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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter Fifty-Nine

          In Chapter Fifty-Nine of Book Four of the Prophesies and Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden, Our Lord Jesus Christ confides to the bride how the three duties belong soley to a priest of God. The first duty is to consecrate the Body and Blood of Christ, Soul and Divinity at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as set down in the Apostolic, Canonical Latin Mass to be said in perpetuity. The second duty is to have purity of body and spirit, taking the Vow of Chastity. The third duty is to care for his congregation no matter how many souls he reaches. Our Lord also tells her of the importance to a priest of the book and holy oil for a true priest is an angel of the Lord, which, is actually greater than that of an angel, so prestigious before Heaven is a good and true priest.

    The Son speaks: "Three duties belong to a priest: first, to consecrate the body of God; second, to have purity of body and spirit; third, to care for his congregation. But, you may ask: 'What good does it do to have a church if he does not have a congregation?' I answer you: A priest who has the intention of doing good to everyone and of preaching for the love of God has as large a congregation as if he had the whole world, since, if he could speak to the whole world, he would spare no efforts. His good intention is thus reckoned to him as deeds. In fact, on account of the ingratitude of the listeners, God often spares his chosen ones the effort of preaching, but they are not robbed of their reward due to their good disposition.

    "The priest should also have a book and oil. The book is for the instruction of those who are imperfect, the holy oil is for the anointing of the sick. Just as a book contains spiritual and physical learning, so too the priest should have knowledge about disciplining his body so that it is not ruined through lack of temperance, which would give scandal to the parishioners.

    "He should know how to flee from greed, which debases the beauty of the church, and how to avoid worldly ways, which dishonor the dignity of the clergy. Spiritual knowledge involves instructing the ignorant, correcting the dissolute, urging on the proficient.

    "The oil symbolizes the sweetness of prayer and good example. As oil has a richer taste than bread, so loving prayer and the example of a good life are more effective in attracting people and have a richer taste in order to placate God.

    "I tell you truly, My daughter, it is a great thing to be called a priest. An angel of the Lord is also a mediator, but the priest's office is greater, for he touches the unfathomable God, and in his hands the lowest things are joined to the things of Heaven."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Fifty-Nine