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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter Twenty-two

          In Book Four, Chapter Twenty-two of the Prophesies and Revelations of the holy mystic St. Bridget of Sweden, Christ conjectures how, if it were possible for God to regret, which it is not, He would regert creating man for the ungrateful human has sought to forge his own path regardless of God's will. Jesus laments how human malice in modern times surpasses the cunning of the devil, and about how people are now quicker to sin than the devil is to tempt, and he provides the sentence pronounced against such people, and how God's friends should labor with courage and haste in their preaching; also, He shares how He imparts the infusion of knowledge in God's friends. He also indicates that even in Bridget's time the Holy See was not vigilant and the light of truth growing dimmer until today we see it is totally eclipsed.

    The Son speaks: "If I could get upset, I would rightly be able to say now: I regret having made humankind. They have become like animals that of their own free will run into the nets. However much you cry out to them, they still follow their own selfish appetites. And not all the blame can be put on the devil's violent attempts on humankind - no, rather, the people themselves outstrip his malice.

    Like hunting dogs that are first led on leashes, but then, once they are accustomed to catching and devouring animals, speedily reach the prey ahead of their leader, so also humankind, now accustomed to sinning and fascinated by it, is quicker to sin than the devil is to tempt. That is not strange.

    It has been a long time since the Apostolic See, the head of the world, was pleasing to God by its sanctity of life and example, as it was in earlier times, and all the other members have therefore been made weak and listless. They do not consider the reason why God in his riches became poor and needy - in order to teach us to scorn perishable things and to love heavenly ones. Man is poor by nature but has become rich by means of false riches. This is what everyone tries to imitate, and few are found who do not imitate it.

    Hence, the plowman shall come from the Almighty. Whetted by the wisest One, he does not seek property or beautiful bodies nor has any respect for the power of the mighty nor fears the threats of princes nor is swayed by human favor. He shall sow human flesh and raze to the ground the homes of spirits; he shall deliver bodies to maggots and souls to the ones whom they served.

    Therefore, may my friends, to whom I am sending you, labor with courage and with haste, for what I am telling you will not take place in the last days, as I said before, but in these very days. Many of those yet living will see with their own eyes the fulfillment of the scripture that says: 'May their wives be widows and their sons fatherless,' and they shall lose all that they desire.

    However, I, merciful God, shall receive all those that come to Me in humility. I shall give myself to those who fulfill the works of righteousness, for it is right to clean out the house in which the king shall enter, to wash the glass so that the drink may be clear, to thresh the grain briskly from its husks, and to press down hard on whatever is being molded into a form so that it attains the shape of the form.

    As summer comes after winter, so too I shall grant consolation after their hardships to those who long to be as little children and who place more value on the things of Heaven than on those of earth. However, just as a man is not born and dies at one and the same time, so all this will be fulfilled in its own time.

    Know, too, that I intend to treat some people according to the common proverb: 'The whip will spur him on' - the pain will compel him to speed up.

    I will treat others as it is written: 'Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.' To a third set of people I shall speak soothingly and inspiringly: 'Come, ignorant and simple persons, and I shall give you a mouth and a wisdom such as the tongue-waggers will not be able to oppose.'

    This is what I have already done in these days: I have filled the simple with my wisdom, and they are proof against the learned.

    I cast out the boastful and mighty, and they quickly subsided. That is no wonder: For I commanded the wise to cut off the serpents' tongues, as you heard, and they refused. Not even their mother, who was the scourge of the commons, was willing to quench their throats in order to quench the fire of desire kindled in her children's hearts, as I bade.

    This is why I have cut them down in their season of happiness and have cut off their own tongues."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Twenty-two