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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter Ninety-Five

          In Chapter Ninety-Five of Book Four of the Prophesies and Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden, Jesus alerts the bride that the devil amasses his army for battle. They are near and in Christ's eye we see the devil on the battlefront with his sword at the ready. But our Lord vows not to strike until the devil draws first blood. He describes the meaning of satan's banner of gluttony, greed and lust; the devil's helmet as hardness of heart, and the eye opening in the helmet for carnal desire and desire to please man. The prince of darkness wields his shield as pride in perfidy and his sword as boasting of sin. But Jesus assures Bridget that when He calls His strike force, the devil and his minions will scatter like birds of prey taking with them only those souls who have already sold out. Yet all will be laid waste by the terrible swift sword of God's severe Justice.

    The Son speaks: "I stand here like a king challenged to battle. The devil stands against Me with his army. In truth, My intention and steadfast purpose is such that Heaven and earth and all that are in them could collapse before I deviated in even the slightest way from justice.

    "The devil's intention is such that he would rather there be as many hells as atoms in the sun before humbling himself. Some of the enemy are already drawing close to judgment, and there is no more of a distance between us than a couple of feet. Their banner is raised, the shield is on the arm, the hand rests on the sword but the sword has not yet been drawn. My patience is so great that I shall not strike them unless they strike first.

    "The enemy's banner shows three things: gluttony, greed, and lust. Their helmet is their hardness of heart, for they pay no attention to the pains of hell nor to how abhorrent sin is to Me.

    The openings of the helmet are carnal lust and the desire to please the world. Through such they run all about and see things that should not be seen.

    Their shield is the perfidy with which they excuse their sins and ascribe them to the weakness of the flesh. Thus, they think they can ask pardon for their sins for nothing.

    Their sword is the intention of persevering in sin. It is not yet drawn, because their wickedness is as yet unfulfilled.

    The sword is drawn each time they desire to sin as long as they can live. They strike each time they boast of sin and wish to remain in the state of sin.

    When their wickedness is thus fulfilled, then a voice in My army shall cry out and say: 'Strike now!' Then the sword of My severity shall lay them to waste, and each one shall suffer according as he is armed.

    "Their souls shall be snatched away by demons who are like birds of prey and are not seeking any temporal advantage but only souls whom they can endlessly mangle to pieces."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Ninety-Five