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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter Seventy-Eight

          In Chapter Seventy-Eight of Book Four of the Prophesies and Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden, the bride writes a letter directed by Our Lady to be given to the Pope himself. She trembles at how such a lowly, but humble servant could pen this to either one of the Avignon Popes or an influential bishop. It is not identified as to whom exactly. In obedience Bridget does so as she shares the divinely revealed words from the sweet mouth of the glorious Virgin Mary, who likens herself to a brilliant rainbow that is being sullied by those who have veered from their appointed vocations. Our Lady instructs and comforts St. Bridget on how these words must be transmitted to the Sovereign Pontiff since they greatly warn of the downfall of the Church. We can see today just what the Blessed Mother warned of and how it has spiraled out of control, turning the beautiful rainbow into a mockery, now the symbol of sodomy and how the false church that has eclipsed the True Church wallows in the world during this interminable time of the Great Apostasy foretold in Scripture and by the Blessed Virgin nearly seven centuries ago via these prophesies to the bride.

    Honorable Father, I, a widow, declare that many, very amazing revelations were made to a certain woman while she resided in her homeland. After having been submitted to the diligent examination of bishops and learned religious and secular priests, these revelations were shown to have come from the holy and miraculous enlightenment of the Holy Ghost and from no other source.

    Even the king and queen of the realm acknowledged this on the basis of credible proof. Moreover, the same woman journeyed abroad to the city of Rome, where, when praying one day in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, she was caught up in a spiritual vision, while her body seemed to fall into a torpor, though not the torpor of sleep.

    At that moment the most venerable Virgin appeared to her. The aforementioned woman was troubled with perplexity at the vision. Recognizing her own frailty, she feared some deception by the devil, and she inwardly besought God's mercy not to let her fall into diabolical temptations.

    However, the Virgin who appeared to her said: "Do not be afraid of the things you are about to see and hear, thinking they come from the evil spirit. Just as light and heat accompany the approach of the sun but do not follow after a dark shadow, in the same way two things accompany the coming of the Holy Spirit into the heart: ardent love for God and a perfect illumination of the Catholic faith. You are experiencing both these things now: You feel that you love nothing but God and that not a single point is lacking to you of the wholeness of the Catholic faith. These two things do not follow upon the evil spirit, whom we can liken to a dark shadow."

    Then the Virgin went on and said to the woman: "You must send a message from me to a certain prelate."

    The woman answered her with great sadness: "My reverend Virgin, he will not believe me but will, I think, regard my words with scorn rather than as divine truth."

    The Virgin answered her, saying: "Although I know the disposition of his heart well enough and how he will delay in answering, as well as how he will end his life, you should still send him the following message.

    "I would have him know that the foundation of the Holy Church is so heavily deteriorated on its right side that its vaulted roof has many cracks at the top, and that this causes the stones to fall so dangerously that many of those who pass beneath it lose their lives. Several of the columns that should be standing erect are almost level with the ground, and even the floor is so full of holes that blind people entering there take dangerous falls. Sometimes it even happens that, along with the blind, people with good eyesight have bad falls because of the dangerous holes in the floor. Because of all this, the church of God is tottering dangerously.

    "The result of this will shortly be seen. I assure you that she will suffer a downfall if she does not receive the help of repairs. And her downfall will be so great that it will be heard throughout all of Christendom. All this is to be taken in a spiritual sense.

    "I am the Virgin into whose womb the Son of God condescended to enter, without the least contagious trace of carnal pleasure. The Son of God was born from my closed womb, giving me solace but no pain at all. I stood next to the cross when He victoriously overcame hell through His patient suffering and opened up Heaven with the blood of His Heart. I was also on the mountain when God's Son, Who is also my Son, ascended into Heaven. I have the clearest knowledge of the whole of the Catholic faith, which He preached and taught to everyone desirous of entering Heaven. Now I stand over the world in continuous prayer, like a rainbow above the clouds that appears to bend toward the earth and touch it with both its ends.

    "I see myself as a rainbow bending down toward both the good and the wicked inhabitants of the earth by means of my continual prayers. I bend down toward good people in order that they may be steadfast in the commandments of the Holy Church, and I bend down toward bad people in order that they may not add to their wickedness and grow worse. I would have the man to whom I send this message know that foul and horrible clouds are rising up in one direction against the shining rainbow.

    "By these clouds I mean those who lead a life of carnal debauchery, those who are as insatiable as the ocean chasm in their greed for money. They arrogantly and irrationally spend their means as wastefully as a torrential stream pours out its water. Many of the overseers of the Church are guilty of these three things, and their abominable and befouled sins rise up to Heaven in the sight of God, as much opposed to my prayers as foul clouds are opposed to the bright rainbow. These men, who should be placating God's wrath along with me, are instead provoking it against themselves. Such men should not be promoted but rejected in God's church.

    "As the Queen of Heaven, I will come to the aid of anyone who, knowing his own insufficiency, is willing to take on the task of making the Church's foundation stable and its floor level, and who desires to restore the blessed vineyard that God founded with His blood. Together with the angels, I shall root up loose roots and throw each and every fruitless tree into the fire to burn, and I shall plant fruitful shoots in their stead. By this vineyard I mean the Holy Church of God in which the two virtues of humility and divine charity must be restored."

    "The glorious Virgin, who appeared to the woman, commanded that all this be sent to you, Reverend Father. I, who have sent this letter to you, swear by Jesus, true and almighty God, and by His most worthy Mother Mary, that I have not sent this letter for the sake of any worldly honor or favor, so help me body and soul! I have sent it because that same woman, to whom many other words have been spoken in spiritual revelation, was commanded to make all this known to your Excellency.

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Seventy-Eight