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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter Seventy-Two

          In Chapter Seventy-Two of Book Four of the Prophesies and Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden, Our Lord reminds the bride of His concern for Lazarus, whom He resurrected from the dead, and Lazarus' two sisters Martha and Mary and shows how the sisters stand for St. Bridget and her daughter, most likely Lady Cecilia from Chapter Seventy-One. Jesus points out that the Jews are envious people, and yes, He is speaking of His time, of Bridget's time, and in our time today, as He explains why He raised Lazarus. He also explains how He will give greater mercy to the bride and daughter than even what He did for the sisters of Lazarus for they are in great need of His mercy considering the temptations that abound and His disappointment with those who proclaim Him but are like hollow cymbals for they, like the Jews, do little and become indignant against those who do good deeds.

    The Son speaks: "There were two sisters, Martha and Mary, whose brother I raised from the dead. After his resurrection, he served Me more than before. His sisters, too, though they had been My servants and zealous in attending to Me before their brother's resurrection, showed themselves much more solicitous and devoted afterward.

    "I have treated you in a similar way spiritually. Thus, I raised your brother, that is, your soul that - fetid after being dead for four days - had separated itself from Me by breaking My commandments, by base desire and delight in the sweetness of the world and of sins.

    "There were, however, four reasons that moved me to raise Lazarus. The first was that he had been My friend while he lived. The second was the love of his sisters. The third was that Mary's humility had earned such a reward when she washed My feet. She deserved to be gladdened and honored to the extent to which she had lowered herself for My sake in the sight of the guests. The fourth reason was to manifest the glory of My human nature.

    "These four reasons do not, however, apply to you, since you love the world more than they did. Therefore, My mercy toward you is greater than My mercy toward those sisters. It is clearly all the greater inasmuch as spiritual death is more dangerous than bodily death, and the resurrection of the soul is more glorious than bodily resurrection.

    "Hence, since My mercy excels your deeds, welcome Me, as those sisters did, into the home of your minds with most fervent charity, loving nothing as Me, having total trust in me, each day humbling yourselves along with Mary by weeping for your sins, unashamed to live humble among the proud, chaste among the unchaste, showing to others outwardly how much you love Me inwardly. Furthermore, like those sisters, you ought to be of one heart and one mind, strong in scorning the world and quick in praising God. If you do so, then I will raise your brother - your soul - for you and protect it from being killed by the Jews.

    "What would it have profited Lazarus to rise from a present death, unless, by living more virtuously in the present life, he might rise up more glorious to a second and lasting life? Who are the Jews who sought to kill Lazarus if not those who become indignant because you lead better lives than theirs, who have learned to speak loftily but to do little, who, seeking the approval of others, scorn the deeds of their predecessors with all the greater scorn the less they themselves deign to understand the higher truths?

    "There are many such people. They know how to discourse on the virtues but not how to observe them by leading virtuous lives. Their souls are therefore in danger, because their words are many but their deeds are not to be seen. Did My preachers act in this manner? By no means! They certainly did not admonish sinners with lofty words but with few and charitable words, and they were ready to give their own souls for the souls of sinners. Through their charity, others obtained charity, for the teacher's zeal forms the mind of the listener more than mere words do. Many preachers nowadays say abstruse things about Me, but no fruit comes of it, because wood is not set on fire by merely blowing on it but only with the aid of sparks of fire.

    "I shall guard and protect you from these Jews so that you will not leave Me because of what they do or say. Yet, I shall not protect you in such a way that you escape every suffering but that you may not succumb due to lack of patient endurance. Stick to your resolution, and I shall set your will on fire with My charity."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Seventy-Two