPLC - The Real Hate Mongers

    Griff Ruby addresses the only seemingly argument left for anti-sedevacantists to hang their ridiculous prepositions on and that is how they toss around the terms "Material" and "Formal Heretics" as if nuances trump truth. Besides that, those opposing the sedevacantist position, which holy Mother Church accepts and has decreed on, misuse material and formal heresy defenses against the argument that the conciliar popes can't possibly be true popes. Despite the fact that the modernists who have occupied Rome for the past 40 plus years stand totally in contradiction to what previous reliable Sovereign Pontiffs have taught on Catholic truth, the anti-sedevacantists continue to advance this empty prattle as their only argument left to demean sedevacantism. Now Griff takes the small pin of what he calls "The Procedure" and pierces the thin veneer with a simple four part quadrant that lays it out so clearly in not only taking the air out of their last balloon with his simple and failsafe argument, but his logic obliterates all the hot air that has blurted out of the conciliar balloon for low these last four decades. Let it waft into the wind and let's pray for a strong wind to blow away once and for good anything resembling conciliarism in the crusade to restore holy Mother Church by running out the Robber Barons and Barbarians at and inside the Gate. Griff explains in his concise column Time to Put to a Certain Piece of Nonsense to Rest

    Echoes of True Catholicism
    We wanted to alert you to a recent article by Dr. Marian Therese Horvat filed on Tradition In Action last week in which she highlights what every Catholic must realize and follow in spite of the abominable political correctness of the times, not to mention Vatican II. Just as there is nothing "gay" about sodomy, so also there is no loyalty to Christ and His teachings if one follows any sect which disagrees with one iota of His Truths. Such a group are the Protestants who mistakenly call themselves Christian. Marian points out why this is not only a misnomer, but a grave injustice to Heaven for a heretic or apostate cannot be a Christian, let alone a Catholic. In fact, she identifies a Christian Catholic as an oxymoron for it is redundant to call a Catholic a Christian. That is a given because every Christian, to be called such, must be a Catholic for it is the only true Faith/Religion of the New Covenant Jesus Christ established on earth when He gave the Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter,promising He would be with His Church "until the consummation of the world." Marian explains in her treatise to her friend Jan aptly titled Please, Don't Call Protestants Christians
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Just as Dr. Thomas Droleskey has documented in his piece "American Concentration Camps", so also Gabriel Garnica pinpoints the problem in the "Catholic" School system in America and it begins with those entrusted to impart Catholic truth and values on the students. That, sadly is the grave problem for those in charge today are Marxist modernists who ascribe to a different religion intent on destroying the Catholic Faith. Gabriel cites just one high school that proves this point and, when multiplied by the thousands, well you can see the devastation visited upon those "Catholic" families who have been so duped and dumbed down over the past 40 years. The results are only too evident. How many are aware of the insidious insurgency of religious teaching orders that have totally transmorphed the Catholic Faith into a political machine that is governed on the politics of the damned through the heresies ingrained in the leaders of tomorrow? Gabriel exposes one such school in Michigan run by the Sisters of Mercy who have no mercy when it comes to sparing souls as he points out in his column As Ash Wednesday Approaches, "Catholic" Education Itself Is In Ashes
    Miters that Matter
    We continue to furnish this forum to publish responses by those "dirty dozen" attacked by the spurrious Southern Poverty Law Center and unjustly accused of the verbal engineered meaning of "anti-Semitism." His Excellency Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI has filed his response in the latest issue of Adsum and we publish it here so all can see the absurdity of such charges and, in reading between the lines, see that this blatant attack is an all-out assault on the patrimonty of holy Mother Church and, in truth, identifies all the more clearly the demarcation line between the true Church founded by Christ and the false church forged by man from the hellish embers of Vatican II. His Excellency points out in his response the inherent persecution that can only intensify as the "hate crime" legislation becomes all the more liberalized by the very ones who harbor hatred for Christ and His few followers today. The CMRI Replies to the SPLC's Slander

    Treasures of Tradition
    Guest columnist Scott Montgomery presents an interesting essay on the existence of the two holy prophets from the Old Covenant who God preserved from death until the appointed time when antichrist comes. It is something few modernists will give credence too and, combined with the evangelical pentecostal heresies that have permeated society over this past century, the role of the two prophets Enoch and Elijah (Elias) play a significant role in eschatological theology. It is therefore appropriate that we bring this to you on this Second Sunday of Lent when we focus on the Transfiguration and the miracles of the Almighty with the appearance of Moses and Elias at Christ's side. Holy Mother Church has already spoken of Elias just this past Ember Wednesday in the Epistle from 3 Kings 19. On that same day we read in the Lesson from Exodus 24 of Moses going up to Sinai where he remained for forty days and forty nights. We also know that Moses eventually died after being denied by the Lord to enter the Promised Land; but not so the other witness of the Transfiguration: Elias, also known as Elijah the Tishbite and the man of Mt. Carmel. Elijah is one of the two witnesses in Sacred Scripture - the other being Enoch from Genesis - whom the Fathers and Doctors of the Church discern from the holy Scriptures to still be alive in a time and place finite man cannot reach or comprehend for man cannot know the breadth and depth of the mind of God. Yes, these two prophets of old wait quite possibly in the very same paradise where Adam and Eve began, sustained by the fruits of the garden until that appointed time when antichrist comes and they will be beckoned forth as God's special force to deal directly with the devil on God's terms. Scott lays out the evidence in his treatise The Two Witnesses

    Treasures of Tradition
    Father Trinchard, esteemed author of the books, "New Mass" Is Conclusively Invalid, Latin Mass Prayers Explained, and Apocalypse of the Mass to mention just a few, provides unmitigated proof that the chances are if you or your parish "priest" were ordained less than 37 years ago, you or he are not truly a Catholic priest. That is the sad fact as Father delineates what the New Order purposely did to alter the divinely-ordained rite of Holy Orders to give the world a plethora of presiders with no power to forgive sins or confect the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, Soul and Divinity at the Canonical Consecration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The consequences are catastrophic for souls and speaks volumes of the enemy's intent to destroy Christ's Mystical Body: for without the sacraments grace is lacking and without grace there is little adherence to the constituted evangelic traditions and necessary disciplines for living and perpetuating the holy Faith, outside of which there is no salvation. No wonder there have been no fruits (cf. St. Matthew 7: 15-21). If you are one of those ordained after 1968 or 1970, call Fr. Paul. We know it takes a humble heart to admit you've been duped, but what price pride when the salvation of your own soul and the souls of those you are responsible for are at stake? Please, think very seriously about what Father documents below and ask the Holy Ghost for guidance to come back home to the true Catholic Church. ???Am I A Priest???
    Treasures of Tradition
    Griff Ruby brings all the undeniable proof that Paul VI resigned his authority of the Roman Catholic Church (if, indeed, he ever had it)with his approval of the heretical document Lumen Gentium and thereby, by this act, became the head of another entity which has turned out to be the apostate conciliar church in which his successors John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI have followed and "subsist in." Yet so many can't see the elephant in the room while the Modernist Mastedons continue to "subsist" in stomping on souls over the last 40 years and few there are who will honestly recognize the beast for what it is. Hopefully Griff's treatise will knock at least a few over the head and shed some light from the imaginary chandeliers they keep ducking under and away from in their efforts to continue paddling up the river of denile to avoid the inevetible. Griff explains in his column Of Elephants and Chandeliers and a Certain River in Egypt
    Faithful to Tradition
    John Gregory seeks to sort out a few things in these times of confusion which are due solely to the foretold Great Apostasy, which has ravaged so many souls over the past half of a century. We can thank the hirelings and imposters who have so pitifully milked the faithful out of their Catholic beliefs and faith, not to mention their money. It is inevitable that something not of God will crumble and at the same time, what is of God cannot be destroyed and thus, slowly but surely Catholic truth is once again rising to the surface like fresh cream, nourishing more who are willing to face the truth, willing to make the sacrifice for the sake of their souls. Yet there are still those who stubbornly cling to their own opinions or the fallible opinions of cult leaders whom the people have treated like idols, which only hinders unity within the forces of restoring Catholic truth. John Gregory explains in his column, Who Do We Follow?

    "By their fruits you shall know them"
    We are delighted to bring you the thoughts of Erven E. Park as he has graced us with an article from his acclaimed "The Fruit Inspector Chronicles". This time he picks up on the sound-byte made famous by Army Lt. General Russel Honore that so many are "stuck on stupid" and indeed, as Erven explains, they are just that. Part and parcel of that is because the Verbal and Thought Engineers of Hades have dumbed down the masses and anesthetized their consciences through intimidation where those who take sides have grown timid and fearful of offending man's sensibilities without realizing that they have greatly offended God's sensibilities. It is truly amazing that so many have forgotten that for every action there are consequences. If we have any doubts, just look at the last 25 years how fast AIDS has spread via the perversion of sodomy. Look at the equally passionate effort to cover this up and place blame elsewhere. Look at how absolutes have been sacrificed in order to turn values and virtues upside down by making everything gray and, in the process, greatly incur the wrath of God. Do we really want to become the bile of Babel and Babylon as our Lord has warned in Apocalypse 3:16? If not, then what are we going to do about it? Erven explains in his essay Institutionalized Idiocy "STUCK ON STUPID!"

    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica In the Epistle for next week's Third Sunday after Easter we read what Saint Peter says in 1 Peter 2: 11, 'I beseech you, as strangers and pilgrims, to refrain yourselves from carnal desires that war against the soul.' It is the surrender to carnal desires that have caused the breaking of hearts today, particularly the Most Sacred and Immaculate Hearts Who weep for those hearts that have been so hardened by divorce from God's Laws and their own spouses. Gabriel Garnica points this out so poignantly in his column pointing out that if they have been unfaithful in the less serious things, we shouldn't be surprised that they have proven to be unfaithful in more serious things even to embracing and promoting the very sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. We should not be surprised for war is hell and that is what those who discard God's will have made for themselves by holding His sacraments and precepts so lightly. Frankly, Scarlet, they don't give a damn and that's what makes it even more tragic. Gabriel explains in his column Gone With the Whim!
    Treasures of Tradition
    Father Trinchard, esteemed author of the books, "New Mass" Is Conclusively Invalid, Latin Mass Prayers Explained, and Apocalypse of the Mass to mention just a few, continues to provide unmitigated proof that the Novus Ordo church - Newchurch - the conciliar church of Vatican II is a New Religion and therefore cannot possibly be Catholic. His best advice is to run as fast as you can away from this "abomination of desolation" and take harbor aboard the Ark of Salvation, the Roman Catholic Church founded by Christ and kept intact in all her dogmas and doctrines until the wreckovation took full force with Vatican II and its aftermath which rendered the faithful practically impotent to do anything. Now we must for no amount of changes can alter the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church no matter how the masters of deceit pontificate. Yet, so many have been duped into believing the "party lie" that Newchurch is still Catholic! Oh, satan is clever, very clever and because the vast majority of Catholics did not truly know their Faith, they became "useful idiots" to further the insidious and diabolical agenda. Father lays out the facts in CHANGE FOR THE WORST

    Tribute to a personal hero

    In Wednesday's issue we offered a heartfelt tribute to Lowell "Mickey" Cain, my earthly father for the past 64 plus years. My Dad completed his 91 1/2 year journey in this vale of tears on May 23. The picture here was taken on his 90th birthday so, as you can see, he aged gracefully and that smile you see was his trademark. There was no pretense about my dad, he accepted whatever God sent his way and was still happy. Very little fazed him. He passed away very peacefully on Wednesday afternoon, May 23, in his Minneapolis home with his second oldest son Patrick, his only daughter Marie and grandaughter Donna present. He had been lingering and slipping for the past six months after being diagnosed with an incurable cancer that consumed his body, but not his soul for we are eternally grateful to Father Brendan Hughes, CMRI for administering the Sacrament of Extreme Unction to him, bringing him Holy Viaticum, and granting him a Plenary Indulgence. He had a special devotion to Saint Joseph and this editor is so grateful that I was able to serve at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass specifically intentioned to the holy Joseph, Patron Saint of a happy death, just two hours before he passed. He had been slipping in recent months and we talked and prayed with him and would bless him each night over this last six weeks by phone and take great consolation that he was wearing the blessed Brown Scapular and Green Scapular of the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as her Miraculous Medal when God called him from this earth. Father Brendan said a Requiem Mass for him on May 25th and there will be another Requiem Mass here at Mt. St. Michael's in Spokane at the 8 a.m. Mass on Tuesday, June 5th. Again, we are most thankful to God and the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. We want to thank all who have sent condolences. Your prayers and encouragement mean so much, and we ask you to remember his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. Receive his soul, offering it in the sight of the Most High. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Suscipiéntes ánimam ejus offeréntes eam in conspéctu altíssimi. Réquiem ætérnam dona ei, Dómine: et lux perpétua lúceat ei. For his heartfelt tribute, see "Come, ye, blessed of My Father".

    The sources of the diabolical deceits

    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey identifies the real culprit of the subterfuge to undermine the CMRI's theological position in an essay that needed to be published and, indeed, it was on Tom's site on Tuesday, June 5 with his column at www.christorchaos.com. But we felt it important to also publish his column here and received his permission to format it since we have added it to our permanent archives because it so powerfully says what needs to be said in the most charitable way possible and will hopefully stave off false rumors and rumor mongers who might relish the misfortunes of others. For the time being we are doing what His Excellency Most Reverend Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI has advised, pray and talk less, much less, for, without the facts, one can murder the reputation of those who might be innocent and for that we will all be accountable to Almighty God at our Judgment. Therefore, until we know more facts, we remain obedient to this wise advise from a true successor of the Apostles, Bishop Pivarunas whose motto is "my life for my sheep." That is the kind of commitment from a true Catholic shepherd, a quality non-existent in the counterfeit conciliar church. Tom assesses the situation in his column To Each One According to His Way

    Confusion and Collusion with conciliarists

    In the most recent Catholic PewPOINT, editor Michael Cain exposes the cunning of the conciliarist agenda to divide and destroy any semblance of true Catholicism. Such is the modus operandi - "operation of error" authored by a real infiltrator, the bankrupt "soul predator" and presbyter of Spokane Fr. William Skylstad who just "happens to be" the head of the masonic, apostate non-Catholic USCCB. Yes, satan is pulling out all the stops in attempting to disrupt the ranks of those who have been striving to live God's will. He snakes his way through the "trees" of religious houses just as he did in the Garden of Eden. The branches of the trees he infects must be pruned, cut off and cast out. There is no other way! One can never dialog with the devil and those guilty of doing so should realize the horror of the "operation of error" that so insidiously slithered in to seduce some rebellious religious sisters of the CMRI. Because they did not discern the truth they now, tragically, "believe a lie." Thankfully, Roman Catholics in the Spokane area, who strive to live their faith as it has been taught from St. Peter through Pope Pius XII, have something the diocese of Spokane has not: A true bishop! Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI who, to his everlasting credit, will have nothing to do with the counterfeit church of Vatican II, has put a stop to the collusion fostered by the conciliarists. Cain provides answers to the causes and the effects; consequences the rebellious religious may have never really considered in failing to heed St. Paul's words in 2 Thessalonians 2: 10. Cain explains in his editorial, The Confusion of Collusion

    Some things need to be said

    Please remember the editor's wife Cyndi Cain in your prayers who was operated on Wednesday, June 20 for major gastrointestinal surgery at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane. She will be in the hospital for several more days recuperating. Twenty-three pounds of clogged colon were removed to eliminate the "enlarged, redundant" colon that had resulted over the past two decades, making it most uncomfortable for her to perform even normal duties. Now we can only hope that the surgery was successful and her immune system can handle the drastic change in her digestive tract. We thank all for their prayers. Before submitting to surgery however, she felt it necessary - rather she insisted on writing an article to not only assure all that she'll be okay, but to plead with those who have been so deceived by the claptrap that Benedict XVI is going to "turn things around" and is really a "friend of tradition." NOT! In effect her article has to do with surgery in that we can cut out the cancer that afflicts holy Mother Church by abhorring it and exposing it because when we weren't looking, the VulgArians changed the "seven hills of Eternal Rome that symbolize the Seven Sacraments and Gifts of the Holy Ghost" to the "seven hideous mounds of Modern Rome that personify the Seven Capital sins." She explains in her column, Flee from those who deceive

    Why even the Short Form of the Novus Ordo can't be valid

    In this time when Ratzinger is trolling for traditionalists with the "promise" of a Motu Proprio to "free the Latin Mass" (which he has not the authority to do for it has been forever free since the infallible bull Quo Primum in 1570) and when the revelation is made that he secretly plotted as far back as 1982 to fuse the "missal of 1967" into the "Indult", it is time to revisit the whole validity/non validity issue and to not draw it out but cut to the chase to prove definitely that the consecration in Novus Ordo services is not only invalid, but what the late Father James F. Wathen called it: The Great Sacrilege. Griff Ruby returns with a short summation that so simply syllogizes why the short form can not be qualitive because of the etc. that follows in the man-made rite of the Novus Ordo, making it null and void! Griff explains in his treatise The Long and Short of It

    Illegal Immigration is another word for Amnesty, another acrimonious agenda of the liberal lie.

    Gabriel Garnica returns with a poignant piece on the brouhaha presently consuming Congress which is going against the majority of their constituents. The public be damned. Lobbyists live and prosper in the dens of iniquity behind closed doors. Just as satan never gives up in his relentless pursuit to damn souls, so also Congress continues to hammer away at the very foundations of our country by trying to make Illegal Immigration legal and turning law abiding citizens into righteous alarmists who have consistently shouted "No on Amnesty!" Truly we are living in a time when evil is having a field day and good has taken a holiday because so few are willing to stand for God's Laws and obey their only King. But then, in the legal ramifications that have corrupted our system of government because the U.S., like the conciliar church, have abandoned the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, the sentence will be severe both temporally and spiritually. Despite the will of God and the will of the people, Congress and the conciliarists forge ahead with their acrimonious agenda. When will we truly realize the "liberal lie"? You can't say you weren't warned! Gabriel lays out the true Catholic response in his essay What Would Christ Say About Illegal Immigration?

    Don't say you weren't warned. The Metz Syndrome surfaces again: Communism rules the conciliar fools!
    In light of Benedict's betrayal with his Letter to Red China and Tom's excellent proof of the fact that such a letter could not have come from a Catholic pope, but rather an antipope, yes even possibly an antichrist, we remind you that two years ago Atila Sinke Guimarães weighed in on the charade going on between the conciliar church of modern Rome and the Communist People's Republic of China in which hypocrisy and apostasy on both parties' parts were and continue to be so apparent. It is all part of the bitter fruits of the Pact of Metz, all part of the abandonment of the apostolic universal mission to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Sacred Scripture and Holy Mother Church have always taught that those who believe and are baptized into the Church Christ founded would be saved, those who do not will be condemned. From Atila's account of what the Vatican II church has been doing, which he has so expertly documented in his brilliant series Lamma Sabbacthani, the mission of saving souls no longer applies. Ergo, since this is directly contrary to all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches and Christ can neither deceive nor be deceived, the church of modern Rome is an anathema as St. Paul has affirmed in Galatians 1: 8-10. There is no rhyme nor reason to what this two-headed dragon of modern Rome and Red China are doing in raising their ugly heads in persecuting and selling out the faithful and Taiwan except to be cooperators with the devil, not to mention mammon - personified in the atheistic communist government and policies of Red China and the corruption of the conciliar church. Can you say Betrayal of Christ? Atila, in his Bird's Eye View at Tradition In Action, documents the obvious signs with his column The Disastrous Cost of Vatican Ostpolik with China

    For the sake of your soul, make up your mind!
    Bishop Donald Sanborn has filed an excellent essay on breaking down the misnomer of sedevacantism being just a theological opinion, where, in fact, according to what holy Mother Church has always taught, the current fact that the Chair of Peter is truly vacant is a theological conclusion. Opinions can be dangerous and those who have been circulating false opinions masquerading as fact are the most dangerous whether they are conciliarists or anti-sedevacantism traditionalists. His Excellency breaks down the Five Errors of Opinionism and whether any are the correct position to hold. It comes down to whether the identity of a Pope could ever be a matter of opinion. The answer is a resounding no as you'll see in his breakdown in which he emphasizes that we cannot be on the fence for one cannot separate a true Roman Pontiff from the Roman Catholic Church. They are part of the whole. Opinion holds no sway when it comes to truth. Bishop Sanborn summarizes in his article The question of the pope: "Just an opinion?"
    To die or not to die, that is the pivotal difference between martyrs and fence-sitters

    Today is the traditional feast of St. Thomas More, the King's Chancelor who would not budge in his loyalty to the true Successor of Peter no matter how much an earthly king promised. It is fitting then that Gabriel Garnica has filed an article whereby we can relate to the challenges More faced as well as another martyr of the Church across the channel a century before: St. Joan of Arc. Gabriel shows that temporal treasures are worthless in the spiritual realm and just how we live on earth and how we die will measure our worth when it comes to eternity. That is why looking to St. Thomas and St. Joan, whose feasts are just over a month apart just as they lived just over a century apart in medieval times, they both stood strong against corruption and collusion, and willingly gave their lives for God and their countries. It's all about never comproming our Faith no matter the lures. Gabriel explains in his column, Uncompromising Catholic Courage in the Face of Adversity

    To Build a Better Mass Trap!
    Father Anthony Cekada presents the palette that is Summorum Pontificum and reveals the true colors of Benedict's rainbow of inclusive diversity. While Fr. Moderator has said "the Motu Proprio has more holes than swiss cheese", Fr. Cekada the trap that awaits those who think a better Mass is in store. All Ratzinger has done is build a larger mass trap as Fr. Cekada writes, "Let the traditionalists who promoted it say what they will. For Ratzinger, the Motu Mass makes them merely one more color in his Vatican II rainbow." It is, as Father Cekada summarizes in his four page essay, "IN the long run, the Motu Mass will contribute to the steady decline of the post-Conciliar religion and the eventual death of Vatican II - Ratzinger's devil-baby, for which Limbo was never an option. At all this, we can only rejoice. In the short term, however, many gullible traditionalists will be lured to the Motu Mass because of convenience or the prospect of 'belonging to something bigger.' But the negative aspects of actually assisting at the Motu are pure poison." Father Cekads explains in his insightful essay, The Motu Mass Trap
    A Catholic Response to the CDF Spin!
    Griff Ruby, who has written one of the most thorough refutations of Vatican II in pinpointing the document Lumen Gentium as the culprit that cut the conciliar church off from the Catholic Church, files his response to the nonsense issued last week by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (sic). No matter how the counterfeit conciliarists try to spin "subsists in" it always comes back to their interpretation of what "subsists in" subsists in. It's the old shell game, a languishing labyrinth of ambiguities in which they fashion facts after the fact that have, in fact, no fact to them. Such is the state of deceivers. They can seldom remember what they said before and often tend to cover one lie with another even more ridiculous. In so doing they not only expose themselves more openly as being satan's architects of the "operation of error", but aggravate the very "friends of mammon" they're trying to pander to in their ineptitude to explain away a heresy that still remains a heresy no matter how they twist it. Griff breaks it down in his treatise, How One Novelty Invents More Novelties
    Space!   That area between the ears of Cling-ons who dare to boldly go where no saint or true Catholic would dare go. Yet they're still willing to let Benny beam 'em up into the Starship Consillyium!
    Captain Kirk, move over for the VulgArian Joseph Ratzinger has commandeered the spaceship Consillyium and is threatening to take it to the Next Generation with a reform of the reform of the reform. He just needs to convince the Cling-ons whose cloak of invisibility is soon to become very visible in their being duped by Captain BeneRatz and his counterfeit conciliar crew. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey records in his Christ or chaos logs on stardate July 17, of the horrendous dangers that lay ahead. All one has to do is look back to see the course set by the conciliarists and realize it's a doomed flight. And yet the head of the Cling-ons and other resist-and-recognize civilizations are ready to hand over their crafts and Catholic integrity for the sake of the unity of the new world universe. Thankfully, there are still a few guarding the Catholic Galaxy of Truth and they reside in the Sedevacantist Enterprise, a most appropriate metaphor meant as a slur by Christopher Ferrara a few years ago, but a rallying cry for the resistance to buckle in, avoid the siren of Hegelian madness, put up the force field of non-compromise, and vow allegiance to Christ to faithfully uphold the Sacred Deposit of Faith, firmly embedded in the hull of the true Barque of Peter cloaked by an eclipse since the fall of 1958. Now is the time to defend Catholic truth against the onslaught of the VulgArians, Cling-ons and other forces intent on revising the infrangible logs of the infallible, perennial Magisterium. The true Church will prosper again, once it destroys the blackhole of conciliarism. To help Catholics navigate through the darkness out there, Tom sets the Catholic coordinates with his essay, Liturgy: The Final Frontier
    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Modernists cajole Communists. Reds of a Feather stick together! Beijing and Benedict Betray True Catholics Again!
    Among his many infamous statements over the years from "subsists in" to the Fatima Fabrication of the Third Secret, Father Joseph Ratzinger has opened mouth and inserted foot in his attempt to pacify all groups from the Muslims to the Jews. Now he's in trouble again with Protestants for uncharacteristally sounding Catholic for once in signing off on a CDF release that states a direct contradiction to Lumen Gentium and a week later comes the usual "we didn't mean what we said" explanatory letter and denials that makes Bill Clinton's explanations seem mild compared to the bizarre banalties emanating from the seat of the counterfeit conciliar church. But, as Dr. Marian Horvat points out, he's gone too far this time in conceding surrender to Red China and sacrificing those loyal Catholics who have fought for over half a century to preserve the true faith. But that wouldn't be expedient to pleasing the majority which is Benedict's goal: to placate man with his incessant "dialogue" spiel that he promoted behind the scenes at Vatican 2 as one of the main periti and as the gnat in the ear of Montini and Wojtyla. A yes man, this Hegelian, that's for sure. While he schmoozes traditionalists to lure them into his clutches with his much misunderstood and deceiving Motu Summorum Pontificum in his demonic attempt to defuse opposition to the heresies he has promoted by dividing traditional camps and conquering, he has chosen to make friends of mammon with the vast powerful sleeping bear: China. What BeneRatz has proposed is akin to Pope St. Pius I conceding to Marcus the Agnostic, or Pope St. Fabian going along with the Roman Emperor Decius and advising Christians to give it up, go ahead and offer incense, or Pope St. Leo the Great giving Attila the Hun the keys of the kingdom and the city of Rome, or Pope St. Gregory VII tolerating the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV and not excommunicating him for that might disturb the political situation of the times, or Pope Clement VII writing the clergy and people of England that they should all get along and do what Henry VIII advises, though Rome can't officially recognize his illegitimate marriages, Rome won't interfere because it wouldn't be best for the "unity of community." Ridiculous? You bet but that's exactly what the most dangerous man to ever sit on the throne of Peter has done and Dr. Horvat nails the consequences in her article, Benedict Delivers Underground Catholics to Communism
    How CMRI Brides of Christ were led into Subterfuge and
    Insurrection to Abandon the Vows they professed.

        Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey files an investigative piece that should alert the faithful to beware of wolves, ravenous ones, in the clothing of sheep. This is a follow-up to several of Tom's articles in which he has expertly dealt with the rebellion and misinformation that has been circulating on blogs that are out of touch with the real problem, out of touch with the truth of the whole matter regarding the sabotage of several former CMRI sisters. He cites the subterfuge that had been fomented by the rebellious sisters who, in the planning, dismissed their vows of obedience as well as their vows of poverty by accepting gifts from those who look at them as trophies with never a care for their immortal soul but only to protect their own interests and continue the charade of the counterfeit church of conciliarism that is totally without good fruits, a bad, rotting tree that we all know will be cast into the eternal fire just as our Lord has affirmed in last Sunday's Gospel, most pertinent to this essay by Tom as to "the wolves in the clothing of a sheep." As we did on June 6, so also in this piece we felt it important to also publish and format it with his permission for our permanent archives. Tom reveals things Popes Leo XIII and St. Pius X warned us of, but the counterfeit church of conciliarism, at every level of its hierarchy, don't want you to know. It needs to be told, needs to be known as Tom reveals in his expose, The Rest of the Story
      Sisters, O Sisters, do you realize what you have done?
        Griff Ruby pens a heart-wrenching Open Letter to those CMRI Sisters who have turned their backs on what holy Mother Church has always held sacred and have embraced the New Order with all its novelties, despite their profession of Vows. He writes from his heart in hoping that for these Brides of Christ, who have left their Groom, are merely struggling with a brief separation and not divorce. In addressing the Sisters directly Griff shows how it pains our Lord and our Lady so that you weren't satisfied with those God entrusted to you to help you achieve your eternal salvation. If you believe that can be attained through the mechanisms of the Novus Ordoites you're in for quite a life-shock. Sooner or later it will hit those Sisters who heard the siren and fell for the love-bombs. Eve did the same thing. To God and to those you left behind at the Mount, you are a priceless treasure. As such, we have to ask as Jesus referred to in St. Matthew 7: 5-6. Do you really and truly want to give that which is holy to dogs? Jesus has the answer: "Neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, tear you." Think about that, dear Sisters of illusion. That is the fate that awaits. It's inevitable. All those you left behind continue to pray for you and and have great concern for your spiritual welfare and for your state of mind, in so much emotional confusion at this time. Just remember, Sisters, home is just around the corner and up the hill. You know the way. It's up to you to return to the only sure path to get there. Griff extends hope that this will still be possible with his chock-full-of-Catholic-love An Open Letter to the Sisters who have left the CMRI
      The Mother who set the standard for preparing her child for God's specific purpose
      To commemorate this Double of the Second Class Feast of Saint Anne Mother of the Mother of God, we present a tribute by Denise Trias in which she lists the holy attributes of St. Joachim's holy wife. While today is not Mother's Day, it could very well be. At the least it should be "Grandmother's Day" because it is the feast of the greatest grandmother who ever lived, the grandmother of none other than the Son of God Himself. Yes, we are referring to good Saint Anne. What other term can one give to this awesome, obedient and patient loving mother of the Mother of God? She is the patron of many and, in the great clarion of saints is often overlooked, lost in the shuffle since she was one of the very first saints. Her cooperation with God through her spouse Joachim produced in her autumn years the miracle of birth. In her womb was formed the most Immaculate, perfect finite being the world has ever, or will ever, know. How could we ever forget Mary's mother and Jesus' Grandma? She sets the example of perseverance and the priority of bearing children. This is a lesson lost on today's selfish, instant-gratification generation who have so sadly forgotten that the rewards of motherhood are 'rolled over' in Heaven forever. Why? Because mothers work in cooperation with God to populate Heaven, and this would never have been possible without the fiat of good Saint Anne. Denise also takes the reader inside St. Anne's Shrine in Massachusetts to illustrate some of the magnificent statues in this magnificent edifice, most notably of St. Anne herself nurturing her beloved, Immaculate daughter in body, mind and soul. Denise shares her experience in Good Saint Anne, Patroness of Mothers

      Without the Keystone of Faith, braced by the Two Pillars, every Bridge will Topple into the River Styxx.
      Editor Michael Cain presents a sobering commentary on the catastrophic collapse of the I-35W Bridge that, for most of the day on August 1st, spanned the Twin Cities over the fast-flowing mighty Mississippi. Then it collapsed, taking with its massive girders of steel and concrete untold unsuspecting victims. Cain shows how that tragedy parallels the inevitable collapse of the conciliar bridge built on the false premises of Vatican II, whose structure is built on loose soil and will tumble into the abyss, loaded down with the opprobrium of novelty and heresy. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Will souls see the warning and avoid it like the plague, or will they rush pell mell onto it, weighing it down with the stress of indifference that will cause a regurgitation of the Lord's just wrath? Don't say we haven't been warned. Cain hopes the shockwaves of this recent catastrophe will shake the thunder of souls into the reality that it could happen to them when they least expect it for the counterfeit church of conciliarism is a teetering entity that is spindled in the murky waters of Vatican II and destined to plummet into the troubled waters. What is more troubling are those still on that wobbly bridge that continues to swing one way on one day and the other way on the next. Souls too numerous to number are at stake. That is why we should all be concerned about the Bridge Under Troubled Waters

      Confronting the Arrogance of Conciliarism within Traditional Circles

        On this day when holy Mother Church honors Saint Joachim, the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we should strive to emulate his guidance and seek those virtues in our shepherds to guide us. We need the dragonslayers of truth to come forward because the enemy must be contained. There was a commercial many years ago for Marlboro Cigarettes that went, 'you can take a man out of the country, but you can't take country out of the man.' So also today we'd apply that to something that has clouded minds, hearts and souls for nearly 50 years much worse than tobacco ever could. "You can take a man out of the sacrilegious Novus Ordo, but only grace will take the Novus Ordo sacrileges out of the man." We are talking of the dangers of a far more dangerous essence than cigarette smoke. That would be the "smoke of satan" spewing from the beast which has penetrated and poisoned the sensus Catholicus. What is even more dangerous is telling us it isn't dangerous, that it's just a cloud that we should pay no attention to. This is the essence of John Gregory's article today for it is what can happen if Catholics inhale the Motu Mess business and cave to the cavalier arrogance of Novus Ordo priests, many of whom have already infiltrated seemingly traditional communities. There should be a sign posted above the door of every true church: "SUPREME GOD'S WARNING: The smoke of satan can result in the loss of your soul." Is your church free of such dangerous smoke? If not, who is going to do clear the air of this deadly smoke? It may take laymen to sound the alarm. One such a layman is John Gregory who give us his firsthand experience, and, even though he is "just a lay man," he returns after several months on hiatus with an article that should perk our senses and put us on guard. You'll understand when you read, So What!?!

      If we truly love Christ, His Immaculate Mother, and His Church, then we'll put away those white flags and proudly proclaim, as dry martyrs in the catacombs of Catholicism, that we will never surrender to the cabal of conciliarism.

      On this day of the spotless and pure Immaculate Heart of Mary, Cyndi Cain, still recuperating from two major operations, returns to urge readers not be stained by caving to the pressures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism and their Motu madness that causes our Lady to weep and to ask why have we forgotten what her divine Son died for, why He instituted His Church upon the Rock of Peter? Why have we allowed yourselves to be deceived by the glitter of convenience and the lure of peace on man's terms? It can only be accomplished when her Immaculate Heart triumphs, and that can only be accomplished through our fiat to follow her beloved Son on the narrow path in the catacombs of His true Church. Accept no substitutes but the authentic Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Accept no less than your promise to participate and to pray the holy Rosary, do penance and offer it as a glorious bouquet in reparation for the offenses against her Immaculate Heart. That is how we can stand firm and hold the traditions passed down. We must daily surrender our hearts to God, but never can we surrender our faith! Cyndi sends out her heartfelt plea to stand firm to the Faith and stand behind those apostolates which seek to preserve the True, unadulterated Faith in her column "Stand firm, and hold the traditions..." Surrender Not!

      In a galaxy far, far away from Catholic truth there are rumblings within the small army of the Resistance as well as the Imperial Troops, all over recent pronouncements by the leader of the Empire which is leading to the inevitable "Motu Wars."

        This weekend Griff Ruby begins a multi-part series on the need for a deeper study of the conciliar document Summorum Pontificum being done in order to see whether it is the answer or further contributes to the dark forces gathering to blot out souls. This then is the first episode of a series simply called: "Motu Wars," a take-off on the "Star Wars" theme for the Traditional Resistance, though determined and dedicated, is infitesmally small compared to the vast evil Empire that has taken over the governance of the Catholic galaxy. The latest Motu begs the question: Can the leader of the Empire be trusted just because of a few documents that seem to promise some good things? While many want to trust because of the decades upon decades without a legitimate leader, remember the casualties the Empire's current leader has caused throughout the past. We must be careful and beware. We must study the plans laid out for words can be clever and convincing, convincing enough "to deceive (if it were possible) even the elect" (St. Matthew 24: 24). What is really behind this sudden shift in ideologies? That is the crux of being on guard, of saving souls for there are many storm troopers out there in purple and scarlet who seek to sabotage and sack the Resistance. The Motu Wars are only going to intensify. We need to know the enemy before we become them. Griff combs the original document in deciphering the conciliar code in the first episode of this series: I. Hope Against Hope

      Don't be afraid to stick your neck out. So you may get it cut off, but, if you're still sound of mind you'll realize it beats the alternative of giving in to satan. What's better: keeping your head in hell, or letting go and trust God to help you save your soul?

         On this feast where we commemorate Saint John the Baptist's Beheading, Gabriel Garnica checks in with a feature that as much as John didn't want to lose his head, he cherished his soul more. Over the centuries one of the most barbaric forms of execution has always been chopping off one's head. It's called many things, decapitation or, as the venerable Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger calls it "decollation", which comes from the Latin word collatus which means neck and from which we derive the English word "collar." Decollate means down from the neck as in the guillotine has spoken. Heads on platters and poles are nothing new. From the earliest biblical times such savagery was employed and to the sadistic Salome and her mother, it was the ultimate perversity to request John the Baptist's head on a plate. John could easily have begged off, issued an apology that he didn't really mean to remand Herod and Herodias for their illicit marriage, and, after all, can't we just get along. That's what the leaders of the counterfeit church of conciliarism would do today for they have lost their minds and their faith. Those who are truly dedicated to Christ will not fret about losing their heads, but fear losing their souls and thus will seek to be holy. Few were as dedicated, humble, holy and uncompromising as the man who prepared the path of the Lord. Do we have that commitment to our Catholicism? Are we willing to decrease so God can increase or will we squirm away from the chopping block when push comes to shove? Gabriel lays out the scenario in What Could Be Worse Than Losing One's Head? Compromising with the World.

      Fearing rebellion from within his own ranks, the leader of the Conciliar Empire tries to assuage his Imperial Troops in purple and scarlet who fear he has conceded too much to the Traditional Resistance in the "Motu Wars."

        Griff Ruby continues with his study of the Motu Proprio and, in his second installment, deciphers the accompanying letter to the bishops. It is necessary to know what is really intended in order to know the enemy's coordinates and to avoid the obstacles and remote probes trying to lure out Traditionalists in order to deal a death blow to the true Faith. The freedom fighters must never recognize the false authority of the enemy for that will only weaken the Resistance. All dedicated to the Faith must stand firm to tradition and resist with all their might. Continuing the theme of "Star Wars", the Traditional Resistance may seem small in comparison to the vast evil Empire that has taken over the governance of the Catholic galaxy. Griff, on behalf of traditional freedom fighters, hones in on the hidden agenda of the leader of the Conciliar Empire in his communique to his storm troopers in purple and scarlet. As Griff discovers in deciphering the code, one can easily see the treason has not been subdued but grows stronger for Catholic truth is compromised for 'peace and tranquility' - code words for 'do it our way or else' in order to establish a One World Unity of Community Order where all bow to the Darth Vader of the Imperial Troops. Doublespeak and deception still rule the day and the alarm is sent out to all in the Resistance: Stay the course, hold your positions. Do not be seduced by the Starship Ecumania. Griff explains in his second episode of "Motu Wars" with II. The Conciliar Empire Strikes Back

      Centennial Celebration of Pascendi Domenici Gregis

        On Monday, Labor Day in the United States, we celebrate the Feast of the holy Pontiff Pope Saint Pius X who was such a crusader against Modernism, the "synthesis of all heresies." You'll note as we wind down the Countdown of the 65 Errors against Modernism, which he listed in his Lamentabili Sane, and which commentaries of each Error we have been running in each issue since July 4 and will complete this coming Thursday, we provide in this Labor Day Weekend Issue commentaries on Errors 59 through 62. It is all part of the centennial recognition of St. Pius releasing that Apostolic Constitution on July 3, 1907 and 67 days later his landmark encyclical Pascendi Dominic Gregis against Modernism, that would be reinforced three years lator on September 1, 1910 with the mandatory Oath Against Modernism which the conciliar Modernists, beginning with Giovanni Montini, did away with, thus exposing himself and all others who complied as enemies of God for their rejection of Catholic truth and tradition. In recalling St. Pius X's life and studying his encyclicals and papal decrees, it is as if he had seen ahead of time what would occur in his beloved Church and so tried to warn the faithful and the hierarchy. In honor of the legacy of this saintly Pontiff, we present three features: a detailed biography of the man - the kind of shepherd so sorely missing today; secondly, a sermon by His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn on the sanctity of this simple, holy parish priest who became pope while maintaining his humilty; and thirdly, an essay by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on this eternal enemy of the Modernists. We can only hope and pray that someday, in God's time, we will once again have a shepherd devoted to upholding the Apostolic Traditions as St. Pius X was and who did all in his power to safeguard the Sacred Deposit of the Faith For more about this cardinal from northern Italy, see The Story of St. Pius X

        You can hear a dynamic sermon about this Defender of the Faith against Heresy and why he was such: because of his love, and sensitivity for the poor and his humility and persevere despite the obstacles he encountered "by the zeal of the grace of God." That was the foundation of this holy parish priest's sanctity as Bishop Sanborn describes the sign of supernatural sanctity for "in the soul o fthe saint the lion must lie down with the lamb" as His Excellency, an orator on par with and even more powerful than Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, shares in his moving sermon on this model of the whole Church Sermon on the Holiness of Saint Pius X

        Finally, Dr. Droleskey highlights the essence of this saintly Successor of Peter, writing "The humble farm boy from Riese, who served in the cattle trading center of Tombolo and used his gentle demeanor to extract from the men in that rough and tumble community a promise to refrain from cursing and using God's name in vain in exchange for his running a night school to teach them how to read and write, noted in his first encyclical letter, E Supremi, October 4, 1903, that he wanted to use gentleness in dealing with the problems of the day. Faced with the obstinate boldness of the Modernists, however, Pope Saint Pius X, the pope of early First Communion and frequent Communions thereafter, the pope who loved children and wanted to see them instructed by means of the Catechism whose production he supervised, yes, this gentle pastor of souls, had to resort to the full force of the papacy to assess and to denounce the errors of Modernists and Modernism." Tom explains in his magnificent summa from last year, Modernism's Eternal Foe, Our Eternal Friend

      Many are concerned with the direction the SSPX Superior General is taking the Society in the aftermath of the Motu. They ask, "Whither thou goest, your Excellency?"

      Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey filed several articles over the Laborday Weekend, but one that all should take note of is his no-nonsense piece on the direction His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay is leaning. As Tom points out in his introduction Fellay "has stated that it is not important as to whether the Novus Ordo Missae is valid or not and that it was secretaries, not the penultimate Modernist, Giovanni Montini/Paul VI, who were responsible for the Novus Ordo Missae and other problems between 1963 and 1978. This revisionist history comes only too naturally to those who seek to accommodate themselves to the ethos of the counterfeit church of conciliarism (See Rifan, Fernando Areas; Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter; Institute of Christ the King, which promotes the so-called 'Luminous Mysteries,' of all things). All the more reason to cling to the true Faith and to the true Mass in the catacombs along with true bishops and true bishops who make no concessions to conciliarism or to the legitimacy of its false shepherds. Only those who can remain silent as the false pontiff calls a mountain dedicated to Buddhism sacred and as this false pontiff's Secretary of State states that the crisis of perversity, whose ethos is open and rampant in the counterfeit church of conciliarism, was exaggerated by the media can believe that it is in accord with the Catholic Faith to be 'una cum' with apostates and heretics." Tom goes into details in his excellent essay which every Traditional Catholic, especially SSPXers must read Not Important At All?

      Beware of the hidden indultcendiaries buried in the Motu and subsequent communiques from the counterfeit church of conciliarism

        Griff Ruby files his third installment of his series on "Motu Wars." He continues by breaking down the ideas advanced in the third, and by far least well-known, of this troublesome Trio of documents. As one reads this one can see that normally when one has a set plan, one lays it out succinctly and the better prepared, the better it is conveyed. Not so with Benedict XVI and the counterfeit church of conciliarism which is opposed by a small loyal band of dedicated freedom fighters, who, knowing the history of the Catholic Empire, do not recognize the illegal, unauthorized satanic authority of the leader of the Roman Galactic Empire headquartered on Vatican Base, the Resistance's former stronghold in better days. More stipulations are being laid out by the one who has gone over to the sinister side. There is codespeak in his explanetory communiqué to his Imperial Troops in scarlet and purple to alert them that he has no intention of changing his course or conceding anything to the Resistance. He's telling them to just watch and see for, just as everything else he touches evolves in Hegelian fashion, he has a plan evolving that is, as usual, planted with novelties and time bombs. For he is the master of such. As usual there is so much ambiguity in conciliar documents that another document needs to be issued to explain the first. Griff analyzes this "clarification", keeping in mind that we're dealing with an Imperial Empire which has penetrated every corner of the galaxy with its double-speak deceit. No matter what the leader of the evil Empire portends in his Motu, there are hidden meanings, hidden indultcendiary issues that will explode when the duped least expect it. Expect it! Griff reveals the hidden explosives in his third part, III. Return of the 'Time Bombs'

      Despite appearances and mirrors, the puppet master hasn't changed. Ratzinger still pulls the strings, remaining persistent in his subsistent stubbornness.

        His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn recently posted an excellent Critical Analysis of the "Responses to some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church," by the CDF. Of course, that department was what Fr. Joseph Ratzinger headed for too many years and then appointed a known heretic in Fr. William Levada. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Bishop Sanborn comments on the text of the CDF in his PDF file from Traditional Mass.org and in doing so, he illustrates how the enablers of the counterfeit church of conciliarism merely cover one heresy with another - all part of Ratzinger's Frankenchurch heresy which Father Anthony Cekada first wrote about. It is interesting that the "subsistet in" has been brought up at this time. All part and parcel of trying to assuage and soften up traditionalists to buy the lies being spewed from Lumen Gentium to Summorum Pontificum. The Bishop shows quite clearly that the new church created at Vatican II remains anything but Catholic and, as His Excellency asserts, "Ratzinger is not a conservative, but a radical Modernist, a heretic" who continues to deceive in hopes the duped will abandon the fight to restore Catholic truth and become deserters. Bishop Sanborn wraps it all up in reminding all of what St. Paul affirmed in Galatians 1: 8-10. He explains in his excellent and must read analysis, Ratzinger's Subsistent Error

      At the International House of Liturgies you may have Catholic cravings for reverence and truth, but don't look for any lasting sustenance for you're sure to leave still hungry, having been waffled and flapjacked.

      Father Paul Trinchard, S.T.L. files an interesting piece with the analogy of a restaurant which, considering how they distribute the cookie in the Novus Ordo, is most fitting for those customers of the counterfeit church of conciliarism hungry for true reverence and absolute Catholic truth, will instead be left with crumbs from a crumbling company which for forty years abandoned the demographics pleasing to the Divine. Instead they have, for too long, foisted on the public an inferior product that quickly grew stale and stagnant. Only in the last few years has the president of this failing infrastructure realized there must be a change in the fare. Unfortunately, as we shall see on September 14, few customers will be satisfied for instead of a wholesome necessary menu that includes the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ present only in the Sacrament of the Eucharist when confected correctly by a valid priest, it will be something the chief chef threw together to please the greedy stockholders, not the customers so starving for sustenance. In the end all IHOL will do is leave customers waffled and flapjacked. Such is the progress of conciliar concepts draining souls of grace by IHOL's hostile takeover. Father explains in his article, IHOL's New Motu Menu

      With the build up of apostate artillery fashioned and foisted by Bugnini as early as the 1950's, the Missal of '62 was and remains a dangerous missile aimed directly at St. Pius V's Quo Primum, especially in light of what is contained in Summorum Pontificum: the hidden code to wipe from the face of the earth the True Tridentine Rite.,

      The fallout of the the Motu has far reaching repercussions. Just as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, Bishop Donald Sanborn, Bishop Daniel Dolan, Father Anthony Cekada, Father Paul Trinchard, Dr. Thomas Droleskey, Griff Ruby, Cyndi Cain and many others have warned on this site, including the editor and especially the Fathers at Traditio, so also we bring you an interesting piece published on Tradition in Action by Father Patrick Perez on the devastating effects Father Joseph Ratzinger's combustible Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum can have by his illegal outlawing of all Masses in Latin except the corrupted 1962 Rite of Angelo Roncalli. Father delineates on the gradual concessions granted by Pope Pius XII and even before that by Pope Pius XI in what all, and most probably those authentic Pontiffs as well, perceived as harmless. Oh, what power was packed into those deceitful weapons the Modernists kept concealed and how we were all diverted by another crisis back then - the '62 Cuban Missile Crisis when, in reality, a far more devastating crisis was on our universal doorstep and few had a clue how deadly it would be to souls and, indeed, has been. The mortality rate over the past forty-plus years continues to skyrocket with hellish repercussions, as in everlasting darkness. Now, with this latest Motu, these Modernist Missiles are being locked and loaded, ready to obliterate the Catholic landscape. Father explains in his article, The Missal Crisis of '62

      The Galactic Empire is about to encounter either an endemic ennui or a horrifying honesty that there are so few priests to even say a Mass. Then what? Such is the dangerous omen of Summorum Pontificum.

        Griff Ruby completes his fourth and final episode of this series of analyzing the trio of documents centering on Summorum Pontificum. Utilizing the "Star Wars" theme, while the rhetoric is to hold treaty talks by both the Roman Galactic Empire and different factions within the Resistance, the fact is that for all sides it is 'take no prisoners.' The ambiguity and disorder of the New Order bodes ill for the integrity of the True Latin Mass and infrangible Catholic Doctrine and yet God can allow good to come out of this malaise. Such possibilities are advanced here on how the consecrated Purple Knights of Tradition, guardians of Catholic Truth, can turn the tables and aid the masses with the proper formation of the Ordinary and Proper of the Mass but only by men who seek to be validly ordained, something few suspect Darth Vader or his collegial cohorts would ever allow. Yet, without this requirement, the Motu is a spectral speck in the galaxie, an illusion whose fruits are dead on arrival. As of the posting of this issue, there is less than a week to go before the Motu is supposed to be enforced by the leader of the evil Empire. Of course his Storm Troopers are uneasy in trying to find every excuse they can to opt out, to alter it to suit their purpose. Meanwhile, expectations are being exaggerated on all sides, but it is the surface most are looking at. Lurking beneath is a new chaos that foretells a bitter battle over conditions that few have even considered. Griff addresses this in his final episode of "Motu Wars" with IV. The Phantom Menace of the Motu

      "Without a computer, The Daily Catholic is at a standstill. It's that simple. And without wheels, we are standing still. We need at least $5000. in donations by Thanksgiving to cover all costs in order to contribute this apostolate for souls."

      Cyndi Cain implores readers to come to the assistance of The Daily Catholic which is presently in dire straits financially for the computer is dying, the only transportation available is stuck on a hoist in the mechanic shop, and several health issues are catching up with the editor that could curtail his time at the computer if we have a computer considering its age and legendary use. The very same computer is the one which has been responsible for the vast majority of pages you see in the archives of The Daily Catholic which number over 35,000 pages available and counting. Cyndi's letter is an urgent SOS appeal for our readers to help us in this time of need and provides readers with an explanation of our plight. If you have any compassion in your heart, please read her heartfelt words and respond in kind. Our readers are our last resort. Won't you please help? Hopefully the Holy Ghost will touch you to do so after you've read Web-less and wheel-less, but never hopeless.

      Sir Walter Scott is credited with the words, but Ratzinger has cleverly crafted them into an art: "What a web we do weave, when first we practice to deceive." With every day more are being caught in his Motu flytrap.

      While we've been on hiatus, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has been on duty, providing all the proof necessary to expose the sinuous trap being set by the "spider 'pope'" - albeit a false one - with his viscous and, yes, viscious snare that he has spun for duped Catholics, Traditional ones at that. Yet, several supposedly Traditional organizations have been suckered into the sticky mess Ratzinger and his robber barons have spun to "deceive (if it were possible [and, sadly as we can see, it is!] even the elect" (St.Matthew 24: 24). Tragically, this includes one certain long-standing print publication that was once regarded so highly as a trusted voice. No more! Suckered by the Motu trap, that publication has recently plummeted tremendously in credibility, for it has contradicted itself many times over in trying to absolve the Modernist BeneRatz. If you haven't read any of Tom's twelve articles, by all means you owe it to yourself and your own salvation to do so or you will become just another "fly in the ointment" of the firmanent of Gehenna. These are serious times and no amount of apologetics or apologies for the counterfeit church of conciliarism can justify the souls being harmed by the lukewarmness of those mired in the Fellay filigree that is playing right into the hands...erh,make that "the 'tarsus'" (and we're not speaking of Tarsus in apostolic times!) of the Apostate Arachnid of 'subsistence' lore. Sir Walter Scott wrote "What a web we do weave, when first we practice to deceive." Ratzinger's had lots of practice as Tom explains in his essays below the graphic to the left; a graphic that illustrates the situation only too well.

      A groundswell is building after the first week of Bella's phenomenal debut. Despite the masking of the film's content by the liberal media, the wonderful pro-life message is getting across. Isn't it Bellalicious?

      Gabriel Garnica returns after a few months away with a piece on the phenomenal film Bella and why it is taking America by storm. The grass roots families are fed up with the garbage they've been forcefed and the people are responding by putting their money where their heart is by turning out in droves to see this refreshing love story that brings a powerful pro-life message to all. The weapon in this war against the pro-abortion advocates is love. Just this past week Bella has been the buzz with the possibility of Academy Awards for this critically acclaimed film that is so wonderfully anchored in the sanctity of life. Maybe that's why its viewership is gaining life as each day passes. All those Rosaries at the abortuaries are paying off for God has chosen to send a simple film to teach the majority what's right in hopefully changing hardened hearts from the grave error of abortion to holding life as precious. Heaven knows we can't depend on the moral compass of the counterfeit church of conciliarism in this war against infanticide. No, the New Order Church is out of touch in the same manner liberal wags are out of touch with the pulse of Bella and its effect on the public. Gabriel explains in his column, The Bellum that Bella wages against the Merchants of Death

      With the world becoming more sinister by the day, reflected in the styles and fashions and mindsets of so many that so hideously illustrate how vice is squeezing out good, it is high time to revive the virtues, to bring back the example of saints and a return to all that is right and just.

      With the above in mind, Cyndi Cain has been inspired to begin a new series in which she will take the reader on a refresher course, if you will, guided by a par excellence faculty that can be matched nowhere in the world for the teachers are our Lord, His Blessed Mother, the Saints, Doctors and Fathers of the Church. It is, in essence, the University of Virtue. There is no better month than November to debut this series and we hope you will gain in grace and understanding from the words put forth. Thus, as the humble instrument Cyndi introduces this series in piecing together the tableau laid out so perfectly by God and woven with the golden thread of the Holy Ghost's infinite tapestry, by which the Mystical Body of Christ is united. It is the magnificent divine Opus leading us to our Heavenly Home. This double thread of Charity and Suffering, which the Sanctifier employs, cannot be separated, for it embodies Christ's Own command: "If anyone loves Me, let him take up his cross daily and follow Me." It begins with piety, for all reverence is due the Lord. She explains in her introductory column Return to Piety Place

      Our quest is never in vain if we follow the direction God's weather vane has revealed in order for us to tap into the one True Faith that should flow through our veins. If we do, we'll have the assurance that our hearts will be peaceful and calm when we're laid to our rest.

      As promised, editor Michael Cain provides a brief explanation of the travels and travails experienced over the last month or so as he equates it to the journey of a quest we are all on. He likens it to the fact that, with the True Church in eclipse - thanks to the Great Apostasy wrought by the counterfeit church of conciliarism - and infighting and petty bickering only intensifying among those loyal to the Truths and Traditions of holy Mother Church, Traditional Catholics are forever chasing windmills that many say no longer exist. Indeed for many it remains only in their memories. But memories live on in the traditions lost but never forgotten. Whether we are idealistic Don Quixotes or obedient Sancho Pansas we can never forget what our mission is and why we must be willing to fight the unbeatable foe and bear with unbearable sorrow to right the unrightable wrong and to love pure and chaste from afar, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far it will take us even if it means marching into hell for a heavenly cause. That is the Catholic crusade that needs to be clarioned in reparation and repair of all that's gone horribly wrong over the past century. Those windmills will only irrigate souls if the grace is flowing, powered by the Rosary and motivated through the gentle breeze of the Holy Ghost. He explains in his commentary God deems it possible!

      Just when you think it can't get any loonier, the VulgArians go a step further in clearly identifying that by their actions and words there is no way they are Catholic! Thus we repeat our dire warning to every good Catholic: Flee, Get out of the counterfeit church of conciliarism while you can!

      Over the last week Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has written several articles that do indeed show the insidious insanity of the architects who insisted and continue to spin making man in his own image. From the time of Christ up through the early 1500's man's image was mostly reflected by his obedience to God, finding favor in the garment of grace gained through the divinely ordained sacraments instituted by Christ. But with the Augustinian Monk Martin Luther manifesting Lucifer's most blatant rebellious cry: "Non serviam" a portal was given to the devil to twist and tease, to deceive and denude countless souls of grace and, ergo, salvation. That is why we have created a graphic titled "From Luther to lunacy..." for that indeed is what the world has become: an international insane asylum with nearly 34,000 sects claiming they have the truth where, in truth, our Lord established only One Church and those not on that ark cannot be saved, just as those, who were not with Noah as the floods came, perished. Despite this fact of faith, the engineers of promulgating the heresies of Modernism, Americanism, Sillonism, and Hegelianism - to name only a few of the most prevalent errors - have continued their madness. Tom's latest even deals with the blatant concession of an entire millennium in order to placate the uniate church, never mind their denial of dogmatic truth. To combat these compromisers we have, of course, the infrangible Deposit of Faith and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church. There are few today who are more adept at delineating the causes and effects and exposing the guilty culprits on their own petards, indicted by holy writ, the saints, and the inspired Papal Decrees of reliable true Roman Pontiffs. Tom is also without peer in gleaning the political landscape from a purely Roman Catholic perspective. His columns are not only worthy of your putting a reading priority on, but also helping him financially is greatly encouraged since he, like St. John the Baptist, tells it like it is. No whitewashing or softsoaping the necessities of living our faith. Tom truly is one of the lone voices crying in the wilderness to make ready the path of the Lord.

      They are the devil's helpers, the shills of the counterfeit church of conciliarism. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are clever and watchful. They know the code and they know who to recruit and who to exclude. They are the very "laity" who have lain low the holy Faith.

      Griff Ruby provides a sobering first hand experience of just how the ecumaniacal heresies were able to spread so quickly and continue to conflagrate souls with an agenda that is best dubbed 'diabolic disorientation.' Griff illustrates how it only takes a few to wreak havoc as fifth columnists within the ranks, planting ideas that are not your ideas or ideals but theirs. It is the modus operandi of the totalitarian mindset employed so insidiously in both countries and churches. Like the slippery serpent of Genesis, the shills slither in and coil themselves around the unsuspecting ones, squeezing their prey into buying the rot they know you don't want by twisting the truths so cleverly. It is how the aberrations of Vatican II took hold with few being the wiser. It is truly a factory far worse than the sweat shops of the Far East for it affects souls and the venom injected by the shillsters, posing as partners, paralyzes parishioners into following the path to perdition. Griff explains in his article, The Novus Ordo Shill Factory

      Saints never say "Bah, humbug!"

      As we enter the Season of Advent in the Church's liturgical year, everywhere else the purpose of this season is lost on the masses who are constantly reminded of things that make men merry and greedier, but not happy. What the vast majority have failed to focus on are the four last reminders for salvation of their soul. Cyndi Cain tries to put this season of giving in proper perspective. While many attribute St. Nicholas as the saint of gifts, she illustrates how St. Laurence Justinian was known for his generosity. Many questioned his sanity in giving away so much, but he knew God would provide for any of his needs. Too often our wants get in the way of our needs. What we really need is to remember the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. By keeping these crucial realities always in mind, we, too, will be able to then begin to emulate the holy Patriarch of Venice in our generosity and holiness. Our worries will fall away for we have trust in the Lord that He will provide for our needs in all things pleasing to Him. Cyndi shares in her essay,Being constantly aware of the Four Last Things can ease the burden

      The Ultimate Gift of Love for the King from the King.

      No Present is greater than the lasting Presence of Christ the King, truly present on the holy Altar. Scott Montgomery weighs in with a short reflection on the essence of Christ's Kingship and its relation to His Birth. Just as only a few - such as the Holy Family, the shepherds of Bethlehem and the three Magi - recognized the King of kings two thousand years ago, so also today so few are cogniscent that He is in our midst, especially in the ultimate gift of Love He left us: Himself present in the Most Blessed Sacrament, confected in the representation of the ultimate Sacrifice of the Cross: the Immemorial Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Mother tongue of the Church Christ founded. Then, as now, many are called, but few chosen to acknowledge Him as Christ the King to Whom we owe all obedience to His divine Will and to the Deposit of Faith He established. Scott elucidates on Mary's pivotal role as well in his timely article, Christmas and the Kingship of Christ

      How our Lady of Victory made popsicles out of Protestant plans fourteen years after Lepanto

      George Codina shares a little known true story of a battle that, had it not gone well, could very well have changed the face of Europe. He points out that you most likely won't hear about this event in revisionist history annals, but it is something every Catholic should know and realize that when all else fails, praying for a miracle can't hurt. As trite as that may sound to some, true believers understand how true that can be. Throughout the history of salvation it has occurred from the time of the Old Testament to the time our Lord and Savior walked the earth to the testament of His deity following His Ascension, His Church has a treasure of miracles that did indeed change the course of history. We know of the victories at Lepanto and Viena, but few know of the miracle on ice. No, we are not talking of the USA Olympic Hockey victory over the Soviets, but the miracle our Lady effected through the grace of God in hearing the prayers of her children trapped on the Isle of Bomel in 1585. George relays the details in his article, Miracle on Ice

      It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to realize the 'Brain Death' deception the medical profession is cooperating with is outright murder!

      Among the plethora of articles Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has provided, he wanted to emphasize an interview with the noted Dr. Paul A. Byrne conducted by the director of The Michael Fund and author of the blockbuster expose book Rite of Sodomy, Randy Engel on organ transplants and brain death and the government's increased regulation of organ donation and transplants and how insurance companies cooperate with the charade that, as Tom points out in including a poignant sermon by the German Bishop Clemens August Count von Galen in 1941 in alerting the populace to the genetic engineering and elimination of 'useless' lives by the Third Reich. He vociferiously protested, "If the principle that man is entitled to kill his unproductive fellow-man is established and applied, then woe betide all of us when we become aged and infirm! If it is legitimate to kill unproductive members of the community, woe betide the disabled who have sacrificed their health or their limbs in the productive process! If unproductive men and women can be disposed of by violent means, woe betide our brave soldiers who return home with major disabilities as cripples, as invalids! If it is once admitted that men have the right to kill 'unproductive' fellow-men 'even though it is at present applied only to poor and defenceless mentally ill patients' then the way is open for the murder of all unproductive men and women: the incurably ill, the handicapped who are unable to work, those disabled in industry or war. The way is open, indeed, for the murder of all of us when we become old and infirm and therefore unproductive. Then it will require only a secret order to be issued that the procedure which has been tried and tested with the mentally ill should be extended to other 'unproductive' persons, that it should also be applied to those suffering from incurable tuberculosis, the aged and infirm, persons disabled in industry, soldiers with disabling injuries!" Tom points out that, indeed, we have not learned from history and America is fast becoming another dangerous fascist nation at the expense of lives, not to mention souls. Tom shares the facts in The Dr. Paul Byrne on Brain Death

        Also, for a dynamic presentation by Dr. Byrne and how the Pro-Life movement needs to be aware of the verbal and social engineering by the manipulators undermining the sanctity of life, see the half-hour show Face of Pro-Life"

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