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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapter Eleven

          In Book Four, Chapter Eleven of the revelations and prophesies of the holy mystic St. Bridget of Sweden, she is visited by Saint Agnes whose words of praise and blessing to the glorious Virgin Mary herself are inspiring as Agnes shows Bridget how she implores the Blessed Mother for her, in reminding Mary of the good lord and the poor little woman whom the lord granted good things to because of her loyalty, charity and sacrifice. Our Lady replies with the metaphor that souls are well protected by the angels who number ten-fold to every human and they prepare a great banquet in Heaven, here represented by a mountain, where the the souls are the delicious morsels prepared in the cooking pot which represents the world and the fire and ashes heating it are those friends of the world. Because they will be discarded, but those souls who are meant for the heavenly banquet will be preserved if thoroughly prepared in love to be presented to the Lord of Hosts, King of Kings.

    Saint Agnes speaks: "O, mother Mary, virgin of virgins, you can rightly be called the dawn lit by the true sun, Jesus Christ. Do I call you dawn because of your royal lineage or wealth or honors? Certainly not. You are rightly called the dawn because of your humility, the light of your faith, and your singular vow of chastity. You are the herald introducing the true sun, you are the joy of the righteous, you are the expulsion of demons, you are the consolation of sinners. For the sake of that wedding that God celebrated in you at the time, I pray that your daughter shall remain in your Son's honor and love."

    God's holy Mother answers: "What do you mean by this wedding? Tell me for the sake of she who is listening!"

    Agnes answers: "You are truly mother and virgin and bride. The most beautiful wedding was celebrated in you at the time when a human nature was joined to God in you without any admixture or loss in His divinity. Virginity and motherhood were united while virginal modesty remained intact, and you became at the same time both mother and daughter of your Creator. This day you gave birth in time to Him Who was eternally begotten of the Father and has wrought all things with the Father.

    "The Holy Spirit, within and without you and all around you, made you fruitful as you gave your consent to God's herald. God's Son Himself, Who was born of you this day, was within you even before His herald Gabriel came to you. Have mercy, then, on your daughter!

    "She is like a poor little woman dwelling in a valley with nothing other than some small living creature, such as a hen or a goose. She had so much affection for the lord living on the mountain of the valley that, out of love, she offered the lord of the mountain whatever living creature she had.

    "The lord answers this poor little woman: 'I have plenty of everything and have no need of your gifts. But are you perhaps giving a little something in order to receive something greater?'

    "The poor little woman says to him: 'I am not offering this because you need it but because you have permitted such a poor little woman as myself to live with you on your mountain and because your servants show me respect. Therefore, I give you the little comfort I have so that you know that I would do more, if I could, and that I am not ungrateful for your grace.'

    "The lord thus answers: 'Since you love me with such charity, I will bring you up to my mountain and give you and yours clothing and food each and every year.'

    "Such is the disposition of your daughter now. She surrendered to you the one living thing she had, that is, the love of the world and of her children. Hence, it is for you to provide for her in your kindness."

    In answer the Mother of God says to the bride of the Son: "Stand firm, daughter. I shall ask my Son, and He will give you food each and every year and place you on the mountain where thousands upon thousands of angels are His servants. Indeed, if you counted all the persons born from Adam up to the last one who will be born at the end of the world, you shall find more than ten angels for each human being. The world, in fact, is no more than a cooking pot. The fire and ashes beneath the pot are the friends of the world, but God's friends are like the choice morsels of food inside the pot. When the table is ready, then the delicious food will be presented to the lord for Him to enjoy. But the pot itself will be smashed, though the fire shall not be extinguished."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Eleven