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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Three

Chapter Nine

          In one of the shortest chapters of Book Three, the Blessed Virgin Mary imparts words to St. Bridget of Sweden on how those who can see, hear and taste can see clearly in the sunlight, but in the darkness though they may not see, like the blind man, nor see, like the deaf man, nor taste, like the dead man, all have a warning system that can keep them virtuous and safe if they heed the signs. If not, many dangers can befall those who are blind, deaf and dead to grace. Not that they were not warned.

    The Mother speaks: "Although a blind man does not see it, the sun still shines clearly in splendor and beauty even while he is falling down the precipice.

    Travelers who have clear eyesight are thankful for the clear light that helps them avoid the dangers of their journey.

    Although the deaf man does not hear it, still the violent avalanche comes crashing down upon him terribly from on high, but he who can hear it coming escapes to safer places.

    Although a dead man cannot taste it while he lies rotting among worms, a good drink still tastes sweet. A living man can sip it and be glad at heart, feeling himself emboldened for any brave deed."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Three: Chapter Three