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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Four

Chapters Twenty-Eight through Thirty-One

          In Book Four, there are four short chapters encompasing Chapters Twenty-Eight through Thirty-One in the Prophesies and Revelations of the holy mystic St. Bridget of Sweden where the Mother of God continues with descriptions of three kinds of hardship, symbolized by three kinds of bread and the three kinds of devils and what they represent and how to oppose these demons. She shows the virgin bride how the precious and beautiful things of the world do not harm God's servants, even though they make use of them as long as they are used in God's honor and no effort goes unrewarded regardless of the results when effort and obedience to God's will are paramount in a soul's heart. We offer the medium of the internet today and those within the remnant who continue the fight for souls as an example of this.

    The Mother speaks: "When you make dough, you have to knead and work it a lot. Fine wheaten bread is set before lords, but coarser bread is set before commoners, and an even worse kind of bread is given to dogs.

    "The kneading stands for hardship. A spiritual person suffers great hardship when God does not receive honor from His creatures and when there is little charity in them.

    "Those who suffer in this way are the kind of fine wheat in which God and all the heavenly host rejoice.

    "All those troubled by worldly adversity are like the coarser kind of bread. For many people, however, this coarser kind is good enough for them to reach Heaven.

    "Those who suffer because they are not able to do all the evil they wish are like the bread of the dogs in hell.

    "All these beings that you see surrounding you are your spiritual enemies, that is, spirits of the devil.

    "The ones who can be seen with poles that have nooses are the ones who want you all to fall into mortal sins.

    "Those whom you see with grappling hooks in their hands are the ones who desire to slow you down in God's service and make you reluctant to do good.

    "Those holding the instruments with spikes like pitchforks to get a hold of and stimulate human desire are the ones who tempt you to take on good deeds that exceed your capacity - whether they are fasts, vigils, prayers, and toils or just spending your money in an unreasonable manner.

    "Since these spirits are so eager to harm people, you must have the intention of not wanting to offend God. Furthermore, you must ask God to give you aid against their cruelty. In this way, then, their threats will not harm you."

    God's Mother continues: "It is written that Paul, that good apostle, said that he was a wise man in the presence of the prince who had arrested Peter, and he called Peter a truly poor man. Paul did not sin in this, because his words were for the honor of God.

    "This is also the case with those who desire and long to speak God's words. Unless they are dressed in suitable attire, they cannot come before the lords. Thus, they do not sin by dressing suitably, so long as they do not in their heart and mind regard the gold and clothes and precious gems as being more precious than their old accustomed clothing, since all the things that seem precious are but earth.

    "Someone hires a worker for a job and tells him: 'Carry sand from the shore and examine each load to see if you can find a grain of gold there.' His wages will not be less if he finds nothing than if he uncovers a great amount.

    "This is also the case of a person who for the love of God labors in word and deed for the advancement of souls. His wages will not be less if he converts none of them than if he converts many.

    "It is just as in the teacher's example. He said, 'A warrior who goes off to war on the orders of his lord, who is willing to struggle mightily but returns wounded and without having captured the enemy, will for the sake of his good intention receive no less a reward, though the battle was lost, than if he had obtained victory.'

    "It is the same with the friends of God. For each word and deed they do for God's sake and for the benefit of souls, and for each hour of hardship they suffer for God's sake, they will be rewarded, whether many convert or none at all."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden
Book Four: Chapter Twenty-Eight through Thirty-One